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Nicaragua volcano erupts for first time in 110 years

In 1605 a major eruption at Momotombo destroyed the then-capital of the region, Leon Viejo.


According to local reports, people started feeling tremors and noticing steam plumes from Momotombo over the past few weeks. 

On Monday night a new eruption began, sending incandescent volcanic debris cascading down the volcano’s slopes. A strong steam plume can still be spotted coming from the volcano on the INETER webcam pointed at Momotombo.

Pyroclastic flows can also be seen descending the NE face of the volcano.

At least six communities around Momotombo reported ash fall and as a precaution, schools in the region have been closed.

Last night’s eruption was Momotombo’s first eruption since 1905.

Thanks to Gordon Broussard anf Jack Hydrazine for these links