1,000-foot freighters stuck in the ice

Coast Guard ships from the U.S. and Canada were called on to free two huge freighters stuck in the ice near the eastern edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula yesterday.

They were the second and third freighters that had to be helped out of that area this week.

At last check, all three freighters had been freed from the ice.


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10 thoughts on “1,000-foot freighters stuck in the ice”

  1. well golly gosh ..all that warm ocean and arctic ice melting..is it?
    or will they try it slipped down a bit cos of the heat;-0 up nth?

  2. I wonder if anybody can tell us a bout Shipping Rates and Delivery Times for various cargoes?

    And what are shipping contracts saying about NEXT winter? Any contingencies? Any new clauses in a contract about delivery dates?

    • Sorry, can’t tell you any longer about that GC.
      I no longer have that access . . .I know that most folks don’t think about it until something happens, like the ship with your container catches fire, has to be abandoned and then waiting almost a year to get your goods back into your custody because of salvage laws, insurance claims times etc.
      Or when someone puts a large, expensive bit of machinery onto the wrong container and it goes to Saudi Arabia instead of Malaysia, so it is cheaper to build another in the US, ship it to the right place, instead of trying to arrange shipping from the Saud to Malaysia.
      Or when you order something back-ordered but on its way via container and the ship turns up a few days late, then when the container clears customs, and finally gets to the warehouse, you check and they are off-loading and will get it ASAP, then it turns out your parts were given that same oops shipping and were not in the container as per the Bill Of Lading, so you wait even longer for the bits coming from Germany (though those came via air mail, so it wasn’t another month)

  3. Been well below zero around here (south west cost of the U.P) but the water in the Green Bay is still somewhat open. Got so cold, the battery for my motorcycle froze even though it is in a garage and not fully subjected to the -15f or so we been having over nights.
    Supposedly it was a snowmobile capable battery, so one would hope it was better protected from freeze.

  4. By the way, loved the book, Not by Fire, but by Ice! However, no facts can ever convince the AGW true believers. Actual visual, visceral proof doesn’t touch them at all. They “know” what they think they know!
    I see no real hope for the world when verifiable facts mean nothing to the believers. They would rather freeze in the dark and bring the rest of us with them than alter their views. I do not begin the new year with optimism. Still, Happy New Year everyone!

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