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  1. Hello Robert

    There are fresh great news about dino Soft Tissue found in the bones.
    Here are two links to inspect more

    Darwinist-Marxist Source:
    Creation Source:

    It is time to recalculate these ages based on real observations and experimental results.
    And here is great vid about The Origin of Earth’s Radioactivity ( it is used to calculate age)

    Thanks Robert for great

  2. First thought’s were WHAAATTTT???? Comes as no surprise, remember we are headed into Winter down here. Most interesting reading even so, someone somewhere has got this global warming seriously muddled up, or they are downright lying to us. Fraud – Legally, would be worth exploring, what about people who have spent money changing their circumstances because we have been told we are warming.

  3. Dear Robert,
    Could I trouble you for your take on this Planet X/Nibiru star system arrival controversy? It would seem to offer much “cause & effect” insight into the uptick in worldwide geologic events and dove-tail into both J.L. Casey’s & your analysis.
    I speak of the YouTube accessible photography & Zecharia Sitchin’s book “12th Planet” {Which I’ve yet to acquire}. Thank-you for your work by the way.
    Best Regards

  4. What is the background of the earthquakes in Canton, MS.? I do not ever reading about earthquakes in central Mississippi. Thanks.

  5. SEVEN factories collapsed, football matches were halted, power cut and roads turned into rivers after Sydney was smashed by a freak hail and snow storm today.


    A booming cold system which formed over the southwest slopes and the Blue Mountains hit the western suburbs mid-afternoon before its destructive winds and hail turned streets into snow fields.

    More than 50cm of hail dumped on parts of western Sydney, with kids making snow men, sliding on cardboard boxes and throwing balls of ice.

    VIDEO –

    Newslink with Pix:

    1. Hi Ant, My webmaster suggests that you try clearing your cache. That seems to be helping anyone who isn’t able to view the website properly. Sorry for what you’re going through.

  6. Did someone hack the website! The content on the displayed page now completely off center and flush to the left.

    1. Google announced that any website that was not mobile friendly as of April 23 would go to the bottom of their search engine, so I updated the website to a new theme for that reason. It seems to be working for most people, but not all. One reader is getting an entirely black screen. I will ask my webmaster what can be done.

  7. Question: I was flying over the Tip of Greenland and St John’s Island. There appeared to be large ice bergs and floating ice. It covered a huge area south of each location. What was I looking at from 35,000 feet


  8. Hello Robert,

    Before, I saw the header titles across the top, assorted adverts or whatever down each side and the content summaries started immediately under the titles.

    Now, I see a much simplified banner across the top, a list of useful things down the left side which takes up a full screen on this admittedly elderly desktop and then the content summaries, albeit better spaced out than before but that’s not a complaint, compactness is good!

    I scrolled right down this time, found all the previous side-content in a row down the centre of the sctreen. So I suspect that something isn’t laying itself out correctly but I don’t know. Ok before, not now, and most other websites are ok. All Java etc is enabled.

    Regards Ant

  9. Hello Robert,

    I read your site virtually ever day – a great site.

    But – sorry! – the “upgrade” it’s just received means I have to scroll down considerably to see if it’s been updated, or a new page displayed. Not very user-friendly…

    Best wishes, Ant in the UK, England even. Just above where the glaciers ended last time, too old to worry about next time!

    1. I upgraded it in order to make it mobile friendly. It looks almost the same to me from this end as it did before. What is it on your end that you do not like? Maybe I can “fix” it.

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