Flagstaff – Almost 3 ft of snow in 24 hrs sets new record

Not just for February 21st, but for ANY day of the year in more than a century.

Thursday set the all-time daily record for snowfall in Flagstaff, Arizona, with 35.9 inches (91.2 cm) of snow. The previous record of 31 inches (78.7 cm) was set more than a century ago, on Dec. 30, 1915.

Thursday’s storm also shattered February’s all-time daily snowfall record of 24 inches set on Feb. 2, 1901

The storm unloaded feet of snow, creating blizzard conditions and shutting down travel over the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.



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9 thoughts on “Flagstaff – Almost 3 ft of snow in 24 hrs sets new record”

  1. As of right now we have snow in Tucson, AZ to the tune of 1/2 inch and still coming down heavy. And it’s 31 degrees here at 10 AM. Unbelievable!! Where is all that global warming?????????

  2. DId you ever think today’s “scientist” would conclude:

    Global Warming is Bad.


    Plants love it. Animals love it. Fish love it. Vegetation Grows. Disease decrease.


  3. Same in KIngman AZ just over the border from Ca. Record from 1915 broken. It even snowed in Needles Ca. Needles often beats Death Valley heat temps in the summer. I know in my lifetime of 57 years this would be the fourth time Needles ever got any snow dusting period.

      • Robert… Let me try to find that for you. I am basing this on personal experience living there all my life and measuring for myself in numerous places to get an average. The record comes from discussions with longtime ranching friends who’s families have owned the same ranches since the 1800’s. But it should be documented as the same from other sources…

  4. This is a good post, is there anyway to stop posting “record snowfall on this date” type of posts (especially when talking about measly amount of 5 inches in an area that regular gets that much). Literally adds no value, but record breaking single day snowfall since 1901 sure does and gives the right kind of perspective!

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