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This compares to only 281 record warm temps


Record cold numbers are double and triple the amount of record warm temps.

Look at the Month to Date for the Monthly temp records.

NOAA Records Summary-20Jul2014NOAA Records Summary-20Jul2014

No wonder why the media is shooting blanks. Wow!

Source: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo-web/datatools/records

Thanks to Ralph Fato for this info


10 Responses to More than 2070 cold records broken in last 7 days in the U.S.

  1. Frank says:

    And within the past hour, one of The Weather Channel’s ubiquitous AGW acolytes (Jim Cantore) retweeted a message about this same phenomenon, which began “Despite a warming world…”


  2. Jbird says:

    Looks like it could be a record for cold recprds

  3. Jbird says:

    Looks like it could be a record for cold records.

  4. That site is down. I wonder why? Could it be a coincidence, or a presidential order? These days you can’t help but wonder…

  5. JOHN B says:

    Typical mainstream media headline and story.

    ” Another 281 Places in the US show Record High temperatures”

    While a few locales are experiencing chilly weather, scientists are concerned that warming is getting out of control…………………..

  6. Bruce says:

    Don’t forget Low Max records.

    649 in last 7 days. 28601 in last 365 days.

    Low Max’s indicate cooling in the daytime.

    Low Min’s indicate cooling at night (mostly) and that happens less because of UHI.

  7. KVOSkid says:

    It’s miserably cold and rainy right now where I am in the PNW. Honestly, this would be discouraging weather even in late May… but in late July?

  8. For the Month of July, Nashville, TN was at its normal monthly high and 3.5 degrees above the normal low. For the month of August, Nashville is on track to be 2 degrees below the normal high and 6 degrees below the normal low.

  9. sorry, my previous post was to read June followed by July. I was looking at a calender when I was typing and had a mental slip. I will predict that August will be a very nice month for us here in the Upper Southern U.S. Our humidity levels have been super low giving us really enjoyable days.

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