February in mid May for California

“High temperatures will be more reminiscent of what we might see in February or early March,” National Weather Service warns. Yet more snowfall on the way.

Unusually strong cold front

An unusually strong cold front will dive into the region today bringing a round of strong winds and numerous rain and snow

Snow: Rain and snow showers are expected to develop over most areas by this afternoon, with even isolated thunderstorms
possible, producing pellets and lightning. Heavier snow showers, especially those in the mountains, could result in sudden slick
roadways and traffic incidents. This rain and snow shower pattern will likely occur again Friday and Saturday. Even overnight snow showers cannot be ruled out and these may produce a dusting of snow even at lower elevations.

Temperatures will plummet

* Chill: Temperatures will plummet to well below normal today through Saturday. This combined with breezy winds and showers
will make it feel rather unpleasant for those outside for extended periods of time. High temperatures will be more reminiscent of what we might see in February or early March.

Freezes likely

Freezes are likely Friday morning and possibly again Saturday morning, so ensure your early plants and irrigation are


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15 thoughts on “February in mid May for California”

  1. They really won’t talk about it. Only way is too look at accident reports on I 80 (spinouts on snow) etc. Mammoth Mountain (still open for skiing closer to Southern California is reporting heavy snow, and it could snow for 2 more days. There’s even precipitation further South, isolated mountains, where it doesn’t rain much. Still, they’d rather talk about drought than something newsworthy. It’s raining (and snowing) again in all the supposed extreme drought areas, Southwest Coloradi, Utah, Nevada, etc.

    • I looked at the temperature anomaly model runs for GFS for 1pm in the days ahead and the vast majority show below average right into June for the south. I notice how much colder my house is on days with little or no sun having turned the heating off on 1 May. I have an open fire to make it warm of an evening.

  2. I miss the information on record cold temps from around the world. I also wonder if Robert Felix has moved to a warmer climate yet.

  3. More snow for Montana again May 23rd, 2021 –


    * WHAT…Snow expected for elevations above 5500 feet. Total snow
    accumulations 2 to 4 inches over passes and up to 9 inches for
    most mountain areas above pass level. Only an inch or less of snow
    likely in most valleys and on the foothills of the Rocky Mountain

    * WHERE…Portions of north central, southwest, and west central


  4. Just returned from The Ridge up the hill from South Lake Tahoe. On Friday we went for breakfast in town and couldn’t return to our rooms 2 hours later because the Kingsbury Grade was suddenly snowed in.

    GloBull Warming strikes again.

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