Earliest snow in Sweden in 20 years

18 Sep 2019 – Winter appears to have arrived early in Northern Europe.

In the most northern parts of Värmland, it has been snowing all day, according to Dan Norström at Långberget’s sports hotel in Sysslebäck.

“I’ve been here for almost 20 years,” said Norström. “This is probably the earliest snow.”

“When I came [to work] this morning at a quarter past eight, the first flakes came.” “Now it is white everywhere and has come five to six centimeters.”

Normally, you have to wait for November and stable cooler weather before the snow settles.

Not October, but November!


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6 thoughts on “Earliest snow in Sweden in 20 years”

  1. There is an excellent YouTube video, “Climate Forcing: Our Future Is Cold,” which agrees with the “consensus” view that fluctuations in Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) have only a minimal effect on climate, but explains the many critical factors (solar wind, cosmic radiation, solar magnetic field) that are completely ignored in climate models, and which have a far greater effect than TSI.


  2. Must be global warming. I mean fridges and freezers make cold with heat so it must be the same thing? Or I am just so confused by the magic of CO2 and its ability to everything?

    • You fail to appreciate just how magical CO2 is.

      In Antarctica, for example, CO2 from an atmosphere where the temperature rarely rises above freezing manages to sneak deep below the ice and glaciers and melt them from below whilst having no appreciable effect on surface ice and snow.

      Now that is MAGIC !

  3. Greta stopped Global Warming! Hooray! Maybe she can cure cancer too! I’m waiting for the pope to declare her the final prophet. She will rule over all kingdoms and religions with justice, and bring back the golden age of preindustrial climate stability.

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