Snowfall in the Urals leaves 70,000 without power

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Video – Weather in the Middle and South Urals weather continues to deteriorate.

Snowfall accumulation has left cars and trucks hardly moving on highway M5 “Ural.” The wind blowing so heavily that visibility does not exceed 5-15 meters. From the border with Bashkortostan and Chelyabinsk, heavy vehicle traffic is limited.
Rescuers got stuck in the snow on the route Asha – Chelyabinsk . In order to save fuel stove in the cabin of the bus is not included, the passengers quickly frozen, ITAR-TASS reported . (I don’t know how to make sense of that translation.)

Snowfall also brought a lot of trouble to residents of Buryatia, paralyzing traffic on federal highway M55 .

Source: NTV April 25, 2014 with video

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

5 thoughts on “Snowfall in the Urals leaves 70,000 without power”

  1. The garbled sounding paragraph seems to be saying that the rescue bus got snowbound on the road and the bus either had no stove or heater or they didn’t use it, to save fuel. Thus, the passengers became quickly frozen. I hope not literally frozen, just quite cold and then they survived.

  2. mu guess is they would carry a fuel stove IN longer distance buses in case of stranding like this..and someones cutting costs and didnt provide it and people suffered the cold.

  3. My guess on the translation is exactly what it sounds like. To save fuel they did not use the heater for the passengers leaving them freezing. Whether they meant literally dead or wishing they were I won’t guess. Yeah, it is possible they actually have a fuel oil, diesel, or propane/natural gas heater on the bus.

    Of course, maybe they don’t even HAVE heaters to save on gas!!

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