CANDACE OWENS: Greta Thunberg Is Nothing But A Pawn For The Left

“Revealed as a young woman who is part of calculating, intentional, and contrived political apparatus.”

Here are excerpts from an article by Candace Owens entitled: “Greta Thunberg Is Nothing But A Pawn For The Left”:

“For years, the world has been led to believe that Greta Thunberg, (the 18-year-old climate activist who’d become a darling of the far-Left for her radical positions on climate change), is just an innocent child. If you believed the media’s portrayal, she was nothing but an impassioned little girl in pigtails, so scared about the future of the planet that she dropped out of school to dedicate herself fully to the environmental cause. Any person who questioned Thunberg’s remarkable rise to prominence was immediately stonewalled. After all, who would dare question the intentions of a child? In 2019, TIME magazine even named her the most influential person in the world.” 

“But this tool kit, and her “Freudian tweet,” pulled back the curtain, revealing Greta to be far from some indiscriminate, independent activist — but rather a young woman who is part of calculating, intentional, and contrived political apparatus.”

(The “tool kit” Candace is referring to?)
“Thunberg was being taken to task by citizens of India for a rather amusing blunder. She had accidentally tweeted out a “tool kit,” that was intended for her eyes only. The contents included a step-by-step guide instructing her to draw attention to farmer protests in India through various social media measures.

“This “tool kit,” which was not intended for public view and was quickly scrubbed from her feed, revealed specific dates that Greta was instructed to tweet and post to Instagram in an effort to inspire outrage in a country in which she does not live, regarding a cause she presumably knows little about.

“Prominent Indians were sickened by what they perceived to be a globalist effort to destabilize their country.”

“Anyone with a thinking brain figured this out long ago. But thinking brains were in short supply on the Left while Donald Trump was in office. Completely blinded by their obsession with hating Trump, any person who opposed him was quickly elevated, whether their credentials warranted such status or not. Virtually anyone ascribing to the “Orange Man Bad” philosophy was propped up, heaped with praise, and hailed as a hero, without any further analysis of their qualifications or motivations.

“And so Greta, who at times seemed more opposed to Trump than climate change itself, quickly climbed the ranks with each scathing one-liner sent the President’s way.

“This rise to prominence would be shocking if it weren’t now a routine occurrence in the Leftist echo chamber. For four years, the Left propped up any and every person willing to oppose Donald Trump, with a direct correlation seen between the fervor of their hatred and the rapidity of their climb.

“You see, the reason Greta is important isn’t because of who she is, but because of what she represents. Thunberg is the embodiment of the woke activist portrayed by the media as an up-by-the-bootstraps, ideologically pure hero. In reality, she is like so many before her — little more than a pawn in the Left’s larger game. ”

So thank you, Greta. Your tool kit has made a real difference. Just not in the way you or your co-conspirators intended.

Candace Owens is an American writer, producer, conservative commentator and the host of “Candace.”

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29 thoughts on “CANDACE OWENS: Greta Thunberg Is Nothing But A Pawn For The Left”

  1. How dare you say Saint Greta is a tool, she can see CO2 emissions going up her mom’s chimney!

    Greta’s mother describes how her daughter first became interested in environmental issues. It happened after her teacher showed a film about pollution in the ocean.

    “Greta can’t reconcile any of this with any of what she has just seen,” Ernman wrote. “She saw what the rest of us did not want to see. It was as if she could see our CO2 emissions with her naked eye.”

  2. Her parents raised her in their religion of Satanism/Baphomet… so it isn’t a surprise she was trained for this.

  3. Like a bad penny, “It” keeps showing up! I thought we threw out that “Pet Rock”! BTW: Who is pulling the strings of this puppet?

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    Jacques Attali in 1981: “We will Euthanize [process] the Old, the Weak the Useless and the Stupid” (The handicapped actor wind-up pawns are just doing their jobs and the agenda is proceeding as planned)

  5. Spot on, Candice.
    Anyone who elevates childish Greta to seriousdom, deserves the fallout she and her ilk foment.
    She is a child with zero life experience, she and her parents, that is.
    She and her ilk are clueless as to the cyclical challenges now upon us.
    And mankind has zero to do with these cycles.
    Did I say, “go Candice”?!

  6. Dostowjewski once wrote ‘men are not piano keys’. Today, we are only piano keys and this young woman was used as the introduction to that way of viewing humans.

    • Dostowjewski… pretty subtle;).

      “Nature [including despotic tyrants and eugenicists] doesn’t ask your permission; it doesn’t care about your wishes, or whether you like its laws or not. You’re [at least the cowards are] obliged to accept it as it is, and consequently all its results as well.” Fyodor D.

      No problem… we got this… some things in nature CAN be ‘adjusted’… but so far it appears that they are just doing the “necessary” for the long term “good”… everyone who gets it will just “know” when enough is enough… after the zombie apocalypse/plandemic drill.

  7. Like a bit of humor with your Greta theatre?

    Greta Thunberg – Man of the Year×337.jpg

    Greta and Mel… the “C-virus”, and climate change all wrapped up together with the “T-virus” in fake packages.

    Candace Owens: Trans People Have Mental Disorders

    Will Franken @ Comedy Unleashed – Climate Change and Greta Thunberg

    Greta’s sister helping out behind the scenes?

  8. If she is now 18, people can address her as an adult. No kid gloves any more.

    It may not be pretty but Greta Thunberg is now most definitely ‘in play’.

  9. Who owns the media? The Right. So to say Global Warming is all some kind of Woke or Left wing agenda is nonsense. I’m on the Left and I know that this misguided girl is being used but it isn’t the left that is doing it is is the right! How many Left wing Bankers, Paper owners Oil Barrens is there? Next you’ll be claiming that Elon Musk is left wing!

      • Agree, and it seems to be quite widespread. I can easily visualize my sister-in-law screeching out the above statement at the top of her lungs, face flushed red with anger, arms waving around…it’s really quite “interesting”, to say the least, to witness it firsthand.

    • The Media is owned by those families (and they are Families, not corporations) that own the Banks., through numerous intermediate corporations, etc. to hide as best they can.

      This began centuries ago. They financed wars, Socialism, Communism, etc, with the goal of owning it all through CONTROL of it all.

      They are patient. They are the leaders of the Banking class, who want to control gold and print paper notes, the Aristocracy of Old who want their land and Titles back, and a certain Religion that wants total control of “Religion”. They work together, and have, for centuries.

      This information is available for those who have eyes to see.

    • As they say, ignorance is bliss. If you want you can open your eyes and see the world as it is not how you have been taught to view it! Bezos is a prominent paper owner, The Tribune Company is definitely left wing. Ted Turner was too liberal and left wing for his bonkers liberal wife – Turner Network now Warner – Discovery. And that is only a small segment in papers. WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE SHEEPLE

    • Paul Wilson you appear to be part of the problem. The media has shown itself to be utterly amoral — they enjoy building a person up, just so they can, at a later date destroy them financially, socially and personally. The media uses these tactics because they are politically left wing — never discuss the truth of the matter, only the person. The owners don’t mind as this method makes profit.
      So are they left or right leaning? The owners don’t care because only want the profit. And the lefty media employees, like you, care little about the truth, you care only about the personalities, and not the events or the larger implications of the subject.

    • Except for a few dyed in the wool anarchists, the so called left have been willingly co-opted by the rich and the powerful. The corporations have embraced the virtue signalling espoused by left liberals who in turn a blind eye to the exploitation by said corporations. They have learned not to bite the hand that feeds them, most of those activist NGOs funds come from somewhere and it ain’t poor people.

      How Did The Democrats Become The Party Of The Rich?

  10. Fresh snow this morning on the cams at Stevens Pass, Mt Hood, Mt Bachelor and Crystal Mt.. More snow forecast from Alaska down into California and New Mexico.

  11. The left and their sponsors and leaders are totally shameless and ruthless and many of their followers are gullible. None of them should be allowed access to the media, government or financial institutions. Yes, I know the damage is done. But if we ever regain control of the lunatic asylum changes need to be made.

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    Could Magnetic Hydrogel Explain the COVID Vax Magnet Phenomenon?
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