Climate Fraud of the Century? – Video

Michael Mann, creator of the infamous “hockey stick,” filed suit against Canadian climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball after Ball said Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn.

Dr Ball called into question Mann’s research and Dr. Ball showed that CO2 trails global temperatures, not leads them. 

However, Mann refused to show his publicly funded research and how he came up with the “hockey stick” so was slapped with a contempt of court charge.

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Mann’s version of history somehow makes the Medieval Warm Period disappear and shows a pronounced rise in temperature in the late 20th century (the ‘hockey stick’).

Ball’s graph, which used more reliable and widely available public data, shows a much warmer Medieval Warm Period, far hotter than today.

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  1. Ball’s version none the less indicates a warming trend line … it would seem … i.e., of the troughs and the peaks since 1800 … it that ever accelerates … could be a field hockey stick graph … if not a hockey stick graph; might depend upon what’s incoming from the sun … incoming even during an extended, perhaps, of a sun spot drought … 😉

    If cyclical inputs of solar wind / energy from earth facing coronal holes regularly keep incoming, via those upticks … what then, one might ask?

    IF … that’s a new dynamic … while such is in place, then … new and uncharted territory?

    WHILE such might continue … historical records … put those aside?

    Will have to wait and see … watch what plays out … over time.

    Or so it would seem …

    • “Trends” are very nearly meaningless at the time scales commonly employed in climate “science.” That’s because of two important aspects of climate. One is that what we experience as changing climate is typical climate variability. When we talk about some of the thermal regimes of the past such as the Medieval Warm Period or older warmer periods such as the early Holocene warm period, what is common left out the discussion is that the actual variation in temperature extremes over the entire Holocene are not statistically significant. There is nothing unexpected happening.

      The other side of the same issue is that while none of those variations are statistically important, the short term variations like the Little Ice Age are literally life-and-death situations if you have the bad luck to be in one. We know how rough the LIA was. The “Altithermal” of the American west, which corresponds (very) roughly to the early Holocene warm period saw populations drop over the enteriety of Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona, and probably New Mexico and Utah as well. The critical aspect of these “minor” changes is that they shift weather circulation patterns and those affect the people and animals on the ground, regardless of whether the “trend” are statistically important or not.

    • “Ball’s version indicates a warming trend”. Of course there was a cyclical warming trend from the trough of the Little Ice Age. This warming is not AGW!
      Mann used mostly proxy data, as there were no meteorological stations prior to the L.I.A. How quantitative is tree-ring data really. Is there a close correlation (in decimals of a degree or even full degrees) between proxy data and measured temperatures over the last 150 years? The claimed slight warming of <1 degree C is statistically insignificant.

  2. Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers
    “Meteorologist Lance Pidgeon watched the 13 degrees Fahrenheit Goulburn recording from July 2 disappear from the bureau’s website. The temperature readings fluctuated briefly and then disappeared from the government’s website.”
    “The bureau would later restore the original 13 degrees Fahrenheit reading after a brief question and answer session with Marohasy.”
    Yeah, they restored the readings after they got caught!

  3. Does Mann’s graph uses ice core data then around 1960 switch to tree ring data? If true then that’s definitely not science.

    • Actually people have suggested his data uses a restricted set of “bristle-cone” tree ring data and then “bolts” on actual temperature data at a modern date – possibly the late 60’s or 70’s.

      At least that is what is allegedly the result of “mike’s nature trick” referred to in the “climategate” email releases.

      If the people who analysed the graph are correct then you are right that this is not science though – if you “prove” something using one type of data but change to another for some reason, perhaps your hypothesis begins to break down at some point, then there is something wrong.

      I believe it is called confirmation bias – you get the result your hypothesis demands no matter what. I believe “climate science” is full of this bias.

    • No, he used tree rings for most of the graph and then ca. 1960, where the rings and temperature ceased to correlate (alledgedly), he spliced in actual thermometer data, sort of “apples to ducks.”

  4. Sadly, John Sullivan at Principia has previous on predicting Ball’s victory over Mann. Good Lord, I hope this is so – but I suspect that Sullivan has once again jumped the gun on this. I’ll believe it when I hear it confirmed by another source.

  5. well the contemptible mann , is now IN contempt of a direct court order
    been a few days now
    wonder whats happening?
    have to admit i WILL enjoy seeing the up himself dweeb get his come uppance

  6. A court order that requires Mann to show the original data is the last thing that he wanted to see. A lot of people need to be jailed for intentional fraud for this climate science fiasco. Otherwise science as a whole will be harmed by false research. Drug and diet research is a prime example of this. Given enough money anything can be proven to be true by unscrupulous researchers.

    • The problems in “climate science” are a symptom, not a cause. Check Retraction Watch for an idea of how bad it is. Francis Bacon must be spinning.

  7. IMHO there needs to be a purge of the entire academic community! Years of one sided progressive teachings have created a very inbred system where opposing views are not tolerated. The line between education and indoctrination has been seriously breached. Conservative teachings also need to be presented to the students in order to insure a balanced education.

    • I do not buy that any of the claims made by alarmists on global temperature, global sea surface temperatures or CO2 levels in the global atmosphere as reliable simply because they are never measured. They all change all the time and it is impossible to base the claims for global accuracy on less than a few thousand measurements – or a couple in the case of CO2.

  8. Grapes grew in northeast England in the eighth century,the temperature then would have been at least five degrees warmer,In the eighteenth century frost fairs were held on the frozen River Thames in London,that would make the mean temperature substantially colder than now.Scientists tell us one thing,then change their minds a few years later.Butter is good for you,butter is bad for you,take your pick.I eat butter and my glass is half full,not half empty.

    • “Scientists tell us one thing,then change their minds a few years later.Butter is good for you,butter is bad for you,take your pick.I eat butter and my glass is half full,not half empty.”

      They don’t really change their minds. A different interest group is “buttering” their bread so to speak and the “science” reflects this change,

  9. From what I have read Ball’s lawyers agreed to an adjournment of proceedings on the condition that Mann provide his data and analysis methods to the defence and the court which he has failed to do, and which he probably never will do voluntarily.

    That is not breaching a court order but will probably irreparably damage any chance Mann ever had of winning this or any similar lawsuits.

    The court can make orders about this breach of faith but hasn’t to date. The most likely order would seem to be dismissal of the case.

    I hope Ball is able to recoup costs and possibly damages but there is the problem of trans national jurisdiction. I’m not sure how a Canadian ruling could be enforced in the US .

    I don’t expect Mann’s US case against Steyn will proceed though. He will be faced with the same dilemma to prove that his critics defamed him simply because they dispute his “science” – that is something he has refused steadfastly to do for almost the whole period of the 21st century pause.

    One must wonder why data and analysis methods used to produce a minor publication in 1998 is so valuable that it cannot ever be released to the people whose grants paid for it.

    Like most reasonable people this extraordinary refusal over nearly 20 years to justify the basis for a claim widely used to promote climate alarm smells distinctly fishy to me.

    Why not simply prove himself right by silencing his critics with his brilliant work ??

  10. Snow fell on the coast of Italy: photoT August 1, 2017, 11:05
    Italy once again confirmed its status as a country of contrasts. On the Adriatic coast the 30-degree heat was replaced by real snow.
    Thanks to the quirks of weather, Italian commune Grottammare became famous. It was on July 25 that a storm with hail collapsed, which covered the beach and the coast with a white veil.
    Due to bad weather, the local horticultural nurseries were seriously affected, dozens of vehicles were damaged, street lights and shop windows were broken, during the storm, power outages began, a small flood was recorded, several houses were flooded. The city administration was forced to declare a state of emergency. Strong wind gusts, rain and hail left damage more than a million euros.
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    It seems that the storm went unnoticed for holidaymakers, but caused serious damage to the horticultural industry in the region.

    Deserted icy beaches in Italy in mid-summer. But in Europe the MSM did not report this news. I found this news item on a Ukraine website.

  11. The post with photos was published by the user of Facebook Inna Sviripa. +
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  12. Well, one thing is certain.
    Here on the Balkan peninsula we DO NOT have any cooling.
    This year we had two heat waves bringing us african air mass.
    Now the third one is here and it is gong to stay 10 more days.
    It’ s not as bas as year of 2000 or 2007, but it’ s very hot.
    We have not had significant amount of snow in the plains since 1996, except 2012 i think…
    I know, regional variations, jet streams, but…cooling IS NOT here on southeastern part of Europe.

  13. Are we sure the data actually exist? Maybe he just pulled the numbers from his backside and sketched the graph free-hand.

    I’m sure stranger things have happened.

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