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Obama seeking more icebreakers for Arctic ice that is supposedly disappearing

President Barack Obama wants to speed up the acquisition and building of new Coast Guard icebreakers that that can operate year-round in the nation’s polar regions, according to The New York Times.

Currently, the Coast Guard has two heavy icebreakers, down from seven during World War II, the Times reports, while Russia has 41 with plans for 11 more, and China has one and is building another.

More icebreakers in a supposedly warming world?

“Maybe the reason President Obama refuses to release his college grades has to do with his performance in a course on logic,” writes Thomas Lifson in The American Thinker.

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NOAA caught with its pants down – Temperature fraud

“I thought you might like the temperature fraud that had been uncovered by the Capital Weather Gang in Washington DC at Reagan by NOAA since 2014,” says reader Kingbum.

“Sensors been found to be giving at least a 1.7F warming bias….This time NOAA was caught with its pants down and by their response its obvious this is all politically driven.”

“When confronted with an obviously broken weather station that was reading way too hot, they replaced the faulty sensor — but refused to adjust the bad readings it had already taken,” says this exposé by Patrick Michaels.

“When dealing with “the pause” in global surface temperatures that is in its 19th year,” says Michaels, “the agency threw away satellite-sensed sea-surface temperatures, substituting questionable data that showed no pause.”

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