CO2 shortage hits Europe calls it a “crisis” for carbonated drinks producers.

“Bizarre news story of the shortage in Western Europe of food-grade carbon dioxide,” says reader Robert Boon. “The fertilizer and chemical plants which produce the gas as a bi-product shut down for annual maintenance and the soft drinks and the brewing industry fear a shortage of the gas.”

Here’s how puts it:

“In what has been described as the ‘worst supply situation to hit the European carbon dioxide (CO2) business in decades’, many consumers of CO2 – especially the carbonated drinks producers – are desperate for supplies of the product.”

To paraphrase ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’
CO2, CO2 everywhere but not a drop for a drink.
– Robert Boon

10 thoughts on “CO2 shortage hits Europe”

  1. Maybe the lefties could substitute farts (their own or cows) in water for soda then? Gotta dream!!

  2. Actually, i thought the article was written about the shortage of atmospheric CO2 thus causing the cold weather, as per the push to say cO2 warms the planet – tongue in cheek, but article surprising instead! Perhaps the factories shut down because the carbon tax would increase the cost of producing soft drinks – there would be no further release of the gas by burping etc!

  3. Keep those dastardly Co2 plants closed. Oh the emissions, oh the temperature is rising. Where are the saviours of our planet. Shut those Co2 plants down, there’s no telling where that awful gas might be used next. Climate deniers be warned!

  4. Europeans love their beer and they don’t like it flat! This could be the end of the global warming scam. You can mess with a lot of stuff and the Europeans will tolerate it but you mess with their booze and it is game over.

  5. Reporting for Iceagenow on the spot, there is already a shortage. Some soft drinks have disappeared from the shelves because supplies have run out. Luckily, good British cask-conditioned ale has no need of co2 so there is no shortage. Neither do bottle-conditioned beers need external co2. Of more concern is the use of co2 in the food industry and in a revelation to me it is used to suffocate chickens and pigs in the slaughterhouse and for packing some foods like salads to increase shelf-life. co2 is also used in welding but in the UK the bulk of the shielding gas is argon.

  6. Worldcup in russia actually running a shortage of beer and co2..guess their guzzling brew like no tommorrow at the games

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