“Julember” in Italy

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Almost “a year without summer.”

“In Italy this year, summer is really bad,” say reader Dr Mirco Poletto. “In the north we could almost speak of a year without summer: rainfall well above average, storms and sometimes temperature up to 10° C below seasonal average.

Domestic cultivations are suffering, especially tomatoes, hit by diseases due to the high moisture amount.

Media start calling the finishing month “julember”. August will be even worse if possible.

What will happen this winter if we keep going on with this trend? Ten degrees below normal with high precipitations? SNOW! A LOT OF SNOW!

I send you a couple of links. Obviously they blame global warming for the low temps!

You know Italy is classified as a semi-free country about press freedom.

http://www.meteoweb.eu/2014/07/pazza-estate-2014-luglio-piogge-record-picchi-200-nord/3052 23/

http://www.meteoweb.eu/2014/07/previsioni-meteo-estate-sempre-pazza-agosto-luglio-proiezio ni-incubo/303981/

Thanks to geologist Dr Mirco Poletto for these links

9 thoughts on ““Julember” in Italy”

  1. Havin it pretty good here is the good ole UK – for now. From what I am hearing, and seeing here, is North Europe is having a heat wave, certainly been hot here, up to 27oC in Scotland a week ago, average just now. We are now told by the Daily Express that we are going to have hottest August in UK for 300 years, but that’s coming from paper that told us of 3 Months of snowmageddon last Winter but was total washout, all that moisture in the air eh! Although not cold enough yet.

    Got to remember sun is at it’s peak in sunspot cycle, but a lot lower than normal and will fade – going by latest trend – to oblivion in a few years.

  2. Strangely, the UK is having an ‘Italian summer’.

    Lots of rain in the winter, then a mild, sunny, but sufficiently wet spring. Since early June, we have had mostly sunshine, few days of rain and the odd torrential downpour. Piers Corbyn is predicting ‘one of the top 5 hottest Augusts for the UK in 350 years’.

    The last time we had a summer like this, 1976, we went as a family on holiday to what is now Croatia. They told us they were having the worst summer they could remember and everything was very green, whereas we had parched brown fields from mid July.

    It appears that there is some kind of inverse correlation between weather around the Adriatic and weather in the SE of the UK when extremes occur.

    I guess it is like west of the Rockies and the mid West in the USA?

  3. We are not quite there yet but I think the trend has started. It should be very obvious in a few years.

  4. In Siberia, snow fell on the hottest days. (..)At the “top of the summer” – the hottest time of the year – snow was recorded in the Altai, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions and the Trans-Baikal Territory.
    In Eastern Siberia, July 30 observed abnormal weather. In Bayanday district of the Irkutsk region of Russia unexpectedly snowed.
    Cover thickness was about 10 centimeters, transmit “Vesti Irkutsk.”

  5. “You know Italy is classified as a semi-free country about press freedom.”

    Not so in the U.S.A.

  6. I wonder if this is a precursor for northern Europe later as Dr Mirco Poletto states ‘….hit by diseases due to the high moisture amount.’
    The rains and damp were, apart from the serious winters, a reason for the famine during the LIA.
    With the cold records in the USA/Canada any news on how the crops are performing over there?

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