Fight against CO2 a ‘full-blown mystical delusion’ say French mathematicians

“Our flustered activity will do nothing to alter CO2 concentrations, any more than it could cause the satellites of Jupiter to become bigger or smaller.” – Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA


Yesterday I posted excerpts from a white paper issued by the Paris-based Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA.

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Here are a few more excerpts from that paper:

Born of absurdity, the jolly crusade soon lost all coherence, replacing its initial slogan of ‘reducing CO2‘ with the banner of ‘eradicating everything that is bad for the planet‘. This is where everyone started chipping in and naming their victims, so that in a very short time every human activity became some denigrator‘s target. Without any checks, validations or verifications, the happy torturers made the most of their new power. Such commitment, such an abundance of means for so many years, such blinkered vision, such determination could not but have an effect, not on the planet but on the crusaders themselves – a little like an army setting off to wage war which has to cross a desert, going in deeper and deeper every day, so that every day it becomes a little harder to turn back.

France is now verging on the ideology of an underdeveloped nation, seeking to husband its scarce resources, share them, recycle them – anything rather than manufacture new products, because ‘it‘s bad for the planet‘.

The good people tremble: we‘re living in a foul atmosphere; something must be done. Thank goodness we have the Ministry of Ecology! The good people are delighted that so much care is being taken and that science is being put to such good use.

Nobody, at any time, has bothered to ask what ‘the air has to be clean‘ really means. Nobody has asked the following simple, silly questions:

      – What is the normal, usual composition of the atmosphere? The usual atmosphere is not ‘clean‘; it is a mixture of all sorts of dusts and gases. Have we properly studied the atmosphere‘s composition and its variability? The atmosphere is not the same everywhere or all of the time.

      – Do we actually need the atmosphere to be cleaner? By their very nature, human beings are able to adapt to any environment. France has no public health problems linked to the composition of the atmosphere: it has one of the longest life expectancies in the world.

      – What is the economic cost going to be of all these measures to alter the composition of the atmosphere? Will we still be able to have a manufacturing industry and transport sector? What might the negative consequences be?

These questions have never been asked, and they will never be asked. The decision that has been taken is legitimate because ‘it‘s good for the planet‘. The crusade begins, with the usual cortège of false virtues: there are ‘soft‘ modes of transport, ‘virtuous‘ industries, imbecilic Ministry advertisements calling on us to ‘pedal for the planet‘.

What we are talking about here is a full-blown mystical delusion. It is difficult to believe that some of our policymakers have degrees in engineering.

See entire white paper:

Thanks to the Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA, for this link.

“A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter,” according to Wikipedia. “:It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.”

20 thoughts on “Fight against CO2 a ‘full-blown mystical delusion’ say French mathematicians”

  1. Our leaders have been brainwashed (or maybe frog-marched) into believing that CO2 causes the greenhouse effect to make us warmer. Scientists have been falling over themselves to get hand-outs to prove it. After 30 years of research and an estimated $10billion spent world-wide on this research, there is still no evidence. Want to know why? The greenhouse effect (GHE) does not exist! Even Fourier himself came to that conclusion. Yet the “official” skeptic community regards people who state that there is no GHE as “absurd”. Read this paper by Joe Postma and come to realize that a GHE in an open to space atmosphere is impossible – A Note on Fourier and the Greenhouse Effect –
    For further science on the GHE, read Alan Siddons at

  2. It’s good for the planet? But the planet doesn’t give a damn. One super volcano going off–like we know they have in the past–will pretty much ruin everybody’s day…and lives. A rather large rock falling on the Earth from space–like we know has happened in the past–will also kill off most of the human population. Less energy being thrown off the Sun and reaching Earth will quite likely cause another major glaciation period making most of the Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable, with dire consequences for humans. And what will the Earth do? Nothing. And, in 10 million years, it will still be here merrily going about its way, but I doubt that humans will be.

      • Oh Ice Woman, I wouldn’t say that !

        Change the word “Leaders” to Leader !!

        And since you’re probably young enough to live 15 more years, hopefully You won’t see “It”, but it is alive today, but the time isn’t ready yet, and that is why the World is moving towards a “1” World Government, they’re just preparing the way for It !!!

        Make no mistake, It is the Wrong Way !

        But it is alive already, hope You don’t see It


    • Humans only evolved from apes over the last 6 million years. Modern humans in less than the last 1 million. Whatever decendents of our are around in 10 million years will no longer be humans. They will have evolved into something else…

  3. Yes and meanwhile all the sensible people know that Co2 was measured at 0.04 % over 100 years ago and it has only “risen” to 0.038% so still lower. Pollution generally was way more back then when every factory, ship,railway and home burned wood and coal. Smog and respiratory diseases were rife. Modern life is much cleaner. Even if it was a driver of climate 1 it has not increased and 2 the entire human race adds 2 % to it so 98 % would still be there if we vanished from the planet right now.
    Stunning levels of general public ignorance are what allowed this nonsense to gain traction and the culprits know that they can spout anything to them now and be listened to. How sad.

  4. So, are the French behaving like people who formerly smoked cigarettes but have now kicked the habit?
    It was Frenchmen who invented margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Now we know how good those things are for us, don’t we?

    French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès invented margarine “for the working class and incidentally the Navy” in 1869 –

    Hydrogenation of organic substances was first developed by the French chemist Paul Sabatier in 1897 –

    How ironic!

  5. Well, the issue of atmospheric pollution is for real, and in particular the problem small particle emission and especially ultra fine particle emission.
    Where I live in Holland, the life expectancy of the population is at least one year shorter than average without u.f.p emission, one of the worst locations within Europe in that respect..
    What happens is, these damaging nano particles get into the lungs and then in the bloodstream and hence health is being compromised.
    Ofcourse this kind of pollution is entirely unrelated to the CO2 hysteria, that is based on nonsense as we all know by now, but the lies persist and causes a lot of unnecessary economic damage, making wealthy countries weaker than need be. All part of the NWO agenda imo.

    • It is not correct to say that pollution from small particles is unrelated to the CO2 hysteria. Because of this hysteria the design of all internal combustion engines is now optimised to give minimum CO2 emissions. Minimising CO2 directly results in an increase in emissions of small particles and other substances injurious to human health.

      Thus measures to reduce CO2 cause many deaths from cancer and lung diseases. “Carbon” taxes and subsidies to inefficient renewables also cause tens of thousands of deaths in Europe alone through fuel poverty whereas a trace of CO2 never hurt anyone!

  6. The French have always had a concern for the atmosphere – only not anyone else’s !

    That’s why during the 70’s and 80’s they continued to conduct above ground nuclear tests while everyone else ceased.

    AND they did it in the South Pacific – polluting the southern hemisphere’s atmosphere – about as far away from France as they could get.

    Subsequently, they became sensitive to the “atmosphere” of protest against their god given right to trample over other’s rights and decided the heated “atmosphere” whipped up by the Rainbow Warrior harassment required sinking it by espionage action in the port of a nation which helped save their hides in 2 wars which they had already lost when the foreigners arrived from halfway around the world to fight for them.

    Of course they also had for years ignored the protests of the other nation whose soldiers are still honoured by many villages and towns throughout France – Australia.

    Let idiots support impossible crusades – perhaps supporting imbecilic harmful “Save the Planet” type crusades is natural population control ?

    I am and will always be a supporter of minimising environmental harm but CO2 is not a pollutant.

    Clearing forests to grow biofuels, construct windmills and solar power “parks” is insanity for people who supposedly value nature – the plant and animal kingdoms.

    Giving the money fraudulently wasted on CO2 “research” to the poor in Africa would probably wipe out poaching overnight and save thousands of endangered animals.

    • CO2 has been measured in various laboratories over more than a hundred years. Results higher than 540 ppm have been recorded well before the mid twentieth century.

      Such measurements are obviously local to the institute undertaking the analysis.

      Actual references are difficult to find as Google is a prominent AGW proponent – ironically they consume more electricity than perhaps a quarter of mankind – and any search will give results supporting the notion that CO2 has never been higher than today.

      Note that current CO2 levels are measured on top of an active volcano in Hawaii – local and biased ? Climate “scientists” say it isn’t but they say all sorts of outlandish things as well.

      This site lists all sorts of references to CO2 measurements with some up to 700 ppm in the 1880’s

      But at all of these CO2 is nothing more than a trace gas and is always a mere 1/50th of the concentration of water vapour in a moist atmosphere.

      Climate science teaches that atmospheric back radiation has equal heating power to the solar radiation – or even greater if you believe some – and that is simply absurd !

  7. I’m amazed that intelligent people still seem to think that science or logic matter in this debate, as if the global warming camp is merely misguided, mistaken in their facts, and a little more proof from our side will turn the whole thing around.

    What we are dealing with is global Nazis. They have improved their methods over the years. They have infiltrated and now mostly control the government, the entertainment and news media, the universities, some churches, and are now in the process of indoctrinating the vast majority of children.

    Those of us who dare to think for ourselves are likely now to be branded either old farts or terrorists. If they can be patient, all they really have to do to assert total control is wait for the old farts to die off. The great majority of younger people are totally susceptible to manipulation by the media, as they have been raised to be.

    Global warming is simply the excuse. If they are forced to abandon it in the face of inescapable facts, they will simply find another. This is the real threat to humanity, not pollution or an ice age.

  8. “I’m amazed that intelligent people still seem to think that science or logic matter in this debate”

    So says Deb above !

    But what I am amazed at is the what is becoming “Global Stupidity”, in many ways being lead by the American People ?

    These people will believe anything you tell them, regardless if it is really happening ??

    Suffice to say that “all” of the Bridges World Wide have already been sold, and down payments are currently being excepted for the new Bridges being built today…

  9. Rick_S-You are so very right. The American People have been systematically under- and mis-educated, encouraged to eat foods that lead to physical and mental deterioration, had their pleasures pandered to, their initiative undermined and have generally been purposefully destroyed as a force for what is good and right in this world. This process began as soon as this nation began, but in the beginning it was slow and devious. Now it is tearing downhill like a giant destructive snowball, but the American People are so dumbed down that they STILL can’t see it, by and large.

  10. What we have is the return of the Committee of Public Safety. The same simplistic methods used then are as effective today as they ever were. Most people are docile, adverse to being sceptical of received wisdom and in a nutshell , fucking dumb. It’s actually amazing we made it this far.

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