Bouvet Island running 40 degrees below normal

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Bouvet Island is an uninhabited island in the sub-Antarctic along the South Atlantic volcanic ridge, says reader Kingbum. It is approximately 1400 km from the tip of South African tip and 1100 km from Antarctica.

Temperatures here are consistently running 40F below normal. They’re supposed to be in the mid 60sF but have been in the 20s with no end at sight.

This morning it was minus six degrees with afternoon snow in the forecast, calling for accumulations of 6 to 12 cm of snow before ending this evening.

Not too far from Africa, yet no news in the mainstream media.

10 thoughts on “Bouvet Island running 40 degrees below normal”

  1. Bouvet Island lies at more than 54 degrees of latitude south (nearly as far south of the equator as Norway proper is north of it), and it’s the dead of winter in the Southern Hemisphere in July.

    “They” (though no one lives there) are definitely NOT supposed to be in the 60s Fahrenheit this time of year — such readings would clearly SUPPORT the global warming theories!!

  2. Yeah the post is real….I posted it and was shocked myself but then I remembered about the record sea ice extent over Antarctica and now it definitely seems plausible…..especially considering the Concordia station on Antarctica is also reporting lows of around -85F…..the Amundsen-Scott station not far behind at -70F….I know typically its suppose to just be in the mid 60sF….AccuWeather states that pretty clearly but living in Minnesota and seeing how the late thaw of Lake Superior is keeping temps here easily 5-10 degrees below normal….I think the ice extent is affecting this island

  3. The distance is well out. too! Bouvet Island is over 2,500 km from Cape Agulhas, South Africa.

  4. remember to double check anything found on wiki
    w conelly had a fine time rewriting a lot of articles to bias to warmist views.
    that aside others also have some vested interests in whats written know- the alphabet agencies of the us gov.

  5. Can this post be correct? Wiki shows no month higher than +39 degrees F and July having an average high of + 30 degrees F.

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