Record cold in West Virginia

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“Has anyone noticed that their outdoor tomatoes are not ripening.. just rotting on the vines?” asks reader Caroline S.

“Woke up this morning in central West Virginia to 51F, breaking the old cold record by 2 F!” I have TONS of sweet peppers. Not one has ripened yet! Growing veg. this spring and summer at 38 degrees latitude has been like growing vegetables in the English Midlands at 52 degrees latitude.”

“Do you think our “quiet sun” is resulting in less solar irradiance.. therefore slower growing/ripening, and the very real sense of “preternatural fall”? The trees started showing red on the 1st August whereas we normally see the first signs here around the third or 4th week of September with normal precipitation levels.”

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  1. Wow! Long thread. Usually few respond.

    Ditto here in central Arkansas. At lunch Saturday, my brother-in-law said he’s already tilled his garden under for the season. No tomatoes ripening.

    I use square foot techniques, but same problem. A few green tomatoes, but none have ripened. My neighbor has already taken out most of her tomatoes. My banana pepper is happy. I’ve already started putting in my fall/winter garden.

    If next year follows the same pattern, I’m using cold frames and unheated plastic tunnels. I might also try Russian/Siberian varieties. Someone has to figure out how to grow food under colder and wetter conditions.

  2. Welcome from the Pacific Northwest, where above average temperatures and below normal rainfall, has been the norm. I’m located 55 mile east of the Pacific Ocean, as the crow fly’s and this winter per weatherbell dot com, should still be above normal temps and below normal rainfall.

    Those of you who follow the climate debate, know the IPCC dismisses the sun, for any effect on the planets in the Milky way. Give this video clip a shot and remember the death toll that is discussed, this maybe this planets destiny.

  3. The impacts of climate destabilization where first disclosed to President Johnson, our jet stream as predicted then has destabilized and both cooling and warming regions are active in intermixing as the earth seeks to re-stabilize it’s atmosphere due to 200 years of our industrial revolution out gassing. We are in for one heck of a ride.

    1. It has nothing to do with the industrial revolution. It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle.

  4. My tomatoes in Northeast Ohio are having the same issues. Cool nights seem to be keeping the green tomatoes on the vine from ripening up to red. Won’t be expecting an Indian Summer (are we allowed to use that term now?)this year either.

  5. We have areas that hit 34 degrees and have had frost already in Northern Michigan. Our leaves have been changing since July and we finally just got a ripe tomato – heirloom ones seem to be ripening, but not the hybrids….was looking forward to a little global warming this summer…but I guess I will settle for my wood cook stove.

  6. Interesting reading your comments.looks like the
    u.s.a will have a much worse winter than the last one. Here in the u.k the tempreture for n.w england is four degrees lower than it should be.14c.wich is normal for october.wonder if this is a sign of things to come?. Sleet and snow forcast for high ground in august!

  7. Climatologist predicted that the record icepack on the Great Lakes last winter would affect lake temperatures and regional weather throughout the spring and summer. I live in central WV and have never been able to shut down the air conditioning for days at a time in July and August. Bad news for the boaters and swimming pool operators but a godsend for everybody who pays an electric bill or drives a car.


    Global Warming kept people around the world from preparing for a cyclical Ice Age that is normal and happens ever 300 to 400 years. It is seen in tree rings. In the 1600s the mini-ice age lasted into the early 1800s. You were lied to by people who knew better and now you are facing a famine. Even with food production decreasing due to a decrease in solar energy the Government is ordering farmers to reduce corn, wheat, and all grain production. Meat production is being cut back by Government USDA dictates. If America does not fight to replace the who regime we will face real disaster very soon.

  9. This is obviously a big lie being spread by Fox news. And you can thank Dubya for your tomatoes not ripening.

  10. It was 45.5 yesterday morning between Baker and Moorefield WV. If it were not for global warming, we would have probably had frost. Our tomatoes are ripening, but not very quickly.

  11. I’m in Monroe county, WV and last night (saturday August 15th 2014) went down to 48 degrees. Folks have had their heat on over the past week.
    Tomatoes are runted and green. Second year in a row that I have been wiped out. Last year there was so much rain, everything blighted. I lost 50 amish paste

  12. Call Al Gore! We need him to explain GLOBAL WARMING once again just so we’ll understand why he’s making all this money on his phony scheme.

  13. B-b-but . . . it is warmer right now on Venus and Mars. You have to look at the big picture, not just one planet! Besides, 0bama already has said that if the weather won’t obey him, then he will just prove global warming through executive orders. He has a pen, and he is really serious.


    1. Steve, I buy 100% organic seeds from a company that is owned by the biotech companies. Germinate them in the greenhouse. We water, feed, mulch, pinch out side shoots etc. but with lows down to 46F, and rain, fog and heavy cloud, they ain’t ripening.. period! BTW, what’s YOUR elevation above sea level and which county do you live in? Mine is 2,500 feet here in Nicholas County.

  15. hey West Virginia, how’s that total fake and stupid global warming working for ya????? LOL

    1. Hey!….Idiot! We West Virginians didn’t vote for Obama and his global warming nut jobs either time! I guess we’re being punished by Obama’s weather gods because we didn’t drink the Koolaid.

  16. On the south shore of Lake Erie not a tomato has ripened yet……cold ground temperatures at night stunt the production.

    1. Same thing in Aurora, Ohio. No ripe tomatos yet and 46º Sat. AM. FL migration may come early this year. Pack a warm coat.

  17. As the rest of the world experiences record heat, the US and Canada are suffering from a direct attack of aerosol spraying (chemtrails) in the upper atmosphere and intense, directed radiowave emission technology. It will only get worse.

  18. 46th parallel in western Montana. Two cold summers in a row, with some “near-record” highs, but also many “near-record” lows. Probably “average” – but lots of rain and cooler than “normal” throughout both springs 2013 and 2014. Tomato and other crops also not producing like they did in 2008thru 2012.

  19. Leaves are turning color at my office in San Diego. The gloomy weather has been the norm all year. Under normal circumstances the leaves don’t turn until November.

    1. That is interesting, because the weather has been relatively normal in San Diego area, in fact I am sweating right now in Poway typing this.

      If anything there have been more muggy days.

  20. I live in Eastern West Virginia and having much the same problem with my garden. We had a few nights of very cool temperatures and two nights in July went down into the upper 40s we dropped to 47 or colder on one night. Overall this summer is the coolest I or anyone else who is much older than me (80s or 90s in age) can remember.

  21. Down here in the Greenville SC area we have been getting cool nights (62-64F) but the tomatoes are ripening (and delicious).

  22. Tomatoes just horrible & so are everyone else’s. We have resorted to buying ones brought in from S. Ohio. Eating a lot of BLT’s but just not as good as from one’s own tomatoes. Guess on “O.D” this year on them.

  23. In my part of Illinois, we had a record-cool July this year. We had 21 July nights with lows in the 50s, obliterating the previous record. It’s rare to have a couple of July nights in the 50s. We also set a record with 18 July days where the high did not reach the 80s. We had no July day with a high in the 90s, another record. There were six July days where the high was only in the 60s, setting records for lowest high temperature for the dates. It’s continuing into August. Average high for early August is 86-88. Average high for the first 15 days stands at 76.

  24. Freezing cold in the NE, leaves turning mid August. Fall conditions for outdoor activities.

    Just like school lunches, Eat it because we say so. Shut up, it’s warming because we say so.

  25. The yellowjacket(wasps to us Brits!) thing posted by Realist? In previous years we have had to deal with nests inside the house.. attic, soffits etc. This year? None! Instead we have also found a bunch of nests in ground .. yellowjackets and Hornets too..

    On the subject of Jalapenos, I have noticed the same. My Cayenne are also prolific and are the only ones turning red.

    From Bonnie Plants

    “Small-fruited peppers also ripen faster, which is important in cool climates where summers are short.”

    For next year I have started to research sweet peppers (and tomatoes!) that grow best in cool climates such as 4b .. I found

    King of the North – Red, blocky sweet
    Gypsy- from pale green to purple, 4-6″ long
    Cubanelle – long fruit, sweet/spicy
    King Arthur – 4″ long chunky bells
    Sweet pepper ‘Cadice’

    BTW I start seeds early indoors on heating mats before transferring to the greenhouse :)

    Oh, and we broke another low. Early this morning it was 45 F!

  26. Before the Communist Party politicized weather in the late 70’s as a tool of totalitarian domination, real science was predicting exactly what is happening now: a cycle of cooling. People who were around then remember the true predictions well. It was often the subject of news accounts. But then, suddenly, the narrative changed, complete with a Marxist checklist of things we HAD to do to save the planet, which, of course, would result in their total domination of every aspect of our lives. Well, game’s over, commies. You lose!

      1. “They” will win when “we” roll over and let them. Not until.

        The libs/commies/losers/whatever are fewer in number, but they’re loud. And political correctness inhibits reasonable people from countering their disingenuous BS as vigorously as they should. But once their domination policies start affecting people where they live and work in a meaningful way, people won’t take it any more. That time will come.

  27. It was 57 here in south-central Montana, but we are growing great tomatoes, so just drop over and we’ll give you some. Fiddlin

  28. I am a couple of degrees further south than you and my tomatoes finally began to ripen about two weeks later than “normal” but the jalapeños are producing massive bumper crops unlike anything I have seen before. The jalapeños have grown into two foot high trees absolutely covered with peppers.

    I also noticed that my cherry trees have already lost most of their leaves, the apples and muscadines are ripening about three weeks EARLIER than they ever have before, at least in the last 30 years I have been growing them, and the yellow jackets are furiously building the deepest in-ground nests I have ever seen. I don’t really know how to read the “signs”, but I suspect we will have an incredibly brutal winter.

    1. The yellowjacket(wasps to us Brits!) thing? In previous years we have had to deal with nests inside the house.. attic, soffits etc. This year? None! Instead we have also found a bunch of nests in ground .. yellowjackets and Hornets too..

      On the subject of Jalapenos, I have noticed the same. My Cayenne are also prolific and are the only ones turning red.

      From Bonnie Plants

      “Small-fruited peppers also ripen faster, which is important in cool climates where summers are short.”

      For next year I have started to research sweet peppers (and tomatoes!) that grow best in cool climates such as 4b .. I found

      King of the North – Red, blocky sweet
      Gypsy- from pale green to purple, 4-6″ long
      Cubanelle – long fruit, sweet/spicy
      King Arthur – 4″ long chunky bells
      Sweet pepper ‘Cadice’

      BTW I start seeds early indoors on heating mats before transferring to the greenhouse :)

      Oh, and we broke another low. Early this morning it was 45 F!

  29. Because this is caused by “climate change”, President Obama and his environmental activists can fix this. President Obama and his cronies can part the Great Lakes, seas and even the oceans if he so chose.

    1. Or at least keep them temps lower than ever recorded (Lakes) and ice extent greater than ever recorded (Antarctic). And then claim “climate disruption” – which I hear is caused by governments using some Tesla electrical pulses…

  30. Bush is certainly to blame. Or maybe Cheney is manipulating the weather from his underground arch-villain command bunker with his team of diabolical mad scientists in color-coded uniforms. What I would recommend is that you come up with an alternative use for your unripe vegetables. They might make good projectiles, for instance.

    1. For heavens sake, to blame the weather on Bush is beyond stupidity. First off, its called weather modification, it has nothing to do with global warming. But has everything to do with managing our earths weather. It started in Germany, Russia has been doing it as well, the US government has been doing it since the 1950’s. The government seeds clouds, but they also spray the skies with chemicals, usually done by the Air Force, but many private companies also spray for the government. You can look weather modification up and find lots of information. Is our government messing with our weather, of course it is.

    2. You were not supposed to reveal the color uniforms! Please go stand by your front door and the Cheney Thought Police will arrive shortly to take you into detention.

    1. lol none. standby for weather not seen since the Wooly Mammoth. Say, with DNA engineering and all, we need to reintroduce the Wooly Mammoth into the environment. The Mammoth after all were driven to extinction by Global Warming. Look at how successful the re introduction of wolves has been to the Midwest and Western prairie. This program could be funded with carbon tax revenues and REC funding. We’re going to need a new source for hamburger, since the cattle losses year over year are going to continue to be catastrophic, due to Polar Vortex encroachments which are also not going away!

  31. Yes, I even noticed the many fallen leaves in the rivers while trying to fish. Normally, the leaves are not falling until September but the river is already full of leaves which makes fishing with spinner baits more difficult.

  32. Friends in CO and WY are having the same problem as you are experiencing. Seems when morning temperatures get close to 50 degrees vegetables think it is time to go dormant. So much for global warming here in the states from the West to the East and too far South!

  33. We need more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere! Take a trip or start breeding those little carbon producers. It can and will get cold enough to kill us but never hot enough….

  34. For what it is worth, the Race Horse industry uses lamps to bring mares into heat in winter so the foals are born in January and February the next year. (Gestation is 11 months.) This makes them a couple months older and thus stronger when they race as two year olds. Horses mature at seven years of age when the last bones in the spine calcify so those added months in a young horse mean a lot. This means the racing industry has done a lot of research.

    The wavelength and intensity of light is as critical, as is the length of exposure. There is a difference in light intensity between a horse stall with dark walls and one with lighter coloured walls….

    Stallions are also affected by day length and have reduced fertility during the winter. Stallions should also be subjected to a similar lighting program to induce their fertility level to prime breeding season norms.

    So which wavelength is the trigger?

    href=””>Blue light from individual light masks directed at a single eye advances the breeding season in mares.

    ABSTRACT Artificial lighting is commonly used to advance the breeding season in horses. Light masks were developed that direct light at a single eye to inhibit the production of melatonin, the decoder of photoperiod for seasonally breeding animals.

    To investigate whether low intensity blue light from light masks was effective at advancing the breeding season in mares.

    Controlled experiment.
    Data on reproductive activity was collected from 3 groups of mares maintained on Kentucky horse farms under various lighting conditions between 20 November 2011 and 10 February 2012: 59 non-pregnant, healthy Thoroughbred mares were used. On 1 December 2011, Group 1 (n = 16) was housed indoors under barn lighting (250 Lux) until 23:00 daily. Group 2 (n = 25) wore light masks programmed to turn on from 16:30 until 23:00 daily and was maintained outdoors. Group 3 (n = 19) was maintained outdoors under the natural photoperiod as control. At 2 week intervals, rectal ultrasound examinations were performed and blood was collected for progesterone analysis. Oestrous cyclicity was defined as the presence of follicles >20 mm diameter detected in conjunction with serum progesterone >1 ng/mL and confirmation of ovulation by transrectal ultrasound examination.
    On 10 February, the number of mares exhibiting oestrous cyclicity was 14/16 (87.5%) in Group 1; 20/25 (80%) in Group 2; and 4/19 (21%), in Group 3. Pairwise comparison of groups revealed no difference in the number of cycling mares between Groups 1 and 2 (x(2) test, P = 0.3348) whereas differences were observed between Groups 1 and 3 (x(2) test, P<0.0001) and Groups 2 and 3 (x(2) test, P<0.0003).
    Low intensity blue light to a single eye from a light mask is an effective alternative to maintenance of mares indoors under lights for advancing the breeding season. Mobile light therapy for horses could have economic benefits for the breeder by reducing the costs of maintaining mares indoors, and welfare benefits for horses by permitting outdoor maintenance.

    Are we now seeing any changes in solar insolation at that wavelength?

    Lets go on to figure out what the change in blue light has been. It looks like the wave lengths around 400nm spike. Difference in Solar irradiance from 2004 to 2007 GRAPH

    The visible blue light has a wavelength of about 475 nm. Blue is towards the UV end of the visible spectrum.

    MUV (200-300 nm) changes by as much as 1%. Note how they lump Visible in with IR and every other wavelength and say there is only a 0.1% in TSI. Leaves you wondering just how much blue light is changing doesn’t it? NASA: SOLAR IRRADIANCE

    For what it is worth my buck goats have come into rut in June and July for the last couple of years. (They stink when in rut.) Goats have a season similar to deer and normally rut in late September/October so kidding is in March. Buck Goat are sterile at high temperatures too and I am in mid North Carolina.

    1. One of the very most interesting responses I have ever read on this site.
      Now I am wondering if bird-migrations may also be influenced by changes in light wavelengths ? There is evidence that birds are sensitive to them:

      ‘Magnetic compass orientation in European Robins is dependent on both wavelength and intensity of light :

      I found this link because i was wondering about Robins, having noticed that in their autumnal migrations Robins arrived at both the Adriatic and Atlantic coasts within the same 24-48 hour period. I could not think of a factor which might be so consistent over such a large part of Europe as to cause Robins at both ends to move South at the same time. Hours of daylight seemed the mostly likely candidate, but…?

    2. If you can change reproductive cycles by changing the spectrum of light, what effect does the use of CFL lights have on the human reproductive cycle?

  35. Up here in Barrie,Ontario we have some leaves on the maples changing color and we are getting cold rain like we would get in September. I went swimming the other evening in lake Simcoe and it was cold just like it was in May. I think Dr. Abdusamatov ,Piers Corbyn and John Casey are correct. A little ice age is starting. If it snows in Barrie next Tuesday I am out of here.

    1. WOW! Steven is experiencing colder weather that is just 2 weeks early this year. RUN!!!!!!

      (Those sick GOP!)

      1. Susan, Steven is from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. That’s Canada. The GOP, Or Grand Ol’ Party, also known as the Republican Party, is only in America.

      2. And the year prior two weeks earlier and the year prior to that two weeks earlier. That would be six weeks earlier in total. Lets not lose sight of the context, and the bigger picture. At 38 degrees latitude the tree leaves are already turning, thats normally a late October evolution around these parts, however, about two-three weeks earlier than last year. I see a trend here.

  36. if you can find some tinsel ie leftover from xmas or even use alfoil placed on the ground under the plants you may be able to encourage ripening and keep some heat directed to the plants
    surrounding them with some straw bales to insulate against night cold also helps.

    1. There is black ground covering you can buy at hardware stores for this purpose. Works better for watermelons and other vines that lay close to the ground – but it should help tomatoes as well.

      Another solution. Fried green tomatoes.

  37. Wet and cool, result, not one tomato has ripened here in western NC. I’ll have to change variety next season, maybe a Russian cherry tomato? Or a green house?

    1. Early girl does OK in cold. There is also a cold climate variety called San Francisco cold (or gold) I believe. Problem is earl tomatoes and CD resistant tomatoes are small varieties. No more beefstake or Brandywine for you.

    2. Hi I live in South Western Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains and our tomatoes are not ripening well this year.
      A solution for you may be Fried Green Tomatoes and can the rest with a green salsa recipe that can be found on the internet.

      1. I live in southern West Virginia at about 38 degrees N Lat and the Blue Ridge mountains are nowhere near here. My tomatoes ripen but blight. It has been wonderfully cool.

    3. Great lakes drastically colder than many summers, acting like reverse lake effect in winter. Cold water condensing in bordering states, making cold, wet, cloudy days. Western Pa and Ny taking a hit this year for growing season

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