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  1. I just heard mention of this on Good Morning America here in Hollywood this morning. This news item is from last year but how on earth is this possible? Can you address this?

    “Computer models have predicted that climate change and increased carbon dioxide levels will speed up the jet stream, leading to more serious episodes by 2050.”

    Thank you.

  2. Earliest snowfall in over 40 years in Kaghan & Naran valleys in Northern Pakistan,thousands of tourists stranded.

    Upto three feet in 24 hours in some areas.The first snowfall usually occurs in early December.

    Details & pics :

  3. Hi Robert,

    Can you take a look at the maps in this article:

    and give us your thoughts on whether the countries that are marked as “vulnerable” wouldn’t actually be prime living space in the event of an ice age?

    I just can’t shake the idea that TPTB are doing such a contrived song and dance about parts of the world that will be livable under so-called “warming”, when what they really want to do is remove the people from the “vulnerable” areas and take them over, themselves. Can’t you just see them trying to convince the billions of people who live the warmer parts of the world to give up their space for a pittance, only to see the elite take them over at the point of a bayonet?

    Won’t those so-called “vulnerable” (warm) parts of the globe actually still be livable without extraordinary infrastructure in the event of an ice age?

    1. I think you’re seeing clearly. During an ice age, I would expect the temperatures in those areas to remain pretty much the same as today.

  4. Australia’s Climate Change skeptic Prime Minister Tony Abbott overthrown,replaced by Pro-Climate Change Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker.

    A direct quote from the new PM :

    “Climate change is a global problem. The planet is warming because of the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. If this trend continues, truly catastrophic consequences are likely to ensue from rising sea levels, to reduced water availability, to more heat waves and fires.” — Malcolm Turnbull

    The writing was already on the wall for Abbott.He had to go before the Climate conference.

    “A year after scrapping laws putting a price on carbon, Australia’s ruling conservative coalition is facing rising heat over its stance on greenhouse-gas emissions ahead of global climate talks scheduled for later this year.”WSJ

  5. ” If your winter has been brutally cold in Tokyo or Toledo in recent years, you can thank global warming in the Arctic, a new study suggests.”

    & thus,Ladies & Gents,the last desperate defense of the AGW Lobby begins.

    They did test this during the “polar vortex” of 2013-2014.But now its backed by ‘studies’ (& just in time for the climate change conference)

    So now when you are neck deep in snow & your city runs out of grit,you can blame AGW.

  6. CO2 is the most toxic poison,but heavy metals such as Arsenic & cadmium are no big deal,just a minor inconvenience.At least thats the way the EPA appears to think,judging by how much effort is being put into cleaning up the latest catastrophe theyre directly responsible for.The polluted water,tainted a sickly yellowish-orange due to the large concentration of pollutants,is only “as acidic as black coffee” according to the EPA.

    Doesnt exactly fill you with confidence knowing these guys would be solely responsible for carbon emission guidelines & ultimately deciding what type of fuels are used in the coming decades.

  7. Robert,
    I’ve been a student of the forests for many years and have a “sawmill.” Though not a professor with science credentials, I found the following on the Smithsonian…In other words, C02 is causing trees to grow faster…I know by experience, if you look at a tree’s growth rate, it is attributable on 2 things only! The amount of WATER (rain) and the nutrient in soil. You will enjoy this global warming/climate change article:

  8. As the “hottest year ever” rolls on,Scotland braces for icy weather in July in a summer which has seen some of the heaviest rains on record.

    “Yes, it may be summer… But brace yourselves for an icy blast coming Scotland’s way”

    Perhaps NOAA should take some inspiration for its “hottest year ever” advisories from the title of the article as summers get even chillier in the years ahead.They would probably go something along the lines of :

    “Its still the hottest year ever,just try & avoid freezing to death from the icy summer weather we’re having.”

  9. Hi, I am new here. It looks like a great site. I did read the book Dark Winter recently, but not the one featured here.

    I wanted to ask a speculative practical question. I live in NJ with a small greenhouse and am able to start things early and get an abundant harvest early. I’ve been seeing many young folks get interested in gardening and am helping them out. John Casey’s estimate that we will lose 3 weeks at each end of the growing season does not bother me personally, although I realize that our entire tier of northern states and Canada will need to change seed varieties and food price hikes will affect us all.

    Is that what you are predicting here? Shorter seasons? Or are you expecting the sorts of scenarios that Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about in Farmer Boy, where in upstate NY they had a freeze the fourth of July? Are you predicting major crop losses from actual freezes mid season for NJ ( zone 6b now), or just shorter seasons? If the former, should I be thinking about starting to stash up on row covers and protection that could keep a garden safe as low as 25-22 f or so? Or are you predicting far worse in NJ? Thanks for any thoughts.

  10. I haven’t seen much recent information on ICE AGE NOW about the concentration of atmospheric CO2.
    So I thought I’d let you know that while looking for greenhouse equipment today I came across a website (provided) about controlling CO2 for optimum growth of plants and it got me thinking. Basically plants grow best at 1000-1500ppm. Higher concentrations of CO2 like this are actually good for plant growth and of course world food production.

    Plants will consume CO2 in an unventilated greenhouse until a shortage of CO2 limits their growth. Many plants will not grow at all when the levels of atmospheric CO2 become less than 150ppm.

    As a geologist I am also familiar with the fact that CO2 in the atmosphere has never been constant. It was dramatically reduced from several thousand ppm to a few hundred during the colonization of the land by plants between 400 and 300 million years ago, during what we call the Devonian and Carboniferous periods. Plant growth was prolific and like in the modern unventilated greenhouse this contributed to the reduction in CO2. Then around 300 million years ago during the Late Carboniferous / Permian periods a severe ice age occurred lasting 20-30 million years. Was this ice age caused by low CO2 levels??

    Right now we are towards then end of a brief interglacial in the middle of the latest ice age that only began 2-4 million years ago, so there may be a long way to go yet before it really gets warmer again! The start of the current ice age also coincided with historically low levels of CO2. Was this once again cause and effect? With 1000 to 2000 ppm CO2 prior to the latest ice age, it was nice and warm everywhere and rainfall was plentiful. So why are we risking another advance of the ice and continuation of the current ice age when we could lift CO2 to higher levels, secure a warmer, wetter climate for all and encourage more plant growth.

    Ah but then alarmist will say – what about the acidification of the oceans and death of corals? The answer to that is look once again to the geological record. In this you will also discover that at the same time as CO2 levels were between 6000 and 7000 ppm some 500 plus million years ago in the Cambrian period, this was also a time of major coral reef production in many places around the world. Cambrian limestone is very common!

  11. Hello Robert,

    After having endured years of pro-agw/climate change propaganda from the msm,it was a surreal experience reading an article beginning with the following paragraph :

    “Fast Retailing Co. fell by the most in more than a year after the apparel retailer raised doubt about meeting sales targets for Uniqlo sales in Japan, saying unseasonably cool weather has damped demand for summer clothes.”

    I guess business news isnt too heavily vetted for facts discrediting agw.

    Can you imagine the hysterics by the media if this story had been about damped demand for winter clothes? There was so much hype about a ‘heat wave’ in Japan in May,along with the usual hottest year ever mantra,yet this article providing hard facts will be totally ignored.

    Thought you would find this interesting


  12. Irregular heartbeat of the Sun driven by double dynamo

    Looking ahead to the next solar cycles, the model predicts that the pair of waves become increasingly offset during Cycle 25, which peaks in 2022. During Cycle 26, which covers the decade from 2030-2040, the two waves will become exactly out of synch and this will cause a significant reduction in solar activity.

    “In cycle 26, the two waves exactly mirror each other – peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the Sun. Their interaction will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other. We predict that this will lead to the properties of a ‘Maunder minimum’,” said Zharkova. “Effectively, when the waves are approximately in phase, they can show strong interaction, or resonance, and we have strong solar activity. When they are out of phase, we have solar minimums. When there is full phase separation, we have the conditions last seen during the Maunder minimum, 370 years ago.”

  13. Hello Robert

    There are fresh great news about dino Soft Tissue found in the bones.
    Here are two links to inspect more

    Darwinist-Marxist Source:
    Creation Source:

    It is time to recalculate these ages based on real observations and experimental results.
    And here is great vid about The Origin of Earth’s Radioactivity ( it is used to calculate age)

    Thanks Robert for great

  14. First thought’s were WHAAATTTT???? Comes as no surprise, remember we are headed into Winter down here. Most interesting reading even so, someone somewhere has got this global warming seriously muddled up, or they are downright lying to us. Fraud – Legally, would be worth exploring, what about people who have spent money changing their circumstances because we have been told we are warming.

  15. Dear Robert,
    Could I trouble you for your take on this Planet X/Nibiru star system arrival controversy? It would seem to offer much “cause & effect” insight into the uptick in worldwide geologic events and dove-tail into both J.L. Casey’s & your analysis.
    I speak of the YouTube accessible photography & Zecharia Sitchin’s book “12th Planet” {Which I’ve yet to acquire}. Thank-you for your work by the way.
    Best Regards

  16. What is the background of the earthquakes in Canton, MS.? I do not ever reading about earthquakes in central Mississippi. Thanks.

  17. SEVEN factories collapsed, football matches were halted, power cut and roads turned into rivers after Sydney was smashed by a freak hail and snow storm today.


    A booming cold system which formed over the southwest slopes and the Blue Mountains hit the western suburbs mid-afternoon before its destructive winds and hail turned streets into snow fields.

    More than 50cm of hail dumped on parts of western Sydney, with kids making snow men, sliding on cardboard boxes and throwing balls of ice.

    VIDEO –

    Newslink with Pix:

    1. Hi Ant, My webmaster suggests that you try clearing your cache. That seems to be helping anyone who isn’t able to view the website properly. Sorry for what you’re going through.

  18. Did someone hack the website! The content on the displayed page now completely off center and flush to the left.

    1. Google announced that any website that was not mobile friendly as of April 23 would go to the bottom of their search engine, so I updated the website to a new theme for that reason. It seems to be working for most people, but not all. One reader is getting an entirely black screen. I will ask my webmaster what can be done.

  19. Question: I was flying over the Tip of Greenland and St John’s Island. There appeared to be large ice bergs and floating ice. It covered a huge area south of each location. What was I looking at from 35,000 feet


  20. Hello Robert,

    Before, I saw the header titles across the top, assorted adverts or whatever down each side and the content summaries started immediately under the titles.

    Now, I see a much simplified banner across the top, a list of useful things down the left side which takes up a full screen on this admittedly elderly desktop and then the content summaries, albeit better spaced out than before but that’s not a complaint, compactness is good!

    I scrolled right down this time, found all the previous side-content in a row down the centre of the sctreen. So I suspect that something isn’t laying itself out correctly but I don’t know. Ok before, not now, and most other websites are ok. All Java etc is enabled.

    Regards Ant

  21. Hello Robert,

    I read your site virtually ever day – a great site.

    But – sorry! – the “upgrade” it’s just received means I have to scroll down considerably to see if it’s been updated, or a new page displayed. Not very user-friendly…

    Best wishes, Ant in the UK, England even. Just above where the glaciers ended last time, too old to worry about next time!

    1. I upgraded it in order to make it mobile friendly. It looks almost the same to me from this end as it did before. What is it on your end that you do not like? Maybe I can “fix” it.

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