Cold records dating back to 1895 broken by 4 degrees in Canada

“Clearly a famine is on the way, clearly crops will fail.” – Viv Forbes

Novem-brrrrr! Canada smashes cold records

22 Nov 2018 – At one point this morning, 11 of Canada’ 13 provincial and territorial capitals were experiencing below-freezing temperatures. The exceptions were St. John’s, N.L. , which just barely snuck above freezing at 0.1 C and Victoria, where it was a balmy 8 C.

Dozens of communities across Eastern Canada reported record-breaking cold, including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

More than 20 communities in Ontario alone experienced temperatures colder than they had ever recorded on Nov. 22, according to Environment Canada.

In Toronto, a temperature of -15.4 C was recorded at Buttonville Municipal Airport, breaking the previous record of -14.1 C from 2008.

In Ottawa, thermometers plunged to -18.7 C – more than four degrees Celsius (7.2 degrees F) colder than the previous Nov. 22 low set in 1895.

Temperatures below -20 C were recorded in northern communities including Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay, and below -30 C in the northwestern Ontario communities of Geraldton and Williams Lake.

Montreal’s low of -17.7 C clocked in at more than three degrees colder than the previous record, set in 1972.

Record Nov. 21 lows were also set in three communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, including Wabush Lake, where the mercury dropped to -31.7 C.

The cold was a boon for Ontario’s icewine industry (whatever that is). Grape harvesting began Wednesday night –  earlier in the year than ever before, according to a spokesperson from Brock University.

In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, daytime highs are expected to fall to nearly -10 C by Saturday and remain there at least through Monday.

Thanks to Viv Forbes for this link

“As I have been saying, all-time cold records will be broken,” says Viv. “1895 records are broken by minus 4 degrees. No one else in the world has publicly put this out in advance. More to come in February.

“Clearly a famine is on the way, clearly crops will fail. I have been calling for the famine for years.”

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  1. Quote from Article: “Zharkova is predicting a cooling effect that is 2.5 to 4 times larger than the Maunder minimum.”

    This is going to be worse than we were expecting. And the charts make clear this cooling intensifies ongoing past 2100.
    2018-2019 is actually EZ-PZ compared with 2020 and beyond.
    My personal opinion: The world’s population has peaked. Mother Nature is going to thin the heard big time. Peace from BC

  2. The calendar winter in Moscow will start like as January frosts
    (Meteonovosti – RU)

    The average daily air temperature will be 7 degrees below normal and will correspond to the end of January, according to the coldest climate.
    The air temperature in the last days of the month will drop
    to -11 ..-16°C at night, and in the daytime it will also be frosty,
    -6°C … – 11°C.

  3. icewine is YUMMY!
    its made when grapes get iced
    carries a very high premium as its not that common, I think originally it was a desperation created wine when growers were otherwise going to lose the harvest.
    personally i prefer the botrytis wines when the seasons been humid and the botrytis moulds make the fruit supersweet, its a sipping dessert wine

  4. ps not a patch on the above but my areas 1.3below avg for nov and not ONE word is being said about the damage thats causing to growing or harvests
    but dare it be a half a degree or more above?- the media would be all over it like flies on p**p

  5. “Ontario’s icewine industry (whatever that is)”
    Icewine, Eiswein in German, is a type of dessert wine. To be officially labeled as “icewine” the grapes must be naturally frozen on the vine by Mother Nature. Harvest begins in the middle of night when the temps are well below zero for a period of several days. Some producers were attempting to freeze grapes in industrial freezers and then make icewine but the international wine community put a stop to that practice years ago. Many different varietals may be used: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Vidal, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer are a few types and the wine may be white or red. Icewine is best paired with a sweet dessert and served cold. The rapid growth in this type of wine has attracted foreign investment into Niagara wineries for icewine export to China. If you are traveling through a Canadian airport you could pick some up at a duty free store.

    Hey, there has to be some upside to all this cold!

  6. This is how ice ages begin!
    You can forget about snow being a thing of the past anytime soon.
    Ice and snow will be the thing of the future, along with lots of crop failures.

  7. NAO firmly in place this weekend, with an easterly flow stretching from Eastern point of the Baltic (Russia) to Newfoundland.
    With a massive Blocking High pressure system centred on the Gap between Iceland and Norway, covering both Greenland and Scandinavia. This chart is normally seen from January to March during the 11 year cycle of solar minimums. Low pressure system over France pushing fronts and a North Westerly over the Southern Med Atlas Mountain range adding to the snowfall they have already got.
    Significant low centred on Northern Adriatic pushing most air over Southern Alpine regions this weekend and it’s still not formal winter yet (1st Dec)

  8. Ice wine is made from frozen grapes. The loss of water concentrates the flavour but the volume is lower, hence the cost is higher but the selling price is even higher.

  9. Believe it or not homeless people are sleeping in the streets in this kind of weather. The reasons range from housing being unaffordable to just being too stubborn or crazy to get out of the cold.

    • I have a problem with “housing being unaffordable”.

      I think the topic is far more dangerous and taboo, and requires Truth, Honesty and some really horrible conclusions.

      Is housing so unaffordable to the millions of illegals, and those from Central-South America, in LA? Really? OR…(now here it comes)……..there is plenty of affordable housing for that ethnic group, as well as the African Americans, BUT…….(now here it comes)….,..there is NOT affordable housing for the America White Family?

      WHO is complaining about “affordable”? Those White people who don’t want to pay $3,000 for an apartment (“in a safe neighborhood”…..”good schools”……etc. etc….which we all know is code……….)…the same White people who complain that a “house in a nice neighborhood” costs $1,000,000.

      Maybe this Caucasian group is not priced out of affordable housing, but rather driven out due to cultural differences?

      Could it also be that the VAST majority of Californian Anglo people don’t want to live in these communities? Interesting?

      Who wants to discuss this theory with respect and honesty?

        • How’s that affordable housing doing in Canada, by the way? Do you still have all those wonderful, peaceful, low crime towns and cities that my family visited in the 60’s, 70′ and even 80’s? Really?…why not?……..When we could walk any street, into the night, enjoy the beauty that once was?….Really?

          I scared you with my topic, didn’t I? You are not the only person scared to death with what they “see”.

      • People don’t need houses. It is very possible to live in a tent or under a bridge. Something like 2 Billion people do it, so why should those in California complain?

        They have the chance to “give back” to society, but their pollution, down size, go minimalist and show the rest of us how to live “green”.,

        With Black Friday, you can get a great “family” size tent from Bass Pro Shop, and a family size propane gas “stove” and live anywhere.

        Think of how low the carbon foot-print can now be for about 100,000 Californians who can now fight Global Warming, by living the life rather than just voting for it.

  10. I have to go to a conference in Lake Louise in February. I suspect my European winter wardrobe may prove inadequate – will need to invest in warm gear over Christmas and the new year.

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