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  1. With all the data manipulation going on when we do have warm winters it’s hard to know what to believe and what is a lie.

    It’s like up is down and down is up! Everything is topsy turvy!

  2. Gotta throw in my two cents’ worth…

    In 1966 had to walk home from school in a blinding blizzard in NE Oklahoma. Totally abnormal! IIRC, the snow lasted 6 weeks. Also totally abnormal!

    I distinctly remember snow in Oklahoma over Thanksgiving break in 1972. Had to put chains on the car tires to return to college on the other side of the state. Totally abnormal!

    Also, New Year’s Eve 1976 I had to put chains on my tires to get to a friend’s house across town to babysit their kids for New Year’s Eve. Totally abnormal!

    Hmmm…maybe that doesn’t sound very abnormal, given there are 3 instances within 10 years’ time, but as a 4th generation Okie, many’s the year we kids hoped and prayed for a white Christmas. But we usually just had a brown, sunny Christmas.

  3. I find the chart interesting. It implies that the Phoenix area of Arizona was 4 degrees above normal for the period, on average. With the exception of February, that’s BS. Yes, it has been comfortable, but the actually average temperature in January and March were at or below normal for the month, and April has not been up to normal so far either. Typically, I have the evap running by the end of March, not always, but on occasions, and this year I didn’t even bother to prepare it for the cooling season until the middle of April. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out a lot of that “warm west” is just as bogus as the part here.

  4. This is true, even down here in Texas we had a winter like the ones I remember as a child in the 1950s. However, back then these were just considered normal winters. We still haven’t had anything extravagant like we did during the winters of the 70s and 80s… But I do remember that Robert stated (and I hope this is correct) that even in an Ice Age not everyone would experience cold at the same time… With that said, I did read a statement where Dale mentioned in a previous blog about the US being the only place that had a cooler than average winter. He stated that According to WeatherBug this is the seventh warmest year on record for the world. He also went on to say that all seven of these “warmer than normal years” have occurred in the last three decades. So what’s up with that? Is this true, or just more manipulation of actual data?

    1. Wayne, I can’t list any sources to counter Dale or the WeatherBug but numerous occurances of tampering with the temperature data have come to light in past years. Also of hiding data that contradicts the warmists’ theories. So it’s likely, IMO, that these fudged records tend to overstate these “record” warm years.

      Also, factor in the growth of the heat islands. Temperature stations once bounded by open forests or fields now have subdivisions as neighbors. In some cases, I have read, the temperature stations are now in close proximity to a Walmart or other parking lot, for example.

      1. I quite agree. When I quoted Weatherbug I did it in abject disbelief. I’m finding they are wholly on the anthropogenic warming bandwagon. I believe this last winter in southeast Texas to be in line with winters I remember from the seventies. So whilst I believe anthropogenic warming to be one of the biggest cons in modern history, I will say with full tongue in cheek: Long live Global warming!! if this is what it feels like!

        1. Ok Dale, I know that from time to time you and I discuss winters during the 1970s and remember you weren’t here in southeast Texas a lot of those years. However I was here all during the seventies and this last winter was nothing like some of those brutally cold ones that I have documented in past journals. Like I said earlier, this was more like the winters I remember as a child during the 1950s. And yes I know, you’re not old enough to remember the 50. Sorry about that and tell Denise I said hi. :)

      2. The Historical temperature record for my Capital City is from a station in Parkland about 1 km from the city but a few years ago this changed to the Airport many km away.
        This Airport is an obvious heatsink and virtually everyday is 2C HOTTER than the city !
        I have been comparing the two readings almost every day for the last year.
        The latest CSIRO report concerning Global Warming in Australia paints my Capital as “ground zero for climate change”.

    2. Really!!!! Texas has cold winters, maybe we should switch places. Man I miss the good old cold winters in Ft. Bragg. If I here another southerner comment on winter I will have to stop reading this site.

      1. Well when you’re not prepared and it gets down to 4 Fahrenheit on Christmas Eve. “1989”, snows on Thanksgiving weekend “1976”, or freezes for so long a period of time that one could literally walk out 20 yards on Galveston Bay “1961”, that’s unusual for us southerners. However, this is just a few examples and frankly I miss winters like this.

  5. Mister Goddard is a good man, but he overlooks one important detail. The two even colder starts of the year did not happen during the maximum of the solar cycle. They happened at the end of solar cycle 13 and when cycle number 14 was going into cycle 15. This time we are having the maximum of the current cycle number 24. This means we can expect even colder winters during the end of the present cycle, which is expected around 2020. Most astrophysicists expect the next cycle number 25 to be even weaker.

  6. Here in southeast Texas my neighbors and I have talked about how we have had more cold days (by our standards)than any other winter we could remember. There have been lower low temperatures but those were very short lived (one or two days)and then it warmed up. This winter it would get cold and stay there for a couple of weeks and then it never really got warm before the next cold spell. Your chart confirmed our obervations.

  7. Unfortunately a lot of my friends are the type who like to describe themselves (with a stupid big grin) as “old lefties”. One spoke of a dubious (average) temperature record broken this Summer so I casually mentioned that the actual record was 50.7C in 1960 and that the USA record was 1933 and the all time was Libya 1922 and that if Global Warming was real then those records should have been broken 10 times by now.
    They all turned looking at me and what I saw was quite shocking.

    Fear, fear in their eyes as plain as day………….they now know AGW is wrong.

  8. And that chart shows clearly the stuck track of the Polar jet stream with the green/light blue area being the boundary area between cool and wet and severe cold and snow.
    The south west of the US shows the dry but less cold area to the south of the Polar jet stream. West Europe was in a similar condition, with Eastern Europe experiencing similar weather to the Great lakes Area. with the jet Stream looping up over Norway and back down over the Black sea.

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