Astrophysicist – Mini Ice Age is now accelerating – Important video

Contrary to what the politicians are trying to foist on you, a new mini ice age – a new Maunder Minimum – has already started. 

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn

“We are plunging now into a deep mini ice age,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn. “And there is no way out.”

For the next 20 years it’s going to get colder and colder on average, says Corbyn.

The jet stream will be wilder. There will be more wild temperature changes, more hail events, more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events, more snow in winters, lousy summers, late springs, short autumns, and more and more crop failures.

“Carbon dioxide levels do not have any impact – I repeat, any impact – on climate,” says Piers. “The CO2 theory is wrong from the start.”

“The fact is the sun rules the sea temperature, and the sea temperature rules the climate.”

“The basic message is that the sun is controlling the climate, primarily via the sea.”

The new mini ice age began around 2013

“What we have happening – NOW! – is the start of the mini ice age…it began around 2013. It’s a slow start, and now the rate of moving into the mini ice age is accelerating.”

“The best thing to do now is to tell your politicians to stop believing nonsense, and to stop doing silly measures like the bird-killing machines of wind farms in order to save the planet (they say), but get rid of all those things, which cost money, and reduce electricity prices now.

“Evidence shows that man-made climate change does not exist and the arguments for it are not based on science but on data fraud and a conspiracy theory of nature,” says Piers on his website.

“The world is now cooling not warming and there is no observational evidence in the thousands and millions of years of data that changes in CO2 have any observable effect on weather or climate in the real world.”



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  1. Hopefully Piers will evacuate England before the major cold sets in. Hold Mr. Corbyn in the highest regards. Put back a lot of seed that will germinate after harvest! God speed, and hopefully some leaders across the globe will put some kind of measures in place for survival of communities.

  2. Readers of this site know that a mini ice age or global cooling will be blamed on “man-made climate change.” All the cowardly scientists, politicians and enviro-whackos will soon be saying, “see we told you so.” And they will continue their calls for the complete destruction of our hydocarbon based society which has brought such great prosperity, innovation and comfort to so many, because their endgame is not to save the planet, it is to rule the world, even if it means culling the herd. That is how the “elites” see the rest of us: as cattle. Whoever is controlling the levers of civilization behind the scenes wants this planet and its resources all to their own. I guess nothing is new under the sun.

  3. They are saying there is a chance of a southern snowstorm this coming weekend for the southeast! Now December snow isn’t unheard of but if we have another repeat of last year it will be highly unusual. So this could become our new norm if a ice age gets underway!

  4. I am tired of the BBC putting out endless reports from the UN and groups of climate scientists warning of catastrophic global warming, like they did yesterday from Poland, and criticizing Poland’s coal mining industry for producing so much CO2, instead praising solar panels as a viable alternative. This attitude is making electricity and gas so expensive that many people will die of hypothermia when the increasingly severe winters strike.

    • There really is nothing wrong with generating electricity from solar.

      What is wrong is forcing the uptake by subsidizing it.

      The fact is no-one would knowingly pay the high cost of solar without the benefits of a high feed in tariff. Even the idiotic adopters of battery systems are unlikely to see them pay for themselves. Those who missed the high feed in tariffs and are still installing have some unpleasant surprises awaiting them.

  5. “more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events” ??? What has this to do with the weather ? This Words destroys the rest of the article!

    • Excessive earthquakes and volcanoes are as much a part of a grand solar minimum as are cooling temperatures and crop losses!
      The reduction in the suns magnetic field has a direct affect on the earth and its affects will be massive.
      Look up john casey on YouTube or just type in gsm!

    • Believe it or not, there does seem to be a correlation between the cold weather and more earthquakes and volcanoes (the volcanoes erupting then tends to worsen the cold weather globally). John Casey did some interesting research into this in his book “Upheaval.” Worth a read if you have the time.

    • The hypothesis is that changes in the interaction between the Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields affects plate tectonics.

      Supposedly, as I understand the argument, even small changes in this interaction can have large effects on the “equilibrium” of the immense forces continuously “torturing” the Earth’s crust.

      I could be wrong but I believe this is the assertion and electricity and magnetism are powerful.

      • Intuitively, one must see that what keeps this glowing coal we are riding on aglow is not the irradiance of the sun nor its heat output, but the electromagnetic field it produces. Then, as the magnetic field pulsates, so does this glowing coal pulsate. And the thin crust on top of it is thusly tortured and stressed.
        That’s my theory.

    • There does appear to be a correlation between large earthquake and volcanic events and solar activity – that is why has an iPhone app that warns of potential earthquakes in given areas during specific solar events – coronal holes, I believe. Interesting to see you willing to disbelieve an embryo science simply because you have never actually looked at what it offers. Corbyn’s weather prediction business has a lot of commercial followers, so I rather suspect he has a good handle on weather. Remember, Weather isn’t climate, but climate is weather over a long period of time, and no matter what else, if you turn the furnace down – solar output dips – the house (earth) cools down as well.

    • Has everything to do with it. Waning electro magnetospheres of the sun lead to waning electro magnetospheres of Earth’s and with increased cosmic ready influx, they activate en masse The sub sub-atomic particles, called muons, in the magma, hence the over twice the average of currently erupting volcanoes. Asking with that, cosmic ray flux leads to cloud nucleation. These are direct cause and effect facts that have been proven. You can look it up yourself.

    • The sun controls the weather not through heat or lack thereof, it does so through it’s electromagnetic connection to the earth. This is also true about earthquakes. There is a lot of evidence that this is the case. Read up on the electric universe theory and look up ‘Ben Davidson’ from suspicious observers. The dude built an earthquake prediction app based on this theory. It’s scarily accurate.

    • Don’t mock something you have never studied or have no idea about.

      Rather than insulting those who have spent their entire lives STUDYING the known relations between Volcanoes and Earthquakes and the actions of the SUN, why not learn something on your own.

      Spend a few weeks before you make a fool of yourself.

    • From what I’ve read, changes in the solar & earth’s magnetic fields and in the solar wind affects the magma…makes it more active so to speak.
      The energetic magma then affects the movements of the tectonic plates and volcanic activity.

  6. Daft as it may seem , back in the late 1960`s when I went to Grammer School , we were taught about the “next ” ice age , and that it would probably be in my lifetime . I`m now 64 years old . If we were being taught about it then – long before climate change got going – how come scientists still don`t want to believe it ?

  7. SO,,, where was everybody, back in
    the 90’s when stalwart geologists & a
    few others were saying, NO to the phony “hockey stick,, NO to CO2
    cause,, NO to anthropogenic input as a major climate driver.????
    Why did it take so long for the
    forecasted MINIMUM to hit other” scientists” between the eyes???

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    One hundredth frost at the top of the mountain range, for the first time in 64 years of data we have frost from January to December in the same year! Photo by Mycchel Legnaghi.

  10. Well, obviously this scientist is in the ozone layer. C02 levels in the atmosphere have a direct correlation with temperatures on Earth and Venus! Its called the Greenhouse Effect, and it is responsible for living conditions on earth. And the higher the C02 levels the higher the temps. THE KEELING CURVE! Just look at the melting ice and abberant weather. This scientist hasnt done his research or looked out the window! The Maunder Minimum has very little connection(sunspot cycle)with to worlwide AGW and GHG s according to all of the world’s scientists(IPCC) is directly responsible for climate change. Historically in the past, the C02 Levels have been shown to be directly responsible for climate change! The Permian and Devonian and Ordovician Extinctions all had extreme heating in atmosphere and may have been in part, been caused by High C02 LEVELS!

    • I disagree with almost all of what you say but I will concentrate on one simple point.

      “C02 levels in the atmosphere have a direct correlation with temperatures on Earth and Venus! Its called the Greenhouse Effect, and it is responsible for living conditions on earth.”

      Firstly the “Greenhouse Effect” is based on the idea that the sunlight heats the ground and IR from the ground heats the air.

      This happens because the atmosphere is transparent to the Sun’s radiation but not to the Earth’s IR.

      But Venus’ atmosphere is `92 times the size of Earth’s in terms of mass, about 96% of which is CO2 and completely surrounded by sulphuric acid clouds which reflect about 80% of the Sun’s light – Venus is one of the brightest objects in the night sky.

      NO sunlight reaches the surface of Venus as witnessed by the fact that any images are not visible light photographs but radar images.

      If no light reaches Venus’ surface then the can be no “Greenhouse Effect” on Venus and hence 50% of your argument is proven wrong.

      “Earth receives energy from the Sun in the form of ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared radiation. About 26% of the incoming solar energy is reflected to space by the atmosphere and clouds, and 19% is absorbed by the atmosphere and clouds. Most of the remaining energy is absorbed at the surface of Earth. Because the Earth’s surface is colder than the Sun, it radiates at wavelengths that are much longer than the wavelengths that were absorbed. Most of this thermal radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and warms it. ”

      This does NOT happen on Venus because none of the sun’s radiation reaches the surface let alone 55% of it and therefore there is NO “Greenhouse Effect” on Venus.

    • Ok, sheeple, go ahead and believe everything that the experts tells you. They are always right, don’t you know….

    • “C02 levels in the atmosphere have a direct correlation with temperatures on Earth and Venus! ”

      A total falsehood you are feeding us. During the 20th century, when we have direct measurements of both temperature and CO2 levels, the correlation has been calculated to be zero. Over longer time periods, we must rely on proxy data, which is necessarily more approximate, but even the highest correlation I have seen is only 030, considered a weak correlation because it explains only 9% of the variance. In contrast, galactic cosmic ray exposure has a correlation with temperatures on earth of over 0.90 (Svensmark), explaining an astounding 81% of the variance in temperature.

    • “Just look at the melting ice”. Google “Snow Cover Northern Hemisphere/Climate 4 You “. Greenland for instance is already 100% snow covered after several mild melting seasons. No long-term ice melting is evident on the various graphs.

      As for the “greenhouse effect”, it is only applicable in a closed system (e.g. a closed car), where heated air cannot rise and escape. The atmosphere is not a closed system. Have you ever observed the phenomenon known as “wind”? Convection is far more important than radiation in distributing heat in the atmosphere.

      “The Permian etc,……MAY have been …caused by high CO2 levels”. You are obviously not a geologist. During geological times CO2 was far higher than at present and did not cause catastrophic heat.

      “abberant weather”. That was characteristic immediately after the Medieval Warm Period (peaking ca 1200AD). It heralded centuries of COOLING towards the Little Ice Age which troughed during the mid-19th century.

  11. It has to be send to CNN and Rede Globo, here in Brasil, to verify whether they are capable of stopping their nonsense attitude.

  12. Wow head up your ass totally wrong. What a joke. Don’t you notice the Fires, Droughts, Hurricanes and the record tempertures everywhere? Surely you can see the thick air filled at times with pollution from the Power plants,Automobiles, Jet airliners, and trucks. The FACT that Venus has 9% CO2 and is 800 degress for God’s sake doesn’t let your obvious Corporate bought mind see the real possibility of Mankinds effect on the planets atmosphere? True the Sun is in a minimum cycle but the ice is melting still! When the cycle returns to maximum all you wealthy Big Oil folks will probably not have a planet to abuse anymore. Sad really sad. Wakeup people

    • Michael did you ever take a basic astronomy class. You may have learned that Venus is almost 30million miles closer to the big fusion reactor in the sky and 96% of it’s atmosphere is CO2 vs .04% for Earth.

    • I see Robert that the AGW trolls have been coming out from there undergrounds likey because this site has set off a nerve in some of these folks.and can not stand the fact that this site differs from there aginda at hand.

    • Some places do experience dryer weather climate doing ice age cycles and the ice melt is not because of humans but what Robert has been discussing here and in his books ocean warming likey from underwater volcanos.what really sad is how lost the facts truely are in the whole debate due to the agindas.

    • Wow !

      There were never any fires in the past ?

      You can’t see the CO2 “pollution” from the power plants – what you see in nearly all of those photos is water vapour from cooling towers – CO2 is invisible. Sure the Chinese have NOT fitted modern anti pollution equipment as they should to their older plants.

      Venus does not have 9% CO2 – it is ~96 % !

      Venus is NOT 800° – it is ~464°C !

      Venus’ temperature is consistent with the value calculated by the Ideal Gas Law and has nothing to do with any “Greenhouse Effect” !! Calculate it yourself if you have the intelligence to do so, which I doubt- the data is freely available from NASA’s Planetary Fact Sheets !

      You really should fact check before opening your mouth to change feet !

    • “Wow head up your ass totally wrong. What a joke. Don’t you notice the Fires, Droughts, Hurricanes and the record tempertures everywhere?”

      Okay, one at a time:

      Fires: worst fires in US history happened in the 1880’s, not today, and the severity of today’s fires is due to mismanagement and arson, not globull warming.

      Droughts: *much* worse droughts during the Little Ice Age. In fact, both the lost colony of Roanoke and Jamestown, which barely survived, were founded during the worst North American droughts in hundreds of years. There were severe droughts in other parts of the world during the LIA as well.

      Hurricanes: since globull warming propaganda became hysterical starting in the 1990’s, total hurricane activity has been unexceptional by any standard compared with earlier historical periods.

      Record temperatures: inventor Lee Wheelbarger looked up the recent record highs and record lows reported around the world and discovered that new record lows outnumbered new record highs by more than 10 to 1.

  13. You had me until he said that there would be more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I’m not sure how the lack of sunspots or the the sun’s energy output leads to more volcanic activity or earthquakes.

    • And there haven’t been more Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in recent decades ?

      Seriously ?

      Fukishima anyone ?

    • That is incorrect brad. Jimbob has stated it before here many times that there is a real connection between very low solar cycles – especially grand min solar cycles – and a pick up in Volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes, so you need to re read and research this more.

  14. I pointed out this geologically obvious possibility in a paper requested for the Scottish Parliament over 15 years ago. I think only 2 people read it before it disappeared. The ‘argument’ had just been ‘lost’ democratically. Dodgy models and vested interests had trumped data. However, back in the 1960s we had expected the next glaciation. Subsequent ice cores support that view.
    It is corrupt to base research funding on censorship and lobbying. It is better to take a balanced view based on all available, relevant data. Our main problems are ignorance, arrogance, corruption and stupidity. Ice might cool our hubris.

    • Back in the 1970’s there was some concern about a new major glaciation and how to deal with it. It was something the Canadian Armed Forces was interested in at the time and I know this to be true because my father was in the air force at the time and he brought the subject up one evening with myself and my brothers.

      To be fair to the scientists at the time no one has ever studied and kept records of the onset of a major glaciation so up to now all that is possible beyond observation and record keeping is educated guesses based on field research done using core samples from oceans, ice sheets, glacial deposits and pollen trapped in pond sediments. Oh yes there are plenty of theories about how orbits and solar physics influence the ice age cycle. The thing is all these theories and observations of physical evidence have yet to be tested by future events beyond what has been observed during little ice ages. Once we see the Milankovitch cycles or electric sun in action combined with a major glaciation then we can know for sure if any of these theories is a law or just a hypothesis.

      Providing that our occult PC establishment doesn’t do something to end honest science altogether perhaps we might be able to study and keep proper records as the next glaciation sets in so that we will know what to look for and how the process really works. We didn’t get the chance 125,000 years ago…..

      • Great write up steven and do agree with your thoughts here that we are just beginning to really understand how these climate cycles realty as a speaces we are still very much new here on earth.these cycles have been going on well before us man was even brought onto Earth these cycles arnt anything new to the Earth but they are new to us in a relative since.

  15. OK campers, rise and shine. And don’t forget your booties. Because it’s cold out there today. It’s cold out there every day.

    • Indeed it is. Winter like conditions came to Barrie Ontario right around remembrance day and this morning we had some snow. In fact the weather ranges from rain and above
      zero temps to freezing and snow and all before the official start of winter. The jig really will be up if and when spring, summer and fall for all practical purposes occurs in June, July and August.

    • My guess is this was link up to the drudge report again it clear when it is as alot of AGW believers tend to show up lol.

  16. It seems that there are a few here who still believe in AGW?
    I suggest that you take a few hours out, go to YouTube and look up john casey, gsm, adapt2030, iceagefarmer and i am sure you will find a few others!

  17. Whether some don’t believe this argument about the maunder minima, it does present an alternative theory or hypothesis. Now it is interesting within these comments nobody has doubted that the mainder minima does exist at the very least but given that the argument in question is that the cooking will occur over the next 20 years. This is the physics of the structure of the sun we are dealing with here that controls the number of observed sunspots. For those in here not in the know, it was linked to a certain extent to the mini-ice age of the 1600s across Europe. A German physics professor suggested the same based on her studies. Now she suggests that an Astronomical Society in Zlondon asked her not to publish the paper. Why is that? How is that science?

    At least let’s check it out and see if the predictions do come to fruition. In the meanwhile, I for one am not suggesting let’s continue polluting the planet – they can be to separate entities or arguments. One should be accused of wanting the planet polluted because you are a “climate change denier” ( how insulting is that term by the way).

    By the way, there is absolutely no doubt that corruption is in play amongst the climate change ‘research’ grants. Billions have been poured in – where there is money, there is corruption. Unless a mini-ice age freezes the hell out of the climate change scientists allowing for a changed distribution of the funds, I can’t see any reasonable attempt to change the current political and scientific agenda.

    • “given that the argument in question is that the cooking will occur over the next 20 years.”

      LOL! Cooking vs. cooling, that is the question! (I am guess that cooking is a typo, but I guess either word makes sense in context.

      DENIERS: I would not mind being known as a CC denier if it were actually true, but my position is that change is the normal condition of earth’s climate and that today’s changes are not unusual or abnormal. The real deniers are people like Michael Mann who wish away both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age, pretending that the climate does not measurably change unless man is changing it. The denier label is being attached to the wrong side in this debate.

  18. time will tell There are so many meteors whizzing past Earth in the last few years .My moneys on a large meteor hitting Earth before that. You were warned about that in the Bible .Humans control nothing but their simple minds and how that person acts and behaves

  19. its funny reading some of the hysterical comments in here by the left “Global warming crowd (Govt paid shills included).
    at what stage will they learn? its a natural cycle, not man made!

    happy cooling folks, time for another log of Co2 producing firewood in the wood burner.

  20. I’m so glad to see an alternative theory for climate change in a more public forum. I have never felt that the global warming theory was accurate. I’ve always questioned how the Romans invaded the British Isles in sandals and fairly light clothing and some 1500 years later the people in the British Isles wore layers of clothing more like layers of blankets. The cherry picker scene in the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” where Al Gore rides up and up to dramatically illustrate the future rising temperatures ignored the rest of the chart which clearly showed a cyclical climate pattern. And anyone familiar with the historical events of the 500 year long Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming period before it can definitely see correlations to today’s weather events. The preparations for a coming cold period are COMPLETELY different than preparations for a coming warm period. Give people more information to decide for themselves which theory holds water and allow them to become better prepared for the future.

  21. I don’t trust my own US government to do anything right, let alone remain free from corruption, and that is why I don’t accept global warming – because the government believes and pushes the idea. GW is part of the liberal agenda and thus becomes a faith-based belief rather than hard science, which refutes GW. I automatically disbelieve anything from liberal Democrats. Republican ideas take more thinking and cannot always be dismissed immediately like the leftist mind mush.

    • Please, let’s keep this in the realm of science, not politics. Anyone with an inquisitive, open mind can look at scientific data, listen to diverse opinions and draw his or her own conclusions. I disagree with the global warming/CO2 arguments for climate change. Based on science. Not political affiliations. The people in this country HAVE GOT to stop tearing each other apart. The times ahead are going to be hard enough. We will need one another.

  22. I was reading about the ice levels in Hudson Bay. Saying they haven’t had this much ice since 93. Where I live 93 was a harsh cold snowy winter. We are also similarly having a harsh start to winter.

  23. Cosmic rays are entering our atmosphere because of the sun and its current cycle that has less sunspots which cause more radiation to enter our solar system and penetrate our atmosphere on Earth. This causes climate change among a host of other things. If they openly published this news in great detail no groceries would be left on the shelf.

  24. On Feb 13, 2018: The judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Dr Tim Ball by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

  25. For the record, Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ peer reviewed Molar Mass Version of the Ideal Gas Law (pub. December 2017) definitively refutes any possible CO2 connection to climate variations: Where Temperature T = PM/Rp, any planet’s near-surface global Temperature T equates to its Atmospheric Pressure P times Mean Molar Mass M over its Gas Constant R times Atmospheric Density p.

    Accordingly, any individual planet’s Temperature T ∝ PM/p, ie. global atmospheric surface temperature (GAST) is proportional to PM/p, converted to an equation per its Gas Constant reciprocal = 1/R. Applying Holmes’ equation to all planets in Earth’s solar system, zero error-margins attest that there is no empirical or mathematical basis for any “forced” carbon-accumulation factor (CO2) affecting Planet Earth.

    • Okaaaay but is that the only thing that has to be considered????? Vast oversimplifications like this are not helpful. It only points out that this portion of the larger equation is not the issue.

      Is the amount of energy coming from the sun significant you bet. Noone is talking about the effect of earths diminishing magnetosphere allowing a greater percentage of that energy to reach the earth.

      A solar minimum and greenhouse effects don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Seems to be a given in the minds of many here.

      Let us rather focus on exposing any skewed/falsified data. Use what is good. Pursue every effect to understand them as well as possible. Then start to understand how each effect affects the others and finally come up with our best predictions possible. This crap about polarizing in one camp and villifying all others is going to get us killed.

      Humility not arrogance is the prerequise to gain knowledge and wisdom.

  26. After reading all the odd comments from the pro warming folk… I have to ask a very simple question. When did plant feeding Co2 become the enemy? Our plant can’t support life without it. Well, not life like we know it.

    I live in California, by the big fires and have been evacuated a time or two… my opinion is that it’s the overgrowth of the forest, thanks to liberals saving the forest by outlawing logging. Droughts have always been a way of life in this state so we should take action to save the water for the lean times, not shut down the delta creating a whole new dust bowl.

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