China – 90 percent of country gripped by extreme cold

Temperatures drop to the lowest they’ve been in 30 years.

21 Jan 2016 – An extreme ‘cold wave’ has hit most of north and east China, with low temperatures and frost expected to last for around a week

Some 90 percent of China has bee affected by the cold wave.

These pictures show residents in Harbin, the northernmost provincial capital in China, as they battled the elements in -30C.

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7 thoughts on “China – 90 percent of country gripped by extreme cold”

  1. put everything together that has happened over last 20 years and you can see a pattern forming our solar system is a binary system not a solar system when will peple wake up and look up at the stars

  2. lots of cold and snow over the hemisphere right now! Looks allot more convincing that an ice age is near, not just a “cold spell.” These cold outbreaks are lasting much longer than just a “cold spell” in recent years.

  3. Even in the south, in Sanja, they have cold temperatures. 17.C is cold for a tropical island. We have a visitor from China and she says all of her friends/family are posting low temps.

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