Colorado ski resort – Earliest opening in more than two decades

“With an incredible 15” of snow last night, we’re excited to announce we will be opening Friday, November 1 – our earliest opening in more than two decades!” That’s how the Eldora Mountain Resort put it.

Eldora Mountain Resort is located about 21 miles west of the town of Nederland in the southwest corner of Boulder County, Colorado, near the unincorporated community of Eldora.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado ski resort – Earliest opening in more than two decades”

  1. Breckenridge CO, home of the breckenridge ski resort is forecasted to hit minus 2 degrees on Halloween eve next week while its normal range now should be 15 to 45 degrees.
    it also has 35 inches of snow thus far and looks more like spring skiing conditions than mid-October. it will have no problem offering plenty to ski when it opens November 8, the white ribbon of death(aka known as the one trail ski resorts make with manmade snow because there isn’t enough natural snow to ski yet) will be buried under 3 feet or more of natural snow by Breckenridge’s opening day.

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