Cold and snow kill 14 000 animals in Peru

Authorities confirmed that most of the animals died due to the intense cold, constant frost and snow that fell in several municipalities of the province of Arequipa in southern Peru.
4 Jul 2016 – Even llamas, animal symbol of the Andes, were unable to withstand the cold to -12 ° C and the frost that was repeated for up to 10 consecutive days.

Due to the intense cold, schools stopped classes in various cities of the province and neighboring Andean regions above three thousand meters altitude.

The most intense cold was observed in municipalities of the provinces of Andahuaylas and Puno, with minimum temperature at airports -7 ° C in Andahuaylas and -4 ° C in Juliaca, respectively.

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5 thoughts on “Cold and snow kill 14 000 animals in Peru”

  1. someone should knit the llamas a nice alpaca jumper..
    I am really wondering how the breed survived so long in the wild..
    they have excellent fur so I am suspecting cos theyre enclosed and cant go to find shelter?
    or roam to find food?
    anyone got ideas??

  2. I saw a video of a massive cattle kill (can’t remember where) due to a severe tornado. What struck me was that the long, long line of bodies were all piled up along a fence. So sad, they were trying to escape and got stopped by their owner’s fence.

    It’s been my experience that few people make the same sort of arrangements to shelter their animals that they would want for themselves, even for the family dog, let alone livestock.

  3. In my opinion, anyone who wants to own an animal ought to be required to spend one day and one night chained to a wall in the sun with their food and water just out of reach, the only shelter a crappy little doghouse that the rain blows into, with human and animal predators wandering by from time to time.

    “Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
    “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travailleth in pain together until now,”
    Romans 8:21-22
    “Even so, come Lord Jesus!”

    • Bondage and groaneth… guessing it’s rubber spanky day in the lock box again? I just wish I knew what that cult leader was writing. It makes no sense nowadays.

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