Record snowfall in Norway

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First time since records began that snow has been recorded in June.

June 22, 2014 – The northern Norwegian city of Tromso experienced a freak summer snowfall on Monday after freezing wind from the North Pole saw temperatures plummet.

It was the first time since records began that the city had seen snowfall in June. Local meteorologist Trond Lien said that sleet and snow showers hit the city on Monday night, and there has even been some snow lying on the ground. He said that the situation was “very rare”, noting that it must have been a long time since it snowed on 16 June.

Motorist Odd Arne Thomassen told reporters that he was driving over roughly four centimetres of snow when he was in Kvaenangsfjellet, in North Troms, early on Monday morning.

Snowfall was also forecast for other areas of the country.

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13 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Norway”

  1. Obviously the result of Anthropogenic Global/Localized Warming/Change/Disruption/Cooling! Down with the humans!

    1. I guess you decided not to read the article because that’s exactly what it says “Australian Alps”.Might wanna refrain from commenting….. Just sayin’.

    2. It would seem that the cold plume has moved around the globe in the Southern H. South America 10 days ago, Australia over the next few days, New Zealand should get its plume of cold by the end of next week. Enjoy the Sking.
      One of the features of the Solar Minimum is that the warm area of the atmosphere, Human live in, shinks at high latitudes and at Altitude.
      I wouldnt be surprised to see Ice and Snow fall appearing on tropical peaks above 12,000 ft, eventually a temporary ice cap over the next 30 years.

    3. Well, there are reputedly mountains in England and Wales, but here in Scotland, we just call ours hills. Whatever the terminology, the cold air from northern Norway( the nearest European country to Scotland) is coming our way this Friday( 27th June) and snow is forecast for the hill tops ( 1000-1300 metres). The snow-filled gullies from last winter’s record snowfalls will get a small top up.

  2. Monster snow dump for ski resorts.
    Heavy snow is falling across the Australian Alps with at least a metre of fresh powder expected at the Thredbo and Perisher ski resorts by Sunday.
    Victorian resorts are expecting at least 70cm, with destructive winds causing blizzard conditions overnight.
    On Monday Thredbo Top Station was lashed with gusts over 125 kilometres per hour and a severe weather warning remains in place until Tuesday night for all ski resorts.
    Rare snow may even coat the Dandenong ranges east of Melbourne on Tuesday morning with flakes to fall as low as 600m in Victoria and 800m in NSW.

  3. Published on Monday, 23 June 2014 16:44
    IT’S here. The megablizzard. Snowpocalypse now. This baby has been on the weather charts all week and it’s howling its way through the Australian Alps as you read this.
    Experienced weather watchers are calling it the storm of the century. They’re saying it could snow on and off, but mostly on, for the next 10 days. The first flakes are already falling as you read this. The megablizzard has arrived.

  4. If memory serves me correct, last year (2013), snow and cold weather were plaguing the northern hemisphere in the month of May. This year, it seems that June is the month that seems to be catching all this rather unusual activity. One month later? Not a good sign. Let us hope this late pattern stops somewhere.

    1. No, I’m pleased to say it will get much worse over the the remaining part of Solar cycle 24 and Solar Cycle 25 and be a nail in the Coffin of AGW.
      History is repeating its self, detailed records exist for the crop output of Norwiegian farmers during the Dalton Minimum, expect to see similare crop reductions during this Solar Minimum, in 20 odd year it may start to warm up again.

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