Another “Ship Of Fools” Runs Into 10-foot-Thick Ice

Wish versus reality. Ice almost three times thicker than same time last year.

This echoes last week’s failed attempt by the Norwegian icebreaker Kronprins Haakon, which was headed for the North Pole. It was forced to turn back by way more ice than expected.

19 July 2019 – “Our German skeptic friend Snowfan here keeps us up to date on the latest “Ship of Fools” attempt to travel across an Arctic that is supposed to be ice-free by now,” writes P Gosselin.

Image fromShip-Tracker ODEN  Snowfan

“The latest “Ship of Fools” episode this year is an attempt by the Swedish ice breaker ODEN, which hopes to get through. Unfortunately conditions so far this summer have not been as favorable as they hoped, Snowfan reports:

This year Arctic sea ice in the area of interest on July 14 is (unexpectedly) thicker than it was last year at the same time, and a heck of a lot more than what some climate models and Al Gore projected a bit more than 10 years ago:

In Lancaster Sound and the Barrow Strait (eastern access point to the NW-Passage) sea ice in mid July 2019 is up to 3 meters (about 10 ft) thick, i.e. 2 meters thicker than in mid-July 2018! Source: DMI Arctic Sea Ice Thickness. Larger image: here.

“Over the last ten years Arctic ice volume has even rebounded slightly and if that trend continues, as some expect, the global warming alarmist may never get another chance to get through,” says Gosselin. “Last year failed.”

Wasn’t the Arctic supposed to be ice free by now?

The latest on ODEN, according to CruiseMapper, is that it is currently well off course. Snowfan writes:

In the night of July 19, 2019, the Ship of Fools has deviated far from its planned route southeast of Coburg Island and is positioned this morning west of this island. We await with suspense to see if the climate fools will overcome the thick ice on July 20, 2019 and arrive on time in Pond Inlet.

Zweiter Versuch: Klimapropaganda-Eisbrecher mit Klimanarren in der Nordwestpassage

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22 thoughts on “Another “Ship Of Fools” Runs Into 10-foot-Thick Ice”

  1. Underneath, I think the drive to go there is to “prove” that there is no ice.
    Then they can spend the winter “dining out” on stories about “ice free” and how concerning it is.
    This was the case a few years ago when a tourist ship was heading to the Antarctic. And got iced in.
    And the bookings were likely made some years in advance.
    When will they learn?

  2. I still have numb brained old girl friend chiding me about how I can still believe that “climate change”, propaganda for “climate alarmism”, is not real!! (not all women are numb brained – many men are)

  3. meanwhile the ship of fools namesake turkey turneys just got himself a plum job advising some other climate scam down in aus
    truly amazing how these gormless idiots manage to not only keep a job but get others after proving themselves to be irresponsible and risking the entire crew staff and the ship they were on!

  4. Too bad they return, like there are not enough fools already.
    Getting stuck a few months in the ice may have make them a little more knowledgeable. Just a little touch with reality may not be enough; it could be just “bad luck”

  5. Plus looks like a pretty strong trough settling just north of the Canadian Provinces this week with chilly temperatures. (for late July)

  6. Very amusing. While Al gore did say all the ice would be gone by the summer of 2014, he got that prediction from the IPCC who if I remember correctly, predicted 2013/2014.

  7. I think it is just a matter of time: soon the entire pile of lies will fall under the weight of facts.

  8. Sadly, I don’t think they really care if they are proven correct or not. So many are making a killing promoting this ideology, their religion. Do you really think in ten, twenty, thirty years when this is finally disproved as garbage non-science; Al Gore will give a hoot. Trillions of dollars are being made by these peddlers. Their goal of societal, political and economic change will have already been accomplished. That is why it is so important to their effort to shut down any dissenting voices before they have accomplished their goals. Robert, may you continue to persevere!

  9. Doesn’t the fact that they’re using an “ice breaker” to try to get through mean anything at all to these delusional people?

  10. Snowfall amounts remind me of the winter in northern hemisphere. Especially Europe. I wonder what next winter will be like? Imagine all the flooding around the world being snow. That would bring our “just in time” delivery of groceries to a halt.

  11. It is somewhat amusing how we sit and chuckle over things like this, wondering how these “fools” can continue finding the funds to be stupid. Yet we really don’t affect anyone since probably the only people that come here are already believers.

    The MSM, on the other hand, won’t listen to us at all, but fill the fools with all the eco trash they can. It is a sad thing to say, but Mother Nature had better get her shit together and soon, and bring on the big freeze in order to save at least part of the world’s population of what the elitists would call “useless eaters.” If she doesn’t, they will have their way and destroy the integrity of the electric grid, and a later “cold snap” will bring it down and freeze far more to death.

    Really sad, isn’t it, when you say “Ice age? Bring it on for the sake of saving humanity,” knowing full well that when it happens billions will die either way. But it might be possible to save civilization as we know it, if it happens sooner.

  12. What did the one climate change scientist say to the other when their boast got stuck? “My computer models say this is not ice.”

    Please God, oh please, send in the polar bears now.

  13. Wall St Journal of 12 June says”China Moves Into Arctic Shipping” “The ice extent across Russia’s Siberian coast has been steadily decreasing over the past decade, opening up new shipping routes” Source: National Snow and Ice Data Center based on NASA satellite imagery. Does anyone have information on this?

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