Romania – “It’s as if we were preparing for Christmas – not Easter”

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Winter in April – In some places the snow measures 30 cm (12 inches).

(Google translate) – Just days before Easter , on April 14, it snowed like at Christmas. – road workers were out working just like in a regular month of winter !

Romania was under code yellow alert for snow and rain in 12 districts in the country !

Everyone hoped the snow would pass quickly, but on Friday it began snowing again, dumping 10 cm of snow on Predeal .

Tourist : “I got winter in the mountains, we came to leave for the summer and winter. I’m not ready , I had to change the tires…. two days of rain and sunny spring and summer and then two days – yesterday and today – two authentic winter days .

Worried for trees already in bloom and cultures that have sprung up in the garden

I Step Tihuta , which links Transylvania and Moldavia , snow removal machinery worked almost as hard as in full winter . Snow here measures 10 inches , and the wind blew hard. Temperatures dropped to 0 degrees on Friday, and people made ​​fires in their stoves . I am worried for the animals, but also for trees already in bloom and cultures that have sprung up in the garden.

Locals : “It’s hard , this snow came upon us and that’s so frustrating . Problems with garden, nothing you can do, should I expect now ”

In this area , Easter begins with removing snow from the roof. In some places the snow measures 30 cm (12 inches).

In upland areas of Suceava , people woke up to a beautiful landscape … winter . Rooftops blanketed in a thick layer of snow.

In Harghita , hundreds of people were left without power . In the center and north of the country , like the snow by Christmas .

The landscape looked like the middle of December.

People fear that the capricious weather will affect fruit trees already in bloom and spring crops .

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6 thoughts on “Romania – “It’s as if we were preparing for Christmas – not Easter””

  1. My 5 yr old grandson got very excited when he heard me reading this outloud – he wanted to know if Santa came there.

    1. grain crops is the only hope; most of corn crops are dead or dying….fruit? )) that’s an good one !

  2. This is by no means unheard of.

    I worked in Switzerland the winter of 1990 when snow was scarce until mid February.

    Throughout April it snowed down to below 1000m on an almost daily basis, with 20 – 30cm fresh snow a common occurrence on at least 15 days. The snow melted quickly lower down but the levels of snowfall were indeed like Christmas, not April.

    In Southern England, snow fell in May in the mid 1970s, allowing me to finally use a sled bought 5 years previous but never used in the snowless early 1970s around London.

    Nature is variable, and although this story suggests that global warming is guff, it doesn’t suggest anything more than that.

  3. While this sounds alarming, it’s important to note that the average date for last frost in Bacau, a weather station in the north west of Romania and near though not in Harghita county, is April 15. While the quantity of precipitation may be unusual, we are not that far past the average last frost for this snow event to be proof of major climatic cooling.

    See this link for Romania’s last and first frost dates.

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