Heavy snowfall for parts of Ontario and NW Lake Superior

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Driving conditions will quickly deteriorate tonight.

24 April 2014 – Snowfall warning for City of Thunder Bay, Nipigon – Rossport, Cloud Bay – Dorion and Kakabeka Falls – Whitefish Lake – Arrow Lake regions

Late season snowfall … near Lake Superior tonight and Friday.

Snow at times heavy will continue into Friday morning. Snow should taper off Friday afternoon. A total snowfall accumulation of 15 to 25 cm (5.9 to 9.8 inches) appears likely.

Web cams and reports over Northeast Minnesota show snow has become heavy at times and is accumulating.


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10 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall for parts of Ontario and NW Lake Superior”

  1. Joe it’s more like when it rains it rains or snows longer but when its dry the same thing it happens for longer…this is because of the slowing of the jet stream and also a more meridonal (north south) flow instead of west to east (zonal)…the cause for the change in jet stream patterns is argued by warmist and coolists alike back and forth but it is clear as day this is happening and changing in front of our eyes

  2. One of our ex-state senators comes buy occasionally and chats with me. He is hard of hearing(literally) and only gets bits and pieces of conversations. He used to believe that there had to be some truth to the global warming, why would so many intelligent people believe in it.
    Recently he has been bringing another gent tag who has ears and an intelligent mind(wow some are left), now the ex-senator is softening up to the butter bowl and shows signs of genuine concern about global cooling.
    Totally surprised me but could be due to the fact the old farmers in the region and others are saying this is the strangest weather ever witnessed in their generation.
    Hum maybe we need more politicians to become deaf so a second party hopefully non-biased will do the listening for them. UH HUH RIGHT lol

    1. You know. At this stage most of us who are of thinking minds embrace the horror then proceed to verify if what we sense to be true. We are able to decide what the plan of action will be.
      Most people do not even what to broach the subject, they literally walk away.
      I think the movies, 2012, Knowing, The Cabin In the Woods, On the Beach, Threads, The Road, etc., is what our future could be if we do NOT get our servants under control. They have lost their collective “bad evil believers” minds. I think a good tar and feather is in order.
      I live in extreme NW Illinois which was not affected by the last ice age. It was a pocket for sure.
      Just get ready, I am.

  3. spent a couple of hours last night driving into a snow storm as I was driving back home to iron river from northern Wisconsin 3-5 inch’s I hope our growing season is longer then it looks, this year

  4. Snowfall amounts for parts of Ontario around the above warning and parts of Quebec. There were also snowfall reports in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island but they were at the most 11 cm (4.3″).


    Updated weather summary for Northern Ontario issued by Environment Canada at 6:50 P.M. EDT Friday 25 April 2014.

    A moisture laden disturbance brought yet another spring snowfall to much of Northwestern Ontario. The heavy wet snow resulted in winter driving conditions and also may have played a role in a number of power outages being reported in the Superior West region.

    The daily snowfall record for the Thunder Bay weather station is 19.8 cm (7.8″) set on 25-April-1950.

    With some melting and compaction going on, total snowfall amounts may have been somewhat higher than reported.

    The following is a summary of weather event information received by
    Environment Canada as of 6.30 PM.

    Location…………snowfall amount Centimetres

    Cameron Falls………………..5 (2.9″) estimated
    Thunder Bay city…………….18 (7.1″) from meteorologist
    Thunder Bay Airport………….19 (7.5″) estimated
    Just west of Thunder Bay……..30 (11.8″)from meteorologist
    Thunder Bay hilldale road…….33 (13.0″) measured from public
    Thunder Bay mckibbin street…..15 to 20 (5.9″ to 7.9″) estimated
    Nolalu……………………..15 to 30 (5.9″ to 11.8″) estimated from public
    Mink mountain……………….15 to 20 (5.9″ to 7.9″) estimated from public
    40 km northeast of Thunder Bay..11 (4.3″) volunteer spotter
    Mine Centre (W Atikokan)………8 (3.1″) climate spotter
    Fort Frances…………………5 to 10 (2.0″ to 3.9″) estimated
    Atikokan…………………….5 to 10 (2.0″ to 3.9″) estimated
    Upsala……………………..11 (4.3″) estimated

    Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial information and does not constitute a complete or final report.



    Weather summary for Western Quebec issued by Environment Canada at 11:24 AM EDT Friday 25 April 2014.

    A trough nearly stationary over Eastern Quebec gave snow for the second consecutive day. In some areas, snowfall accumulations were significant.

    Here is a summary of weather event information as received by Environment Canada.

    Station………………snowfall amounts (cm)

    Mont-Joli, from 6 AM on 24/04 to 2 AM on 25/04 10 (3.9″)
    Gaspé, from 5 AM to 3 PM on 24/04 11 (4.3″)
    Saint-eusebe, from 6 AM to 5 PM on 24/04 10 (3.9″)
    Wabush lake, from 5 AM on 24/04 to 10 AM on 25/04 24 (9.4″)

    Please note that this summary may include preliminary or unofficial data and does not constitute a final or an official report.



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