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  1. Hello Robert,

    I read your site virtually ever day – a great site.

    But – sorry! – the “upgrade” it’s just received means I have to scroll down considerably to see if it’s been updated, or a new page displayed. Not very user-friendly…

    Best wishes, Ant in the UK, England even. Just above where the glaciers ended last time, too old to worry about next time!

  2. Hello Robert,

    Before, I saw the header titles across the top, assorted adverts or whatever down each side and the content summaries started immediately under the titles.

    Now, I see a much simplified banner across the top, a list of useful things down the left side which takes up a full screen on this admittedly elderly desktop and then the content summaries, albeit better spaced out than before but that’s not a complaint, compactness is good!

    I scrolled right down this time, found all the previous side-content in a row down the centre of the sctreen. So I suspect that something isn’t laying itself out correctly but I don’t know. Ok before, not now, and most other websites are ok. All Java etc is enabled.

    Regards Ant

  3. Question: I was flying over the Tip of Greenland and St John’s Island. There appeared to be large ice bergs and floating ice. It covered a huge area south of each location. What was I looking at from 35,000 feet


    • Google announced that any website that was not mobile friendly as of April 23 would go to the bottom of their search engine, so I updated the website to a new theme for that reason. It seems to be working for most people, but not all. One reader is getting an entirely black screen. I will ask my webmaster what can be done.

      • …hmmm, My firefox is not showing anyones avitar, where Safari is. Firefox is asking to be re-booted but when you do, you lose all your setting stuff. When mac OS upgraded to El Capitain, they lost a Mac user for good. Steve must be spinning in his grave!

    • Hi Ant, My webmaster suggests that you try clearing your cache. That seems to be helping anyone who isn’t able to view the website properly. Sorry for what you’re going through.

  4. SEVEN factories collapsed, football matches were halted, power cut and roads turned into rivers after Sydney was smashed by a freak hail and snow storm today.


    A booming cold system which formed over the southwest slopes and the Blue Mountains hit the western suburbs mid-afternoon before its destructive winds and hail turned streets into snow fields.

    More than 50cm of hail dumped on parts of western Sydney, with kids making snow men, sliding on cardboard boxes and throwing balls of ice.

    VIDEO –

    Newslink with Pix:

  5. What is the background of the earthquakes in Canton, MS.? I do not ever reading about earthquakes in central Mississippi. Thanks.

  6. Dear Robert,
    Could I trouble you for your take on this Planet X/Nibiru star system arrival controversy? It would seem to offer much “cause & effect” insight into the uptick in worldwide geologic events and dove-tail into both J.L. Casey’s & your analysis.
    I speak of the YouTube accessible photography & Zecharia Sitchin’s book “12th Planet” {Which I’ve yet to acquire}. Thank-you for your work by the way.
    Best Regards

  7. First thought’s were WHAAATTTT???? Comes as no surprise, remember we are headed into Winter down here. Most interesting reading even so, someone somewhere has got this global warming seriously muddled up, or they are downright lying to us. Fraud – Legally, would be worth exploring, what about people who have spent money changing their circumstances because we have been told we are warming.

  8. Hello Robert

    There are fresh great news about dino Soft Tissue found in the bones.
    Here are two links to inspect more

    Darwinist-Marxist Source:
    Creation Source:

    It is time to recalculate these ages based on real observations and experimental results.
    And here is great vid about The Origin of Earth’s Radioactivity ( it is used to calculate age)

    Thanks Robert for great

  9. Irregular heartbeat of the Sun driven by double dynamo

    Looking ahead to the next solar cycles, the model predicts that the pair of waves become increasingly offset during Cycle 25, which peaks in 2022. During Cycle 26, which covers the decade from 2030-2040, the two waves will become exactly out of synch and this will cause a significant reduction in solar activity.

    “In cycle 26, the two waves exactly mirror each other – peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the Sun. Their interaction will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other. We predict that this will lead to the properties of a ‘Maunder minimum’,” said Zharkova. “Effectively, when the waves are approximately in phase, they can show strong interaction, or resonance, and we have strong solar activity. When they are out of phase, we have solar minimums. When there is full phase separation, we have the conditions last seen during the Maunder minimum, 370 years ago.”

  10. Hello Robert,

    After having endured years of pro-agw/climate change propaganda from the msm,it was a surreal experience reading an article beginning with the following paragraph :

    “Fast Retailing Co. fell by the most in more than a year after the apparel retailer raised doubt about meeting sales targets for Uniqlo sales in Japan, saying unseasonably cool weather has damped demand for summer clothes.”

    I guess business news isnt too heavily vetted for facts discrediting agw.

    Can you imagine the hysterics by the media if this story had been about damped demand for winter clothes? There was so much hype about a ‘heat wave’ in Japan in May,along with the usual hottest year ever mantra,yet this article providing hard facts will be totally ignored.

    Thought you would find this interesting


  11. I haven’t seen much recent information on ICE AGE NOW about the concentration of atmospheric CO2.
    So I thought I’d let you know that while looking for greenhouse equipment today I came across a website (provided) about controlling CO2 for optimum growth of plants and it got me thinking. Basically plants grow best at 1000-1500ppm. Higher concentrations of CO2 like this are actually good for plant growth and of course world food production.

    Plants will consume CO2 in an unventilated greenhouse until a shortage of CO2 limits their growth. Many plants will not grow at all when the levels of atmospheric CO2 become less than 150ppm.

    As a geologist I am also familiar with the fact that CO2 in the atmosphere has never been constant. It was dramatically reduced from several thousand ppm to a few hundred during the colonization of the land by plants between 400 and 300 million years ago, during what we call the Devonian and Carboniferous periods. Plant growth was prolific and like in the modern unventilated greenhouse this contributed to the reduction in CO2. Then around 300 million years ago during the Late Carboniferous / Permian periods a severe ice age occurred lasting 20-30 million years. Was this ice age caused by low CO2 levels??

    Right now we are towards then end of a brief interglacial in the middle of the latest ice age that only began 2-4 million years ago, so there may be a long way to go yet before it really gets warmer again! The start of the current ice age also coincided with historically low levels of CO2. Was this once again cause and effect? With 1000 to 2000 ppm CO2 prior to the latest ice age, it was nice and warm everywhere and rainfall was plentiful. So why are we risking another advance of the ice and continuation of the current ice age when we could lift CO2 to higher levels, secure a warmer, wetter climate for all and encourage more plant growth.

    Ah but then alarmist will say – what about the acidification of the oceans and death of corals? The answer to that is look once again to the geological record. In this you will also discover that at the same time as CO2 levels were between 6000 and 7000 ppm some 500 plus million years ago in the Cambrian period, this was also a time of major coral reef production in many places around the world. Cambrian limestone is very common!

  12. Hi, I am new here. It looks like a great site. I did read the book Dark Winter recently, but not the one featured here.

    I wanted to ask a speculative practical question. I live in NJ with a small greenhouse and am able to start things early and get an abundant harvest early. I’ve been seeing many young folks get interested in gardening and am helping them out. John Casey’s estimate that we will lose 3 weeks at each end of the growing season does not bother me personally, although I realize that our entire tier of northern states and Canada will need to change seed varieties and food price hikes will affect us all.

    Is that what you are predicting here? Shorter seasons? Or are you expecting the sorts of scenarios that Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about in Farmer Boy, where in upstate NY they had a freeze the fourth of July? Are you predicting major crop losses from actual freezes mid season for NJ ( zone 6b now), or just shorter seasons? If the former, should I be thinking about starting to stash up on row covers and protection that could keep a garden safe as low as 25-22 f or so? Or are you predicting far worse in NJ? Thanks for any thoughts.

  13. As the “hottest year ever” rolls on,Scotland braces for icy weather in July in a summer which has seen some of the heaviest rains on record.

    “Yes, it may be summer… But brace yourselves for an icy blast coming Scotland’s way”

    Perhaps NOAA should take some inspiration for its “hottest year ever” advisories from the title of the article as summers get even chillier in the years ahead.They would probably go something along the lines of :

    “Its still the hottest year ever,just try & avoid freezing to death from the icy summer weather we’re having.”

  14. Robert,
    I’ve been a student of the forests for many years and have a “sawmill.” Though not a professor with science credentials, I found the following on the Smithsonian…In other words, C02 is causing trees to grow faster…I know by experience, if you look at a tree’s growth rate, it is attributable on 2 things only! The amount of WATER (rain) and the nutrient in soil. You will enjoy this global warming/climate change article:

  15. CO2 is the most toxic poison,but heavy metals such as Arsenic & cadmium are no big deal,just a minor inconvenience.At least thats the way the EPA appears to think,judging by how much effort is being put into cleaning up the latest catastrophe theyre directly responsible for.The polluted water,tainted a sickly yellowish-orange due to the large concentration of pollutants,is only “as acidic as black coffee” according to the EPA.

    Doesnt exactly fill you with confidence knowing these guys would be solely responsible for carbon emission guidelines & ultimately deciding what type of fuels are used in the coming decades.

  16. ” If your winter has been brutally cold in Tokyo or Toledo in recent years, you can thank global warming in the Arctic, a new study suggests.”

    & thus,Ladies & Gents,the last desperate defense of the AGW Lobby begins.

    They did test this during the “polar vortex” of 2013-2014.But now its backed by ‘studies’ (& just in time for the climate change conference)

    So now when you are neck deep in snow & your city runs out of grit,you can blame AGW.

  17. Australia’s Climate Change skeptic Prime Minister Tony Abbott overthrown,replaced by Pro-Climate Change Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker.

    A direct quote from the new PM :

    “Climate change is a global problem. The planet is warming because of the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. If this trend continues, truly catastrophic consequences are likely to ensue from rising sea levels, to reduced water availability, to more heat waves and fires.” — Malcolm Turnbull

    The writing was already on the wall for Abbott.He had to go before the Climate conference.

    “A year after scrapping laws putting a price on carbon, Australia’s ruling conservative coalition is facing rising heat over its stance on greenhouse-gas emissions ahead of global climate talks scheduled for later this year.”WSJ

  18. Hi Robert,

    Can you take a look at the maps in this article:

    and give us your thoughts on whether the countries that are marked as “vulnerable” wouldn’t actually be prime living space in the event of an ice age?

    I just can’t shake the idea that TPTB are doing such a contrived song and dance about parts of the world that will be livable under so-called “warming”, when what they really want to do is remove the people from the “vulnerable” areas and take them over, themselves. Can’t you just see them trying to convince the billions of people who live the warmer parts of the world to give up their space for a pittance, only to see the elite take them over at the point of a bayonet?

    Won’t those so-called “vulnerable” (warm) parts of the globe actually still be livable without extraordinary infrastructure in the event of an ice age?

    • I think you’re seeing clearly. During an ice age, I would expect the temperatures in those areas to remain pretty much the same as today.

  19. Earliest snowfall in over 40 years in Kaghan & Naran valleys in Northern Pakistan,thousands of tourists stranded.

    Upto three feet in 24 hours in some areas.The first snowfall usually occurs in early December.

    Details & pics :

  20. I just heard mention of this on Good Morning America here in Hollywood this morning. This news item is from last year but how on earth is this possible? Can you address this?

    “Computer models have predicted that climate change and increased carbon dioxide levels will speed up the jet stream, leading to more serious episodes by 2050.”

    Thank you.

  21. It seems Nations enjoy collecting money from Climate Change but like the Citizens do not want to pay that “Green Money” out. Will the Rich Nations become “Deniers”? How fitting under developed Nations in the Name of Climate Change. Apparently when the shoe is on the other foot it does not feel good.
    “#COP21 Talks Delayed – US Threatens To Walk Out Of Paris
    Talks If Financial Obligations Made Legally Binding”

  22. Here is the article I last mentioned:

    “Heartbeat of the Sun from Principal Component Analysis and
    prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale” by V. V. Zharkova1,2,*, S. J. Shepherd3,*, E. Popova4,* & S. I. Zharkov5,*

    We derive two principal components (PCs) of temporal magnetic field variations over the solar
    cycles 21–24 from full disk magnetograms covering about 39% of data variance, with σ=0.67.
    These PCs are attributed to two main magnetic waves travelling from the opposite hemispheres
    with close frequencies and increasing phase shift. Using symbolic regeression analysis we also derive
    mathematical formulae for these waves and calculate their summary curve which we show is linked
    to solar activity index. Extrapolation of the PCs backward for 800 years reveals the two 350-year
    grand cycles superimposed on 22 year-cycles with the features showing a remarkable resemblance
    to sunspot activity reported in the past including the Maunder and Dalton minimum. The summary
    curve calculated for the next millennium predicts further three grand cycles with the closest grand
    minimum occurring in the forthcoming cycles 26–27 with the two magnetic field waves separating
    into the opposite hemispheres leading to strongly reduced solar activity. These grand cycle variations
    are probed by α−Ω dynamo model with meridional circulation. Dynamo waves are found generated
    with close frequencies whose interaction leads to beating effects responsible for the grand cycles
    (350–400 years) superimposed on a standard 22 year cycle. This approach opens a new era in
    investigation and confident prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale.

  23. I am in Melbourne Australia. Just before Christmas, your site was put on blocked list. Under Australian laws, any small pressure group can apply and have a site blocked. You cannot get a list of blocked sites, nor can you appeal a blockage unless you can organise a mass protest at political level.

  24. I have been reading about the effects of Glyphosate on human organs. What if the massive amounts of Glyphosate that get used on the west coast end up in the seawater?

    Here is an article about how persistent it is in seawater:

    Since Glyphosate was originally patented as an antibiotic and chelator, and since it is the most widely used weed killer in the world, and since it persists in seawater, I think it would be a good idea to look for it in these animals’ bodies.

  25. Hello Robert

    Snow Wonder

    It would be snow wonder if former US Vice President, Al Gore, were to be quickly editing and re-writing his book ‘An Inconvenient Truth’? A book on fairy tales…er…sorry, I mean his views on Global and Celestial Forces that determine climate on our planet!

    Those who hanker after the truth should read my recently released book titled, “21st Century Electricity” (ISBN 978-1-78507-390-8) available online from sources such as Amazon. This is a book the government, power companies and the wind industry would prefer you did not read! Indeed, in the Preface to the book, the UK Botanist and well known Broadcaster David Bellamy OBE, says “Everything the Wind Energy Associations never wanted to see in print!”

    Perhaps some kind soul in a generous act could send a copy to Al Gore?

    DJ Haskell



    ISBN 978-1-78507-390-8 Obtainable from Amazon

     Learn that a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) could bring about the end of our technological dependent society.

     Understand wind, weather and climate change.

     Read the truth about wind generators, wind farms, solar PV panels and solar parks

     Know what a Smart Meter may, or may not, do for you.

     Be aware of the alternative renewable options there are for electrical generation.

    Be well versed in the mechanics of the tides…do you ‘really understand’ and can you adequately explain the ocean tides.

    Written for the general public with minimal use of formulae and mathematics. Spread the ‘gospel’ informing all your family, friends and colleagues so they may obtain a book for themselves and share in this knowledge

  27. When I tried to buy your Fire/Ice book and went to Add to Cart (Canada), the link went no where, same with the US button. The other country button works (but is more expensive)

    See your other book re evolution, had similar thoughts, a weak Heliosphere in conjunction with a weak Magnetosphere would welcome more ionizing radiation into the biosphere…. kind of a crap shoot to mutate dna in gametes but feasible, Would suggest pulses of evolution ensue from those episodes.

    Anyways, if you get your paypal buttons working would be pleased to buy your book.


  28. I’m a long term but previously silent reader in Sydney Australia. For most of 2016 your site has been unreachable for me, and I thought it must be down. Turns out it is being blocked by the Australian carrier Optusnet (my ISP.) I’m now using the Tor Browser to access your site.
    See my thread on an Australian electronics forum with traceroute and ping details:

    I don’t suppose you have set up a block on an IP address range from Optus? That’s the only other explanation. But it’s more likely Optus doing it, since they do have a government-sponsored site censorship system.

    On my site:

    • No, I am not blocking Optus. The blocking must be coming from them. I’ve heard from a few other Australian readers who have also been blocked. Now I know why.

      • Hi Robert from another Robert.
        Definitely blocked by optusnet.
        Optusnet has about 35% of the internet user market in Australia

        I got around the block by installingTor Browser.

  29. Presession of the equinox as discovered from Giza.

    If the content is to lengthy for one the conclusion of the precession may be found around 1:26:00 of documentary.

    The most accurate I found drifting over data the last couple of years.

    Regards sir.

  30. Hi! Please, search for the current cold wave that is hitting South America and, especially, Brazil. So many records of low temperatures in our country! I like cold weather, but this cold wave is the most strong in last 16-20 years and is during 1 week. I hope you reply me.

  31. Hi Robert,

    Please would you initiate this project: Get people to record the temperature in the shade at their home / office, and compare it to the temperature at

    Last night our thermometer was 5 degrees lower.
    This morning it says 80 (and it feels around that) when wunderground says it’s 92! (which is what it should be in North Florida in late June).

    That’s a difference of 12 degrees!

    Will get another thermometer to make sure.


  32. Northern Idaho 90 miles (prox) from Canada Temps dropping into the 60’s by end of week. Been in the area 26 years. This is new to me.

  33. 7th wettest October in state of washing and it’s only the 17th
    This was last year’s rain and that doesn’t add up cause EL NINO ITS SUPPOSE to be dry for the most part, in the state of washington

  34. I wonder if this will see the light of day on any of the Alphabet Networks? Al Gore is campaigning for Hillary to keep support for his Hoax. A very good reason to elect Trump.

    Experts say that solar activity as low as it currently is has not been seen since the mini-ice age that took place between 1645 and 1715 – a period known as the Maunder Munimum where the entire Thames froze over.

    A new model has allowed experts to predict solar activity with more accuracy than ever before and it suggests that magnetic activity will fall by 60 per cent between 2030 and 2040.

    The model looks at the Sun’s ’11-year heartbeat’ – the period it takes for magnetic activity to fluctuate. This cycle was first discovered some 173 years ago.

    However, a mathematician has established a more up-to-date model that can forecast what the solar cycles will look like based upon dynamo effects in two layers of the Sun.

  35. Hi Robert,

    This comment was prompted by your recent article (

    I consider R. C. Sutcliffe’s 1966 book Weather and Climate to be a very honest and easily read. And I find that it has recently been republished by W. W. Norton & Company as a paperback. In it (Chapter 7, Radiation and Energy Exchanges) he wrote (2nd sentence): “Here and there, it is true, in volcanoes and hot springs the internal heat is locally noticeable but, with these exceptions, the heat of the earth, generated by the radioactivity of its mineral substances, is sealed within the crust and mantle of the earth and leaks out into the oceans and atmosphere at an entirely negligible rate.” Which your recent PSI article suggests: Maybe not.

    I spent 30+ years in northern Minnesota after which I moved to Oregon. To have something to do during retirement I bought a recreational property about 50 miles east-southeast of Crater Lake. About 13 miles east of my cabin is Gearhart Mtn which seems to have blown its top also. I have not yet hiked up to its 8364ft summit. I have read that geologists do not consider Gearhart to be a part of the volcanic Cascade range.

    About 50ft to the east of my cabin (about 4800ft) is the beginning of a 30+ft vertical rimrock of extruded lava which extends several miles to the south with a few breaks where the extruded lava has crumbled so one can climb to a generally flat plateau covered with thickly scattered with head-sized rocks which came from somewhere not obvious unless it was from Gearhart 13 miles to the east. To the north of this plateau is a narrow valley after which the land rises to form a somewhat similar, but more sloped, plateau. Here, on the plateau, one finds the edges of lava flows (not extrusions) which are about 2-4ft high and they repeat maybe every 200ft as the plateau slopes upward.

    I give this somewhat detailed description to ask: Why consider only volcanoes?

    I have pondered the glaciers which are accepted to have covered the northern portions of the Northern Hemisphere’s continents more than once and the last time possibly only melted 10,000 years ago. Now, it seems to be a no-brainer to consider that it has to snow a lot to form these glaciers. And where they have formed strongly suggests these continents likely have surrounded the Arctic Ocean as they do now with the North Pole somewhere near the middle of this ocean. So it is easy to image what could happen if the Arctic Ocean were heated by its bottom to the surface temperatures of the Tropical Oceans.

    A fact I know is the “radioactivity of its mineral substances’ is due to nuclear fission of isotopes which have half-lives. Thus, this radioactivity and its heating must be decreasing. And if the core of the earth is molten, there could be circulations which might bring high densities of this fissionable matter near other high densities of fissionable matter so that a critical mass is created and a fission explosion occurs as in the fission bomb we made. Of course, an explosion is not necessary create to increase the rate of the nuclear decay as is done in the controlled fission reactions of nuclear power plants.

    And, letting my imagination run wild, I know stars, our sun, is composed of primary of hydrogen, which is understood to be undergoing fusion reactions to produce a ‘surface’ temperature which emits the solar radiation necessary to maintain the surface temperature of the earth as it does. Again, because we humans have been unable to create a controlled fusion reaction, maybe the fusion reactions somewhere in the interior of the stars and our sun, are occurring as fusion explosions also.

    I have no idea, I only have an imagination.

    Have a good day, Jerry

  36. Have you heard of Mr. Lawrence Pierce’s book, A new little ice age has started? It did not come up in a search of your site.

    Australia’s cherry season predicted to be expensive after unseasonably cold weather
    By Anthony Pancia, Monday December 12, 2016 – 18:04 EDT

    A spokesperson from Coles said weather had led to “an industry-wide shortage of cherries”. – ABC
    Cherries from farms in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia will be the “most expensive ever grown in history”, says the president of the Cherry Growers Association of Australia.

    Farmers on the eastern seaboard have been hit hard by continued rain, unseasonably cold weather and low pollination spread which has reduced the annual harvest to just 40 per cent of the previous year.

    The low yield has forced supermarkets to maintain the high price for cherries.

    Tom Eastlake, president of the Cherry Growers Association of Australia, said the situation was “unprecedented”.

    “Everyone just got smashed,” Mr Eastlake said.

    “We are about three weeks to a month behind schedule in some places and little to no yield.

    “Nothing like this has ever happened before across every production region in [eastern] Australia.”

    Mr Eastlake said growers were doubly stung by a typical outlay of costly fertilising and fungicide programs which had been applied prior to the dramatic weather events.

    “This will be the most expensive crop per cherry grown in history,” Mr Eastlake said.

    “Unfortunately when you’ve already committed to your full fertilising, fungicide, pruning and labour program and you then find out you don’t have any yield?

    “It’s going to be a tough year.”

  38. Hi Robert; last night I was looking for the “ice age” site on my tablet so I could read the newest news from your site. when I googled it (I don’t have it loaded on my tablet) amazing things showed up. there is news links out there where persons of influence are starting to talk about where we are in the beginnings of a new ice age. I just thought you should know that your efforts are starting to take hold.

  39. Hi Bob,
    I’ve been following your site for some years now and have been enthused by all the great information available there. Lately, however, it seems to have shifted to centering more on weather events than articles that emphasis the warped information that most people are fed by the MSM. I came across these two articles and thought perhaps you might be able to use them. Hopefully, they will give a boost to those who daily have to wade through the BS that passes for “normal” news.
    “The Delusional War on Warmth”, Viv Forbes,
    “XKCD’s Cri De Couer”, David Archibald,

    Thanks for your attention. I a;ways enjoy iceagenow.
    Wayne Allen

  40. I’m wondering with the warm last two winters in the states after the 3 cold ones I’m wondering if these exstreams between cold winters and warm winters is actually part of the ice age other words right before the system is getting ready to switch from one mode to the new mode you get these battles of exstreams for a while and this warm winter isnt from global warming but part of the cycle play out that is warning us something is getting ready to switch in the system and right before the switch you get these year to year exstreams in eather direction.the next few years will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  41. One of the articles on this site indicates an increase in volcanic activity following a prolonged cooling phase. Does this planetary cooling cause a contraction of the earth’s crust which would apply pressure to the molten layers below and as a result, more volcanic activity? This seems plausible.

  42. First cold wave in Brazil, 2017: Brazilian capitals of many different States (including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) had their coldest night in the year (April 28th, 2017) reaching typical winter levels.

    Also São Paulo has broken a record lasting 46 years by having its coldest afternoon for the month of April. Notice São Paulo is located at 23°S and 800m height (the State of São Paulo is cut by the Capricorn).

    The cold wave has even reached the State of Bahia, tropical zone of the country thus bringing unusual strong wind and heavy rain for the month.–2267

  43. Heavy rain and snowfall in subtropical South America 8-10/06/2017.

    Chile: heaviest snowfall since the 50’s in the Atacama desert and Antofagasta region close mining activities.

    Brazil: Heavy rain, floods, frosts, sleet and early snowfall in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and State of Santa Catarina.
    The oddest thing about it is the mass of cold air has come from the west and not from the south, following a huge impulse by the jet stream.

  44. Al Gore’s hypocrisy knows no boundqries:


    On Friday, Al Gore’s sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth” – “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” – arrives in movie theaters across the country. But there’s another inconvenient sequel worth noting and, like most sequels, this one is even worse than the original.

    Gore’s hypocritical home energy use and “do as I say not as I do” lifestyle has plunged to embarrassing new depths.

    In just this past year, Gore burned through enough energy to power the typical American household for more than 21 years, according to a new report by the National Center for Public Policy Research. The former vice president consumed 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) at his Nashville residence, which includes his home, pool and driveway entry gate electricity meters. A typical family uses an average of 10,812 kWh of electricity per year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

  45. Just what do Climate reconstructions use for data?

    Here’s a video concerning the digitization of weather data collected from the top of Ben Nevis between 1883 and 1904, I note that the data can only be used in model reconstructions of past weather once it has been digitized so up to now has not been used.

    Having completed the digitization of the Ben Nevis data Weather Rescue is now turning its attention to the European Daily Weather Reports produced by the Met Office since 1860.

    The website states:

    Every day since 1860 the UK Met Office has produced daily weather reports from across western Europe. The observations came from Sweden in the north to Spain in the south, and from Ireland in the west to Germany in the east.

    Originally the weather observations were transmitted by telegraph to London and collated. Most of the weather observations, especially from before 1950, have never been digitised.

    With modern tools we can now reconstruct the weather patterns over Europe but there are many gaps which these observations will help fill.

    Interesting admission, so basically weather reconstructions covering pre-1950 in Europe will have vast amounts of data not included as it has never been digitized. It does make you wonder how accurate the existing reconstructions actually are.

  46. I am sending this message to you Ice age Farmer crew, Oppenheimer ranch, Adapt 2030 and Iceagenow.Info

    We know what the future is bringing, may not have an exact timeline but the end product is inevitable. We are descending into the GSM and the world will suffer. Changes are occurring all around us it’s palpable. For us that are aware, we are preparing and watching for news, but have somewhat become numb or better yet, expecting this changes, and thus, less and less shocked as time goes by. My worry is that the time is nigh and we have to let everyone know what is coming, so they can also prepare. Specially those we love and family members. Has been a battle uphill for myself and I am sure many of you to explain and convince your loved ones, even spouses which makes preparing that much harder. You see, for every event you report the media reports 10 pointing in the other direction and frankly we don’t have time to scour the internet for news daily. I have been considering what can be done to help us reach out to more people with less stigma and more evidence. How can we report global events in real time so people can see all the changes happening worldwide so they can see it’s not just a blip here and there but massive simultaneous events happening worldwide?with an obvious trend. Nothing exaggerated or biased. Just truth. No comments, no opinions (maybe ability to make comments from the side of viewers) just naked data. Maybe a wiki type page.
    With separate topics to ease establishing patterns on people’s minds. Say
    -Snow and Ice
    -Hurricanes and other storms
    -Crop losses
    -Heat/ drought
    -Lightning and other atmospheric events
    -Miscellaneous (varied related topics like the snake invasion the other day for example

    I don’t have the time or the resources to do this, but I truly hope that one of you can. This is a much needed tool, info is out there mostly (thank you) due to you folks, but it’s scattered through various pages and videos. We, the world population, needs a page to keep track of all events together. I truly believe this will held educate and prepare. This page is my Christmas wish of perhaps our last Christmas (who knows?), I hope one of you guys alone or in tandem can make it come true.
    Thank you

  47. Summer or winter? São Paulo has January with raincot and coat
    The tepid temperatures in the first days of the year surprises Paulistas; On Monday, the minimum temperature was 16.5 ° C

    Fábio de Castro, O Estado de S.Paulo

    09 January 2018 | 04h00

    SÃO PAULO – The rain reminds us of January, but the clothes are typical of the autumn. By 10 am this Monday, 8, the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET), in Mirante de Santana, north of the capital, recorded 80.1 millimeters of precipitation, which corresponds to 34% of the average volume of normal rainfall for January that is 237 mm

    But what is most surprising is the tepid temperature. The Inmet reported 16.5 ° C minimum temperature on Monday, the lowest record of the year. For the month, it was the lowest since January 22 last year, when the temperature dropped to 16.2 ° C.

    The company Climatempo, specializing in climatology, explains that in summer the temperature may suddenly drop and be much below normal. One reason is the passage of strong polar masses.

    Although the rain was natural at this time of year, cook Zilda Dias Macedo, 53, is sure that something is happening with the weather. “It’s no surprise at all that time, because January is the same rainy season, but I’m cold.” I preferred the heat of the last days, “he said, wearing a hooded jacket.,verao-or-inverno-sao-paulo-tem-janeiro-com-capa-e-casaco,70002143554,verao-ou-inverno-sao-paulo-tem-janeiro-com-capa-e-casaco,70002143554

  48. On Thursday ,January 18th 2018, at 2 AM , there are BLIZZARDS raging across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England.

    Scotland had a foot of snow two nights ago. Hundreds of cars were stuck in the snow on Scotland’s roads.
    Please put it on your excellent web-site.

    PLUS, why not put this youtube report by PIERS CORBYN, brother of UK Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn , who has widely differing views from his brother.I am a great “fan” of Mr Corbyn – I do not mean Jeremy – I mean his brother Piers Corbyn. Watch him here:-
    Piers Corbyn

    Attachments area
    Preview YouTube video Piers Corbyn::”BBC Biased On Climate Change,Nobody Will Debate Me & Geo-Engineering Is Happening!”

    The 95mph storm the Met Office ‘MISSED’: Weathermen are blasted for saying damaging gales were not severe enough to be named… because they happened at NIGHT

    Britain was battered by gales gusting to 95mph overnight that downed trees and damaged buildings – but the Met Office insisted the winds were not severe enough to warrant being named as an official winter storm.
    “Just more censorship”

  50. Brazil

    In an atypical summer, mountain range records the second hoar frost of year.

    La Niña favors entry of cold air masses and summer should be shorter, without heat waves and with more pleasant temperatures

    According to the engineer Ronaldo Coutinho, from Climaterra, this is the coldest summer since 2013, with the record of seven hoar frosts to date. Only in this year were two.

  51. Hi,
    Been following your work for some time and enjoy the daily updates very much.

    I’ve been looking forward to purchasing you latest/online book but as
    I started to purchase it, I found the process a bit difficult.
    I merely wanted to buy the book not subscribe and have my password typing questioned a couple of times.
    I decided to ‘read’ the T’s & C’s…there aren’t any.
    And, it looks like Paypal is my only option which is awkward in that, I’ve recently had a number of problems with them and orders from Rod Martin books where I pay and receive no book…so, I’m a bit suspicious of that avenue, you see.
    Just wanted to buy the book…perhaps I could send you the money or…?

    If this doesn’t work out, that’s alright too.
    Good luck,
    Spokane, WA

  52. Robert,
    I wish to apologize for my terse reaction in my perceived difficulty of ordering your latest ebook. This morning, my email had your welcome notice and in some magical way, my ‘account’ has been opened.
    I followed links and some how all is well. Sorry to waste your time and, hopefully not your image in this effort to get the facts out to folks. The fault was mine for being impatient and expecting computers to work the way I expect.
    Thank you and all the best, Hugh

  53. Sad news today unfortunately talk show host from coast to coast Am radio Art Bell has past away at the age of 72 my for most thoughts and prayers Gos out to the family and friends of Art Bell as we remember his life and memorys may he R.i.P.

  54. Hi, really enjoy your articles and use the site frequently as a reference on climate change. I’ve been watching other sites and wondered whether you have ben watching the Arctic ice volume charts from the Danish Meteorological Institute. Big jump in ice volume recently even though summer is approaching.

  55. Is there any way you could fix the thumbnails for your Website? Every time I post one of your great articles on Facebook, you mostly see the millennial temperature timeline instead of the bulk of the article in the thumbnail. The average person will see the timeline and just assume it’s a re-post and not read the article/link. It would greatly help your brand and I would post more articles. Big fan for many years. Thanks.


    First snows falling in the center of Spain. I´m writing from San Rafael (Segovia) right now, about 50Km north of Madrid.

    Falling snow and about 5cm cover right now. We remember very well last winter here, worst in about 100 years with 50-100cm thick snow for a lot of weeks.

    The situation is similar to last times: polar vortex collapsing over uk and then dropping down to Spain and N.Africa:;-18;2&l=temperature-500hpa

    pd.- the only reference to weather we had for the last week in mainstream media was about the melting of the last glaciers in Spain.

  57. Robert,
    As your site links pictures and comments from outside of the EU, this site will fall under Article 13 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market would effectively require Internet platforms – of all sizes – to proactively filter any content posted by their users, with the goal of stamping out materials that allegedly infringe on copyrights…before they are even posted.

    Soon European readers of your site will not be seeing so much of this site as you post pictures and videos that the EU elites don’t want to be seen. WordPress is against this action — see
    More information is available at

  58. I note that Korea is feeling the cold, a report from Nov 23, 2018 —
    Based on this report here are some of the temperatures …
    Some of lowest temperature in the country were recorded as -12.5°C in Yangyang, Gangwon Province. Temperatures in most other regions were unseasonably chilly, showing -6.4°C in Daegwallyeong, Gangwon, -0.9 °C in Daejeon, and 3 °C in Gwangju.

    Have a good day Robert and keep warm.

  59. Thanks for all your work on ICE AGE News. Just saw this morning at the weather,-Aust

    Something else I noticed in weather details, “Air Pressure reports”. Estes park Colorado is around 6900 Ft above sea level, so the air pressure should somewhere around 23 inches of Hg. But looking at Intellicast “past records for 48hrs” it shows air pressure at 30.05 inches most of the time. That would be impossible, or more false information buy the S.O.B.s that are running things.

  60. Wow. Your book has been out 19 years now and they still are non believers as they freeze their ashes off. The question is that it seems the magnetic North is moving to Siberia. Is the a precursor to the pole shift? If it is, we be in unbelievable trouble. JD

  61. Has there ever been a study to show how the ice breakers affect the ice melt. If you break up a slab of ice, it will melt faster than a solid slab of the same consistency. Also, the water temperature rises in the broken slab quicker. I would like to find out if there is any scientific proof to this. I tried it on a very small scale but do not have the capability to do it on a larger scale.

  62. Robert – I am going insane! This new climate report came out on the same day as large Federally Imposed Carbon Taxes came into effect – April 1. I am still holding out that it is an April Fools prank, but alas! They want people to actually believe Canada is somehow warming faster than anywhere else on our planet!!! From CBC (government funded new organization):

    “On Monday, a report commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada called Canada’s Changing Climate Report said that, on average, Canada is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world.

    Among some of the other findings were:

    Northern Canada is warming at more than three times the global average.
    Precipitation is expected to increase across the country though summer rainfall may decrease.
    Oceans across the country have warmed, becoming more acidic.
    The warming climate will make extreme hot temperatures more frequent and more intense.”

  63. Almost 6 meters of snow on Zugspitze/Germany. As much as in 20 years!

    At Easter, a new drought and hot summer was feared by the media. But then everything changed. In the last few days, it has been abundant raining and the cold has entered Germany with polar air. At present 5.80 meters the snow on the Zugspitze towers as high as 20 years no longer. Since yesterday, 80 centimeters have been added at Germany’s highest summit. In the next few days it will snow there again and again. It is not impossible that by the middle of the month significantly more than six meters of snow lie on the Zugspitze. There was a similar amount of snow in Winter 1998/1999. At that time, a maximum snow depth of 6.10 meters was measured.

  64. Hello Robert
    The message that follows was sent to the multi level government organization which manages the flow of water in the Ottawa River Watershed here in Canada. Their overarching concern is the management of the hydro electric generation equipment. There have been 2 once in a hundred year floods in the last 3 yrs. I expect another in around 2 weeks. I will follow this email in 2 days with another outlining what I expect in one year at this same location as a result of ongoing earth changes from the effects of the Eddy GSM. Your work is appreciated greatly.

    To: Ottawa River Regulation Committee and Board 05/07/2019
    Please be advised;
    Based on calculations of water flow rates and depths as reported by your offices, and; weather reports provided by Environment Canada; you should expect a breach of the berm/levee at Deschene/Britannia Bay area sometime shortly before or after 5/22/2019.
    This is expected to inundate both Britannia Bay streets centered at Boyce Ave./Walter St. as well as Britannia Village streets centered at Britannia Rd./Howe St.
    This breach, and related events, could also impact communities in Quebec and Ontario as far as Hawkesbury and points east, or, west to Constance Bay and beyond.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    Moriyah Tobyahnah

  65. Hi, Robert.

    Here’s the latest addition to the PDF file I sent you, mathematically proving that CO2 acts as a net atmospheric coolant at and above ~288 K.

    As always, feel free to use it however you wish.

    Here’s what we need to hit the climate alarmists with when they start bleating that CO2 is going to cause the planet to catastrophically warm.

    Particle physics first principles shows that CO2 does not and cannot cause catastrophic warming, and in fact CO2 acts as a net atmospheric coolant at temperatures above ~288 K. This leaves the climate catastrophists with no wiggle room… if a process cannot occur at the quantum level, it most certainly cannot occur macroscopically.

    The data below peals the death knell for CAGW. You’re welcome.
    In dealing with solely translational mode energy and neglecting vibrational mode and rotational mode energy for the moment, the Equipartition Theorem states that molecules in thermal equilibrium have the same average energy associated with each of three independent degree of freedom, equal to:
    3/2kT per molecule, where k = Boltzmann’s Constant
    3/2RT per mole, where R = gas constant

    Thus the Equipartition Theorem equation:
    KE_avg = 3/2kT
    serves well in the definition of kinetic energy (which we sense as temperature).

    It does not do as well at defining the specific heat of polyatomic gases, simply because it does not take into account the increase of internal molecular energy via vibrational mode and rotational mode excitation. Energy imparted to the molecue via either photon absorption or collisional energetic exchange can excite those vibrational mode or rotational mode quantum states, increasing the total molecular energy E_tot, but not affecting temperature at all. Since we’re only looking at translational mode energy at the moment (and not specific heat); and internal molecular energy is not accounted for in measuring temperature (which is a measure of translational mode energy only), this long-known and well-proven equation fits our purpose.

    Our thermometers are an instantaneous average of molecular kinetic energy. If they could respond fast enough to register every single molecule impinging upon the thermometer probe, we’d see temperature wildly jumping up and down, with a distribution equal to the Maxwell-Boltzmann Speed Distribution Function. In other words, at any given measured temperature, some molecules will be moving faster (higher temperature) and some slower (lower temperature), with an equilibrium distribution (Planckian) curve.

    The Equipartition Theorem states that in Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium conditions all molecules, regardless of molecular weight, will have the same kinetic energy and therefore the same temperature. For higher atomic mass molecules, they’ll be moving slower; for lower atomic mass molecules, they’ll be moving faster; but their kinetic (translational mode) energy will all be the same at the same temperature.

    Therefore, utilizing the equation above, at a temperature of 288 K, the average thermal energy of a molecule is 0.03722663337910374 eV. Again, this is the average… there is actually an equilibrium distribution of energies and thereby molecular speeds.

    For CO2, with a molecular weight of 44.0095 amu, at 288 K the molecule will have:
    Most Probable Speed {(2kT/m)^1/2} = 329.8802984961799 m/s
    Mean Speed {(8kT/πm)^1/2} = 372.23005645833854 m/s
    Effective (rms) Speed {(3kT/m)^1/2} = 404.0195258297897 m/s

    For N2, with a molecular weight of 28.014 amu, at 288 K the molecule will have:
    Most Probable Speed {(2kT/m)^1/2} = 413.46812435139907 m/s
    Mean Speed {(8kT/πm)^1/2} = 466.5488177761755 m/s
    Effective (rms) speed {(3kT/m)^1/2} = 506.3929647832758 m/s

    But if those molecules are at the exact same temperature, they’ll have exactly the same translational mode energy.

    This energy at exactly 288 K is equivalent to the energy of a 33.3050 µm photon.

    Now, if two molecules collide, their translational energy is cumulative, dependent upon angle of collision. In mathematically describing the kinematics of a binary molecular collision, one can consider the relative motion of the molecules in a spatially-fixed 6N-dimensional phase space frame of reference (lab frame) which consists of 3N spatial components and 3N velocity components, to avoid the vagaries of interpreting energy transfer considered from other reference frames.

    Simplistically, for a head-on collision between only two molecules, this is described by the equation:
    KE = (1/2 mv^2) [molecule 1] + (1/2 mv^2) [molecule 2]

    The Maxwell-Boltzmann Speed Distribution Function, taking into account 3N spatial components and 3N velocity components:

    You may surmise, “But at 288 K, the combined kinetic energy of two molecules in a head-on collision isn’t sufficient to excite CO2’s lowest vibrational mode quantum state! It requires the energy equivalent to a 14.98352 µm photon to vibrationally excite CO2, and the combined translational energy of two molecules at 288 K is only equivalent to the energy of a 16.6525 µm photon!”

    True, but you’ve not taken into account some mitigating factors…
    1) We’re not talking about just translational mode energy, we’re talking about E_tot, the total molecular energy, including translational mode, rotational mode, vibrational mode and electronic mode. At 288 K, nearly all CO2 molecules will be excited in the rotational mode quantum state, increasing CO2’s E_tot. The higher a molecule’s E_tot, the less total energy necessary to excite any of its other modes.

    2) Further, the Boltzmann Factor shows that at 288 K, ~10.26671% of N2 molecules are in the N2{v1(1)} vibrationally excited state.
    N2{v1(1)} (stretch) mode at 2345 cm-1 (4.26439 µm), correcting for anharmonicity, centrifugal distortion and vibro-rotational interaction
    1 cm-1 = 11.9624 J mol-1
    2345 cm-1 = 2345 * 11.9624 / 1000 = 28.051828 kJ mol-1
    The Boltzmann factor at 288 K has the value 1 / (2805.1828 / 288R) = 0.10266710 which means that 10.26671% of N2 molecules are in the N2{v1(1)} vibrationally excited state.

    Given that CO2 constitutes 0.041% of the atmosphere (410 ppm), and N2 constitutes 78.08% of the atmosphere (780800 ppm), this means that 80162.3936 ppm of N2 is vibrationally excited via t-v (translational-vibrational) processes at 288 K. You’ll note this equates to 195 times more vibrationally excited N2 molecules than all CO2 molecules (vibrationally excited or not).

    Thus energy will flow from the higher-energy (and higher concentration) N2{v1(1)} molecule to vibrationally ground-state CO2 molecules, exciting the CO2 to its {v3(1)} vibrational mode, whereupon it can drop to its {v1(1)} or {v20(2)} vibrational modes by emission of 9.4 µm or 10.4 µm radiation (wavelength dependent upon isotopic composition of the CO2 molecules).

    3) The Maxwell-Boltzmann Speed Distribution Function gives a wide translational mode equilibrium distribution. In order for CO2 to be vibrationally excited, it requires the energy equivalent to a 14.98352 um photon, equating to a CO2 speed of 425.92936688660114 m/s or an N2 speed of 533.8549080851558 m/s.

    Remember I wrote above:
    For CO2, with a molecular weight of 44.0095 amu, at 288 K the molecule will have:
    Most Probable Speed {(2kT/m)^1/2} = 329.8802984961799 m/s
    Mean Speed {(8kT/πm)^1/2} = 372.23005645833854 m/s
    Effective (rms) Speed {(3kT/m)^1/2} = 404.0195258297897 m/s

    For N2, with a molecular weight of 28.014 amu, at 288 K the molecule will have:
    Most Probable Speed {(2kT/m)^1/2} = 413.46812435139907 m/s
    Mean Speed {(8kT/πm)^1/2} = 466.5488177761755 m/s
    Effective (rms) speed {(3kT/m)^1/2} = 506.3929647832758 m/s

    For CO2, the Boltzmann Factor probability of one of its molecules being at a speed of 425.92936688660114 m/s; and for N2, the Boltzmann Factor probability of one of its molecules being at a speed of 533.8549080851558 m/s is 0.8461. In other words, for every 100 molecules which are at the Most Probable Speed, another ~84 molecules will be at the speed necessary to vibrationally excite CO2.

    Thus at ~288 K and higher temperature, the translational mode energy of atmospheric molecules begins to significantly vibrationally excite CO2, increasing the time duration during which CO2 is vibrationally excited and therefore the probability that the CO2 will radiatively emit. The conversion of translational mode to vibrational mode energy is, by definition, a cooling process. The emission of the resultant radiation to space is, by definition, a cooling process.

    As CO2 concentration increases, the population of CO2 molecules able to become vibrationally excited increases, thus increasing the number of CO2 molecules able to radiatively emit, thus increasing photon flux, thus increasing energy emission to space.

    As temperature increases, the population of vibrationally excited CO2 molecules increases, thus increasing the number of CO2 molecules able to radiatively emit, thus increasing photon flux, thus increasing energy emission to space.

    This is why I state that CO2 becomes a net atmospheric coolant at approximately 288 K… the exact solution is near to impossible to calculate, given the nearly infinite number of angles of collision, the equilibrium distribution of molecular speed, and the fact that atmospheric molecular composition varies spatially and temporally with altitude and water vapor concentration variations.

    Particle physics first principles disprove the CAGW hypothesis. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is a physical impossibility.

    In an atmosphere sufficiently dense such that collisional energy transfer can significantly occur, all radiative molecules play the part of atmospheric coolants at and above the temperature at which the combined translational mode energy of two colliding molecules exceeds the lowest vibrational mode quantum state energy of the radiative molecule. Below this temperature, they act to warm the atmosphere via the mechanism the climate alarmists claim happens all the time, but if that warming mechanism occurs below the tropopause, the net result is an increase of Convective Available Potential Energy, which increases convection, which is a net cooling process.

  66. Over thousands of years, the amount of sunshine reaching Earth changes by quite a lot, particularly in the northern latitudes, the area near and around the North Pole. When less sunlight reaches the northern latitudes, temperatures drop and more water freezes into ice, starting an ice age. When more sunlight reaches the northern latitudes, temperatures rise, ice sheets melt, and the ice age ends. But there are many other factors. So if you became a climate scientist one day, you could make your own discoveries!

  67. The Dzhanibekov effect could cause the Earth to flip geologically 180 degrees but still spin in the same direction.

    Earth’s flipping could explain the mega-fauna and mega-flora die off in North America 13000 years ago.
    Maybe when the Earth entered the current inter-glacial, the Earth flipped because the ice melted.    Extra ice around Antarctica would be in water (Antarctic Ocean), but extra ice around the now northern hemisphere would mostly be as glaciers on land (North America, Russia, Iceland, etc).    When the ice melted, it would have caused a weight imbalance (ice in water only displaces its own weight) causing the Earth to flip.
    During the flip, the continent of North America travelled over the Arctic Circle, killing off most of its wild life (flash freezing).
    Before the flip, Antarctica would have been at the North Pole (Arctic Circle).

    When the northern hemisphere builds up enough land ice (glaciers) after the current inter-glacial has ended, making it “top” heavy, the Earth will flip again.

  68. In the Antarctic, a new global cold record was measured in the Winter, minus 98.6 degrees Celsius (-145.48 Fahrenheit). According to researchers from the University of Colorado in the journal “Geophysical Research Letters” report, this was the lowest temperature ever measured on the Earth’s surface.

  69. Antarctica: almost minus 100 degrees

    A new Cold record was measured in Antarctica.
    In the Antarctic, a new global cold record was measured in the Winter, minus 98.6 degrees (-145.48 F).
    According to researchers from the University of Colorado in the journal “Geophysical Research Letters” report,
    this was the lowest temperature ever measured on the Earth’s surface.
    The previous record of the Antarctic Station Wostok on 23 July 1983 at minus 89.2 degrees (-128.56 F)
    was thus significantly undercut. By means of satellite measurements, the researchers found
    in the period from 2004 to 2016 at more than 150 locations temperatures of less than minus 90 degrees (-130 F).
    The absolute low was determined at minus 98.6 degrees on 23 July 2004.
    In the area of about 3800 meters high-altitude plateau, the air is often very dry,
    so the heat can escape into space.
    The record was therefore not due to an unusually cold weather situation, but was recorded
    by a comprehensive satellite measurement. It is possible that before 2004 it was
    colder in some places in the Antarctic.

  70. Hi Bob , came across this site by chance while searching Antarctica weather forecasts. I have been reading with interest a few of the comments.
    The reason for my post is do you screen what people post to your site? I have opened many links an a good deal are dubious to say the least.
    A Caroline Snyder posted a comment with YT link claiming 50 cm of hail in Sydney in April 2015. I of course wanted to see this as such levels of hail in coastal cities in Australia are unheard of. True to form the link was nothing close to the comment , no even 5 cm! I’m sure you intend to maintain a site as best you can , we are all pressed by time but people need to be fair in their claims.
    I have book marked your site. I will when time permits continue to scroll more posts and chase links.
    cheers champ

    • I do moderate the site to eliminate offensive comments. However, I do not check to make sure that the links are valid. In this case, Caroline Snyder has been a long-time follower, so I would have had no reason to doubt her comment.

  71. What if…
    Stonehenge was nothing more than a foundation for structure on top?
    Certainly explains how the rocks could be floated and the damage by waves and missing stones.

  72. Robert I just found an interesting artical on yahoo news 27 Dec 2019 that might be of interest to you ” Mystery behind giant ‘hot blob’ in the middle of the ocean”. I would suspect it to be a huge underwater volcano. I don’ t know how to link the site. Sorry. It is located east of New Zealand.

  73. Robert: I want to thank you for your dedication to the concept of an ice age. Yours is like a ‘voice in the wilderness’. People are just so full of s*** and the NFL they don’t give a rat’s ass or are even aware of changes in the world. I try like hell to provide links to important and meaningful articles from ‘Ice Age Now’ on my preparedness forum. For the most part preppers are a little lax about paying attention to the weather. Please keep it up and it will hit people square in the face one of these days. Peace.

  74. An unforgiveable scam

    Surely those who claim carbon dioxide (CO2) to be a pollutant that will bring about catastrophic global warming need to return to their science lessons. For without CO2 in the atmosphere there would be no life as we know it on our planet. The most significant contribution to the greenhouse effect is water vapour and all those ‘wicked’ photographs of power stations emitting lots of supposedly harmful emissions are very misleading. Power station cooling towers actually emit steam (water vapour) and not obnoxious gases – steam is water vapour which comes from evaporation of boiling water. Both are invisible and both are gases in that they are molecules which adhere to gas laws. When water vapour or steam becomes visible it is when the vapour has condensed into solid droplets of water or particles of ice – a couple of lessons of how steam turbine power stations operate would not go amiss for many folk. It is also misleading to claim there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere at 400 parts per million (ppm) for at this level it is roughly one-third for optimum plant growth. To be sure, about 18,000 years ago the planet came dangerously close to losing all plant life, when CO2 levels approached 150 ppm – below which plant life cannot sustain photosynthesis and as such will perish. Is it little wonder then that the knowledgeable Dutch pump CO2 into their greenhouses to encourage plant growth. As mentioned earlier the main driver of greenhouse warming is water vapour and before global warming became a political issue, it was generally accepted among physicists that water vapour contributed to between 60% and 90% of the greenhouse effect. Carbon emissions are a smoke screen (excuse the pun), a con, a scam, and the actual danger that threatens mankind, is that of over population. This real threat manifests itself in the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest, and many other forests around the globe, over fishing of the world’s oceans, pollution of rivers, lakes and seas, pollution of the land and the pollution of the atmosphere by obnoxious gases and particulates, the menace of plastic, the spread of disease, pandemics, civil unrest, wars, the list is becoming endless – there is now not a single place on the planet that has not suffered from desecration, pollution or exploitation. It is very sad that so many good people have been taken in by unscrupulous people and disingenuous politicians concerning carbon dioxide and that a generation of children are being needlessly frightened out of their wits. Greta Thunberg’s book is titled, ‘No one is too small to make a difference’ and astute folk will tell you these are the weasel words typical of a politician chasing your vote – they have no meaning in science in the sense that a grain of salt will make no meaningful difference to the salinity of the oceans. Therefore in relation to carbon dioxide I am reminded of the words of H.L.Mencken (1880-1956), who stated, ‘The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary’.

  75. Digging in the wrong place
    Extinction Rebellion claim carbon dioxide emissions, as a result of human endeavour, are quickly bringing the planet to a climate catastrophe! So I wonder if they will be hoping Thunberg will organise a protest to castigate the Japanese intent of building a total of 22 – yes that is correct – coal-fired power stations to replace its nuclear power plants. In the next five years coal-burning plants will be built at 17 different sites in Japan. It is claimed the 22 power plants would emit almost as much carbon dioxide annually as all the passenger cars sold each year in the United States. It would appear that only half the lesson has been learned whereby the Japanese have sensibly turned their backs on the nuclear option – but why coal when the modern efficient gas-fired power stations of the CCGT variety are relatively cheap and quick to build and emit half the emissions of coal-fired stations, especially when the world is awash with gas? This, of course, is not to forget the coal-fired power stations being built in Germany, China, etc! So why were eco-activists digging up the lawn in front of the Home Office and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on Thursday 13th February 2020 – were they looking for gold, or perhaps their geography matches their knowledge of science? It is also apparent that members of Extinction Rebellion have no sense of proportion either when UK emissions are less than 2% of global emissions – could it be they are innumerate as well?

  76. I find it telling that I am not hearing any information concerning the connection between UVB radiation/Vitamin D/Flu Outbreaks from the MSM / Government.
    Please review this information and if you find it useful, share it with everyone one you know.

    Ask a doctor’s opinion.
    Ask your local media and politicians why they are not emphasizing the importance of Vitamin D & the UVB Sunlight connection to fighting COVD19 and other viruses.
    Please take your Vitamin D3,………. & C, B2,12, E, Magnesium, Omega 3,6 also, but this concerns “D3”

    Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant
    UVB kills viruses and allows the body to make Vitamin D.
    • Exposure the UVB radiation from the sun allows the body to produce Vitamin D.
    • Vitamin D is essential to the body’s immune system’s ability to fight infections, including viruses.
    • During the summer months, ( northern hemisphere) ,due to the tilt of the earth towards the sun,
    the highest amount of available UVB radiation reaches the earth’s surface. This is because the higher the sun is overhead (noon), the rays are more direct so the more concentrated the energy over a smaller area. Also, the less air the rays must pass through, thus the less filtration due to less interaction with the molecules in the air. The lowest amount of flu cases are in the summertime.
    • During the winter months, (norther hemisphere), due to the tilt of the earth away from the sun,
    the lowest amount of available UVB radiation reaches the earth’s surface. This is because the lower the sun is overhead (noon), the more oblique the angle, the less concentrated the energy over a larger area. Additionally, the more air the rays must pass through, thus the more filtration due to more interaction with the molecules in the air. The highest amount of flu cases are in the wintertime.
    • Many people are Vitamin D deficient, especially in the higher latitudes and especially during the winter months. Thus has been known for a very long time and is the reason why many foods are “fortified with Vitamin D”.
    The darker your skin, the more sun is required.
    In the US, a minimum 40% of whites, 70% of Hispanics and 82% of blacks are Vitamin D deficient.
    • Radiation from sunshine is a natural virucide. It kills viruses!
    • UV radiation is being used to disinfect hospital rooms.

    Two important questions that need to be asked.
    1. Question: Why are there no Flu Outbreaks in the summertime? Do virus’s take a vacation?
    Answer: The most amount of UVB+ is available from the Sun in the summertime months.
    • Viruses do not go away in the summertime, they have a harder time staying active (alive)
    and the body’s immune system is better equipped to fight them.
    • UVB (Sunlight) enables the human body to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D boosts the immune system’s ability to fight pathogens, including the COVD19 virus.
    • UVB+ (Sunlight) Kills pathogens, including the COVD19 virus.
    • Flu Type Viruses are not a problem in Tropical zones where UVB is available all year long.
    Most cases of COVD19 in the tropics are from individuals coming in from other areas.

    2. Question: Why is the MSM/Government telling people to stay indoors, away from the sunshine and at the same time NOT telling people to take their vitamin D?
    Answer: I don’t claim to know why, but It seems they want Power, Profit and Control for Them instead of Truth, Freedom & Health for us. Otherwise why not promote these simple facts stated above.

    I suggest you do your own research to answer this question. The truth is out there, I would not depend on the MSM/Government to supply it.

    I live in North Carolina and it took me all of 15 minutes to find the following information to connect the dots concerning UVB vs. flu cases in N.C. I am quite confident the MSM/Government know all this, after all this is from their websites.

    NOTE: It is difficult to find charts which indicate illness throughout the entire year, however the data I have found indicates illness is below 1%, emphasizing the UVB vitamin D connection.

    From the NC Department of Health & Human Services

    From the CDC website.

    From the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration

    So how much Vitamin D should one take every day?
    If you have adequate UVB sunlight exposure, your body makes all the Vitamin D you need.
    The amount of sunlight needed depends on the UVB index due to time of the year, time of the day
    and your race, ie. the color of your skin. The darker your skin, the longer exposure is required.

    The time generally ranges from around 10-30 minutes at mid-day depending on the above variables.
    With these times, it is estimated the body makes the equivalent of taking 10,000-20,000 IU supplemental vitamin D. IU means International Units. The RDA, Recommended Daily Allowance, is 600 IU for children and 800 IU for adults. Studies have shown that taking 1000 to 4000 IU per day supplement is required to maintain optimum blood levels, with 4000 IU the theoretical maximum safe limit. Milk is generally fortified with approximately 100 IU. Personally, I take one 1000 IU supplement, twice a day, or 2000 IU.
    I may increase this.

    It must be noted that optimum vitamin D blood levels are also required for proper calcium uptake for proper bone formation and many other processes in the body. Vitamin D deficiency has now been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain, and other maladies.
    This article is only concerned with Vitamin D and the immune system, but I want to point out its importance.

    It must be noted that the required time for your body to create the needed amount of vitamin D is generally less than the amount of time that it takes to damage the skin, sunburn and cause skin cancer. Also, these times are without sunscreen. Sunscreen greatly reduces vitamin D production.

    Interesting that the RDA is 800 IU, less than the minimum required to maintain optimum blood levels.
    Additionally, vitamin D requires Cholesterol to perform its functions. So we are NOT being told to take sufficient vitamin D, but are told to lower Cholesterol and stay out of the Sun. These are simplistic statements and I have no medical training, but I am intelligent enough to make a living servicing medical nuclear cameras, we all can read and have access to more information today than ever before.

    I will tell you to consult your doctor, and you should, but most of them don’t really know much about nutrition and the immune system. It’s not entirely their fault, as the medical education system is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors receive as little as 2.8 hours in eight years of their education on nutrition and immune system function. Big pharma is the main funder of medical education, pushes patented drugs as treatments, discourages study of nutrition’s effects on health and the immune system while demonizes anyone that promotes anything to the contrary.
    I suggest you make the best of this time we have been forced to “shelter in place”, shut off the Netflix binge watching and do your own research. I use the maxim of one of my heroes, William Cooper, who would begin his “short wave” radio show, (pre-internet), “ read everything, watch everything, listen to everyone, but believe nothing until you can proof it to yourself.”
    One place I have learned a lot of good information on nutrition is Joseph Everett’s “What I’ve Learned” YouTube Channel. I recommend every video Joseph has produced. Support Joseph if you find his information helpful.
    Of course, use due diligence, check your facts, but don’t only rely on Google, Wikipedia or so called fact checkers like, they all have their own agendas and algorithms that have been engaged in massive censorship of many points of view and subjects. Use alternate search engines such as GoodGopher, DuckDuckGo and Swiss Cows, and others. Seriously, these are real alternative browsers that have not shown the shadow banning, systematic redirects and outright censoring that Google, Twitter, Facebook and others have been engaged, at least for now.

    You may also consider using a VPN, Virtual Private Network. How unfortunate it is, in the land of the free, one should be concerned about one’s browsing history.

    I realize I will be demonized as being a “Conspiracy Theorist” for disseminating this information about Sunshine, UVB and Vitamin D, but I ask you, “Where is the Lie”? Put your critical thinking caps on, review the information provided and please tell me where I am wrong.

    Please answer the question, if the MSM/ Government is so concerned about our health that they are turning our country into actual prison, WHY isn’t the MSM / Government informing us about the most important , simple and inexpensive way to help protect ourselves from COVID19, Vitamin D? What is their agenda, it obviously isn’t our health.

    In these uncertain times and in not so uncertain times, you are the master of your own health. Please take care of yourselves. Without your health, you have nothing. Take control of what you can.

    Best regards, be well. Quote to Ponder
    “ Let your food by thy medicine,
    John Hirko And your medicine be thy food.”
    5004 Trent Woods Drive – Hippocrates
    Trent Woods, NC, 28562 ( one of the original doctors)

  77. Hi Everyone,

    I want to send you good wishes & good health in your future studies.
    I have a couple reading assignments for you.

    1984 by George Orwell
    Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

    What is happening now is criminal. I urge you to write local and federal goverments and voice your disgust with how they are handling this situation.

    You should voice your opinion everywhere you go.
    You will not be manipulated by fear.

    I urge you to do research and to think for yourself and question everything that government tells you.

    Please share these links, we need to end this crime against us.

    Important News Feeds

    Important Tools


  78. The symbol for the publication ‘Zerohedge’ appears in a tab, when a link is opened from the home page of ‘Iceagenow’ upon my Apple product. Curious!

  79. Robert, have you heard about the 5.8 earthquake that hit central-east California this morning? It was felt in LA and Los Vegas

  80. Hi Robert – I’m sure you’ve noticed the announcement regarding the 2020 Grand Solar Minimum that could have the sun’s output lessened for the next 30 to 50 years. Additionally the Pacific Decadal Oscillation switched to a cool cycle around 2007. These typically last 30 years. Then, of course, as you well know the Earth’s tilt has lessened the amount of sunlight above 65 degrees north latitude roughly 4,000 years ago and glaciers did begin forming. When I add up all these I’m wondering if this could be the trigger for the end of the Holocene interglacial with a steep and sudden drop into far colder weather in North America.

  81. Climate cycles will always be caused by our GALACTIC Milankovitch cycles.
    The Climate cycles of our water planet are continental glaciers with lower sea levels (Dwarka, Atlantis’s) brought on by E-W global Tsunami’s (Gobekli tepe, Washington scablands).

    Every 12,460 years half the precessional Great Year our solar system crosses over the galaxies double torus electromagnetic equator/plane causing plasma bursts from the reconnection of the Sun’s magnetosphere, Asteroid/comet impacts from crossing the galaxies toroid asteroid kuipers belt, and E-W global Tsunami’s due to the increased EM gravitational pull at the center of the galactic plane.

    Obliquity magnetic north changes reference our position to the galactic bulge in 4 quadrants e-w declination.
    Eccentricity perihelion/aphelion happens with the galactic bulge every 120,000 years half a full rotation of the galactic bulge.

    Earth is a closed loop that self regulates CO2 with life. Temperature rises first causing frozen CO2 to thaw rising CO2 second. Cause and effect. Not cart before the horse forcing or green house effect.

    Einstein. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. On this planet. All energy comes from the double toroidal fields we call the Sun and or galactic Nucleus.

    Covid like Co2 is a lie strawman built upon an inconvenient truth. The baby Boomers who were born en mass 75 years ago are starting to die from the usual suspects of seasonal FLU pneumonia and old age.

    No Buying or selling unless you wear the covidiot mask/mark of the BEAST. The Mask being a pretext for the experimental RNA vaccine, contact tracing, testing of the BEAST, before the E-W global tsunami’s come.

    Jesus loved all races because there is only one race, the HUMAN race. Humanity is being divided distracted to be conquered, again.

  82. Why only PayPal on checkout please?
    I just tried to buy the Book, and have had to back away because my only option is the evil PayPal, who I have had serious fallings out with & simply and literally cannot use them as they stopped my account for alleged ‘suspicious activity’ yet refused to tell me what, despite my bank account being a verified one.
    They demanded I actually scanned and emailed (!!!) my passport to them. I guess you can imagine how I felt about doing that so to hell with them.
    I would seriously welcome any other option to buy rather than either PayPal or Amazon. What are the chances, please?


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