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Have you read about this startling news in the mainstream media?

If Antarctic sea ice had shrunk by even a minuscule .000001 percent, the media would be all over it.

Why is Antarctic sea ice growing at such a rapid rate?


“Antarctic sea ice has been growing rapidly over the last 30 years, because Antarctica is getting colder,” says Steven Goddard website


Thanks to George Martinez for this link


41 Responses to Antarctic Sea Ice 50% Above Previous Record

  1. Guy Wilson says:

    Make more Co2 and graze more cattle for methane lol.

    Sorry, in a relaxed mood today. :}

    • JOHN B says:

      With things getting colder, we need all the CO2 and methane we can get.

      Assuming, that is, that CO2 and methane have anything to do with keeping the earth warm.

      • qfrealist says:

        Well they dont but it helps the plants grow -:) .. CO2 anyway.

      • Alex says:

        Was here that I read that a new study found that up to a third of all methane in the atmosphere actually comes from forests? So more CO2 means more plants also means more methane.

  2. tango says:

    in Australia the media will not report anything about the earth cooling if they do they will have egg on there face so just keep up reporting the warming BS

  3. terrence says:

    If the mainstream media did report on it, they would say the growth in Antarctic ice was due ENTIRELY to man-made global warming.

  4. Brent Walker says:

    That is the anomaly not the total antarctic sea ice. The total is in the vicinity of 20 m square kilometers. A half a million square kilometers more than the previous record is about 2.5% above the previous record. Still interesting though!

  5. John the 1st says:

    Wish we could get numbers like this for the Arctic.

  6. JimS says:

    Lol! That graph could easily be made into a hockey stick. But no worries, the AGWers, at least some of them, claim that the reason as to why the Antarctic sea ice is increasing is because of “climate change.”

    Under the normal definition of the term, climate change, I would agree; but under theirs, since climate change = global warming, those AGWers need to take Logic 101.

  7. Steevo says:

    So. You think the real reason for all of these frozen shelves casting off record size Ice Bergs that are floating about is because of all of the new snow fall on the Antarctic land mass? The snow is falling on the Glaciers, and as Glaciers do, pushing the ice off of the edge of the land mass and into the water? Duh. Maybe that’s why we don’t here much about what the Glaciers are really doing anymore.

  8. M. Vanwinkle says:

    Does higher CO2 cause journalists’ brains to have trouble with reporting the truth? Perhaps they have high sensitivity to CO2 in combination with ink?

    I could see government funding another research project here…

  9. kingbum says:

    Just a matter of time before the arctic joins on the festivities

    • Jimbob says:

      It already has, the total area has increased, but the depth of sea ice has increased more.
      The world’s oceans take around five to seven years to respond to changes in solar output, hence the 17 year pause in any increase in average temperatures. Cooling will now become apparent for the next 20 years, and particularly over the next two years, just in time for the US election.

  10. AndrewS says:

    Meanwhile… “TORNADO TO BLOW IN THE CASCADES”. Just an unfortunate choice of metaphor: http://kxl.com/2014/04/30/usgs-says-mt-st-helens-magma-re-pressurizing/

    “Within the next 20(!) to 200 years.”

  11. Greg says:

    It is incredible that such news is suppressed; mention global cooling and most people are ready to send you to the “home”.

    Meanwhile, closer to home, Great Lakes ice still hampers shipping and will lead to a cooler year ahead.


    Great Lakes ice cover from brutal winter could lead to a chilly summer

    …unusually late ice cover that remains on the Great Lakes. Heading into May, the Great Lakes combined remain 26% ice-covered, with Lake Superior still more than half-blanketed in ice. By comparison, at this time last spring the lakes were less than 2% covered with ice.

    A relatively cool spring will give way to a colder-than-usual summer locally, all because of the continuing impacts of the intensely frigid, snowy winter, scientists said. And at least one Great Lakes ice researcher thinks that the domino effect could continue into a chilly fall and an early start to next winter — and beyond.

    In addition to wreaking havoc on the Great Lakes shipping industry and impacting fish and other aquatic species, the miles of ice cover serve as a vast, white reflector.

    “All that sunlight that would normally heat up the water is just bouncing back up into space,” said Jay Austin, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth’s Large Lakes Observatory…

  12. Ken says:

    Global Warming is followed by Global Cooling which is followed by Global Warming ……….

    Therefore Global Warming causes Global Cooling which will cause Global Warming. So the increased Antarctic sea ice is being caused by Man Made Global Warming.

  13. Luciano says:

    What do you get when you vote lying cold hearted politicians who hate humanity is an ice age reflecting total empty souls. Nothing can satisfy them.

  14. chilly says:

    Mid July stats are going to be interesting. I know UNSW warmists should go down their again and check it out again ;)

  15. Steven says:

    Why is Antarctic sea ice growing at such a rapid rate?
    Al Gore’s been breathing hard on the antarctic ice sheet causing it to flow towards the sea causing more ice bergs and sea ice. Just joking.
    We have global cooling.

  16. Jay Park says:

    Two years ago the Arctic temperature was above freezing for 90 days. Last year for 45 days. I don’t know if that’s at North Pole, at a given weather station, average temp or what.

    So I am waiting to see if the Arctic days above freezing are less than 45 days.

    2013 Arctic temperature graph:

  17. Roger O. says:

    Colder Antarctic due to slight alteration of Earth axis in recent years, solar radiation angle therefore altered, or less sunlight alltogether ? ?
    Arctic slightly warmer than before, for the same reason, slightly more tilted towards the Sun ?
    Anyone know whether such an axis deviation has occurred in recent years ?

    • Jimbob says:

      Nope, its the Sun, going though a 172 year cycle, there called Minumums and last for two solar cycles of 11 years each. We are half way though the first. The next will be even worse.
      The democats used the slogan “Its the ecconomy stupid”,
      They should use “Its the Sun stupid”, against the Democats and the poxy Greens who thought up this Global Warming Scam.

      • Roger O. says:

        Well, diminished far-infrared radation from the Sun(not mere sunlight), would explain an average global cooling, but still doesn’t answer the question why there’s so much more ice in the Antarctic than in the Arctic, unless for the argument I presented before, namely a solar radiation angle difference between Arctic and Antarctic Sunshine, due to e.g. a slight axischange with the Northpole pointing more towards the Sun than before.
        There’s also the present undersea volcanic action to consider ofcourse, that has considerable influence on the amount of polar ice it would seem.

        • Jimbob says:

          There are two different ocean circulation patterns which affect the Polar Regions.
          In the south the westerlies are able flow completely around the Antarctic continent pushing cold water with it though the Magellan gap, this tends to isolate the sea ice area from warmer areas in the southern oceans. In the North, and in particular, the North Atlantic. The Gulf stream and the Westerly’s which accompanies it tend to pump warmer water directly into the Arctic ocean area though the Iceland gap towards the top of Norway. The Barents Sea doesn’t have a similar warm current, although I may in error on this point. In terms of the Sun’s radiation, I would suggest that the Sun is more variable at the UV end of the spectrum, I have read the this radiation can vary by as much as 16% dependent on the number and size of Sun Spots, the Sun has at any one time and plays a significant role in our climate, controlling the path of the polar jet streams.

  18. WATCHDOG says:

    It is always disingenuous for GW Alarmists to focus upon Arctic sea ice – which is a mere few meters thick. The Combined Volume of Ice in Earth’s Glaciers and The Greenland Ice Cap and Antarctica exceeds that of the Arctic sea ice by a factor at least a 1000 times. Antarctica alone is not only 3.5 times larger in area than the Arctic, it has an estimated average thickness of ice of 2,100 meters..

  19. T says:

    Watched a really good documentary on Discovery last night. Five, or so scientists trying to explain the false science behind GLW. One interesting fact they exposed, through ice core records, was the increase in co2, complimenting the increase in global temperatures, some thousands of years ago.
    On closer examination, it was found that co2 followed global temperature rise, IT DID NOT.. preceeded it.
    Unsurprisingly, I could not find anything on goggle to post a link on here….

  20. Steevo says:

    What was the name of that ill fated Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) ship and the band of AGW believers? In their life times they will be able to drive across the ice to study global warming in the Antarctic. LOL.

  21. WATCHDOG says:

    T.. Science Data of Temps and CO2 Ice Cores from Vostok, Antarctica show how Rises in CO2 occur approximately 800 years AFTER Rises in Temperature. Here’s a link with graphs (as well as links to data). http://joannenova.com.au/global-warming-2/ice-core-graph/ Additionally, it’s well known that CO2 is essential for the Life of Plants and Plants in turn pump out Oxygen. http://www.plantsneedco2.org/default.aspx?MenuItemID=103

  22. K.B. says:

    Perhaps it was the Good Ship Lollipop !

  23. Kenneth Lund says:

    sounds like the ice age has arrived or is arriving folks! So much for global warming!!!

    • Jimbob says:

      The definition of an Ice Age is an ice cap at, or close to both Poles. We already have that with the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps. Where we are now, is an interglacial period which has had many warm epochs and a series (17) cooling periods such as what we are entering now, due to the Sun output and orbit around the Solar Barry Centre being moderated by the Jovian Gas giants orbit positions.

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