Early snow and frost stall Canadian harvest

Snow has already put several fields across the prairies at risk, threatening even the areas that are not yet hit by frost.

From 10 to 100 cm (4 – 39 inches) of snow affected parts of the country on October 9, particularly several regions of Alberta including Calgary.

In the south, about 60% of the canola crop had been harvested, but less than 16% had been combined. Wheat harvesting was only 35% done.

Although the snow is not expected to last, it can make crops flat and difficult to harvest. The snow also leaves a wet and muddy field, bogging down equipment. The resulting damp grains loses value and costs more to dry.

Snow is expected to hit Manitoba in the next days.


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4 thoughts on “Early snow and frost stall Canadian harvest”

  1. The media have to report this, but they tiptoe around the subject, and certainly don’t discuss the ramifications for agriculture.

    We are in the midst of a federal election campaign here in Canada. Media and politicians are shrieking about “climate crisis”, while the Prairies are buried in winter at the beginning of autumn. Little wonder that many in the western provinces are becoming increasingly angry.

    As a farmer, I am quite concerned about the way the “Extinction Rebellion” and “Climate Crisis” folks have been vilifying agriculture. Production of meat and milk should be eliminated, according to them. They also seem to be opposed to the production of our major grain crops.

    Yet most of these folks live in the industrial west, which has the safest, most abundant supply of food that mankind has ever enjoyed. Some of our critics even go so far as to suggest that most of our agricultural lands should be “rewilded”.

    It strikes me that the parts of the World where the most human progress has occurred; where democracy has taken firm root; and where moves to eliminate injustices based on gender, race, etc. are strongest, enjoy the foundation of a strong agriculture and food system.

  2. have to admit losing gmo canola doesnt upset me.
    but valuable crops like wheat etc is bad

    isnt this the third yr in a row this has occurred??

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