Adelaide shivers through coldest May morning in almost 100 years

For some reason, the headlined that it was the coldest May morning in Melbourne in 70 years. You have to read almost to the bottom of the article before finding that it was the coldest May morning in Adelaide since 1927.



It was a frosty morning across southeast Australia, with many inland places plunging well below zero and Adelaide dipping to 3.5C — the equal coldest May morning since 1927.

Meanwhile, Melbourne shivered through its coldest May morning in more than 70 years, the Bureau of Meteorology said on Sunday.

Temperatures fell to 1.7C, which is the lowest for the city since mid last century.

The BOM posted to Twitter on Sunday saying, “if you are less than 71 years and 364 days old, it is the coldest May Melbourne morning in your lifetime.”

It was the coldest May morning since 1949. But the coldest on record was May 29 in 1916 when temperatures plummeted to -1.1C.

Now remember, this was not just for the date, but for the entire month.

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5 thoughts on “Adelaide shivers through coldest May morning in almost 100 years”

  1. same day rural temps were lower and unmentioned my place was -1.3
    and then throw in the UHI effect for adelaide and melb keeping both at least 2C warmer than otherwise…
    if that happened this monday it would have been more near natural(sort of) as the entire damned STATE is in lockdown AGAIN since the thursday of last week GRRRRR

  2. In country Victoria, two hours from Melbourne, we had -5C on the morning of the 31st May. We also had a couple of -3s, a -4, some -1s during the month of May. It was autumn, not winter ( which I have always thought of as starting c. 21st of June, not the 1st, as favoured by the BOM.

  3. Adelaide’s weather in 2021 has been unremarkable apart from that brief cool bit, to be fair (no pun intended). It’s been dry and mild, boringly so.

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