Global-warming skeptics are sick and must be treated, says prof

Professor Kari Norgaard

Should we all be locked up in the looney bin? How about forced meds?

Not only sick, we’re also evil.

Climate-change skepticism must be ‘treated’, says enviro-sociologist.

“Resistance at individual and societal levels must be recognized and treated.”

Dubious on warming peril? You’re the kind who’d own slaves!

Professor Kari Norgaard compares the struggle against climate scepticism to that against racism and slavery in the US South’

According to this article in The Register, “Scepticism regarding the need for immediate and massive action against carbon emissions is a sickness of societies and individuals which needs to be “treated”, according to an Oregon-based professor of “sociology and environmental studies”. Professor Kari Norgaard, who compares the struggle against climate scepticism to that against racism and slavery in the US South.”

Prof Norgaard, who holds a B.S. in biology and a master’s and PhD in sociology, presented a paper on Wednesday “dealing with how best to do away with the evil of scepticism and get the human race to focus all its efforts on saving the planet.”

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Note: Wattsupwiththat is now reporting that the offending person and her idiocy has been scrubbed from the University of Oregon website:

“What we have here is a demonstration of the disinfecting power of sunlight,” says reader D.S. Scott. “More accurately, as soon as the spotlight is focused on the hyperbole of the left, the cockroaches flee for the cracks to hide. It shows that propaganda can only succeed when it is unopposed and for this reason AGW cultists attempt to silence the opposition. Damn that Al Gore for inventing the internet!”

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  1. I hate to be sceptical, but there is a reason she has a bs degree and I proomise you it had nothing to do with a bachelor of science degree! what a shame that Oregon’s reputation will take another hit as a climate for reasonable and accurate research.

  2. Of all the useless….How much was she paid to write this paper? Who paid for her trip to London? What empirical data does she offer as evidence? Dear Lord what has become of our university system that a PHD even in something as esoteric as sociology should be given so readily to people of her questionable mental fortitude?
    From now on no PHDs awarded to anyone under the age of 40 and or who has not had to live for at least 10 years outside of academia working in the private sector. Military service will be considered on a case by case basis. So says John the 1st!

    • Yikes! I thought that was just a bad picture on the info wars web site, then I went to the U of O web site. All I can say is Yikes!

  3. So she has a problem with science, because all scientists should be skeptics.

    B.S. in biology and a master’s and PhD in sociology so she must know a lot about climate-change.

    ps I’m so glad you did not put her picture. I think she has a big problem with herself.

  4. We need to save our economy first. The US has 1.5 trillion barrels of shale oil that is a decade or so away from delivery at an economic price. Think, that would make us the new energy king of the world, not to mention the massive coal reserves. Given the global cooling that is emerging, we need that energy as well as a balanced budget. We don’t need CAP and Trade or to close all our coal plants. Those who state otherwise need to see a shrink.

  5. These sick liberals that believe in global warming have an incurable disease – the disease of liberalism. They must be put into a mental institution for the mentally insane and then get intensive brain surgery. After that, we need to make sure their new home has at least a 1 foot steel wall surrounding it, given the nature of violent liberals and environmentalists. They are nothing but sick animals.

    • Kenneth ,
      The bizarre thing is modern liberals aren`t actually liberals in the classical sense but socialist/totalitarians . The modern conservative would identify far more readily with the classical liberal concepts of of limited government,rule of law for state and individuals , due process, and liberty of individuals including freedom of religion , speech, press, assembly, and free markets .

      Completely unlike the modern liberal who actually supports ever larger and ever more intrusive government , state control of the press ( including the internet ) suppression of “dangerous” ideas , the shutting down of religious freedom for the masses ,a class based system of law in support of the ruling political elite and those groups currently in favour and above all they hate with a passion anybody who doesn`t conform to their dogmatic ideology .

  6. The modern era is an interglacial period in an Ice Age that Nikolov & Zeller say followed the loss of 53% of our planet’s atmosphere around 50 million years ago

    Nikolov & Zeller published a poster called the “Unified Theory of Climate” claiming that planetary surface temperatures can be calculated accurately if pressure and TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) are known. If their claim is correct, so-called “Greenhouse Gasses” such as carbon dioxide are not responsible for the observed “Global Warming” since 1850.

    • EXACTLY like the Spanish Inquisition , which was an institution at the service of the Spanish monarchy NOT the church . The Inquisitor General was a royal appointment granted to those who curried favour with the Crown . Most of the Inquisitions behaviours were diametrically opposed to the church`s central tennets at the time , so much so that “modern” concepts such as pressumed innocence , and the requirement of proof beyond doubt and confessions under torture being inadmissible as evidence were written into church law to curb the excesses of the inquisition .

      The parallels stand up to close examination quite well with only the terminology differing but the parts in the play being the same i.e.

      Heretic / Denier
      Satan / Big Oil
      fiery pit of hell for sinners/ fiery desolate earth for carbon emmiters

      ( try using this substitution in any gorbull warming newspaper article , it works wonders for putting it in pespective )

      The inquisition claimed to be Holy while treating requests from the church for fairness and mercy with utter contempt .

      Global warmists tell us to respect the science while at the same time treating the scientific method with utter contempt

      The inquisition banned any literature from Spain that didn`t support it`s position even if the literature was recommended by the Pope himself .

      The warmists want to redefine the nature of the peer review system to one that restricts publishing to only papers that they approve of .

      Anyway , You get the idea ,

      • Yes, Byron. We must never forget that this is never about the science – that’s just the excuse they use. Rather, it’s about power and control, and the use of pseudo-religion to exercise that power and control. Appeals to reason and correct science fall on deaf ears, sadly, when it comes to this subject (as with others, including world finance).

  7. “The good prof is in London at the moment for the “Planet Under Pressure” conference, where she presented a paper on Wednesday dealing with how best to do away with the evil of scepticism and get the human race to focus all its efforts on saving the planet.”

    How much do you want to bet that she is in London on the taxpayers dime. She has a B.S degree (self-explanatory) and a PhD. Well after reading her dribble her Ph.D must be an acronym for piled higher and deeper.

    Wonder if the “Planet Under Pressure Conference” gave her an Al Gore decoder ring?

  8. We all know what qualification is meant by the abbreviation B.S. – looks like he also suffers from verbal diarrhoea.

  9. Whenever these people start losing the battle, they invoke racism! Whenever they start this drivel, it’s time to shut them off with the truth. Except they cannot accept they are losing. I wonder if they really learned anything or just follow the far left wing propagana?

  10. Whenever these people start losing the battle, they invoke racism! Whenever they start this drivel, it’s time to shut them off with the truth. Except they cannot accept they are losing. I wonder if they really learned anything or just follow the far left wing propaganda?

  11. Just think. Students pay 40,000 a year to receive a substandard education from wackos like that. This nutjob needs to get back on his meds immediately.

  12. I’ve always had a problem with people that have “degrees” in “sciences” such as Psychology or academics such as sociology. Although there can be some basic use for these degrees, I find that when the candidates stay in the program long enough to get their doctorates, they have been away from reality too long to be able to recognize the difference between fact and fantasy. I am sure, as a group, they watch ALL the “reality” TV shows and believe that those people are alone, with no cameras and cameramen to film them.

  13. The warmists are ready for the loony bins. they must be losing a lot of sleep trying to come up with ideas to shore up their disfunctional record and their loss of more and more people who as the more they try to convince the populace the greater the disbelief grows. Just give up and admit to the scam and make amends before you become the laughing stock of the world.

  14. That kind of smile that she has is a mischievous grin, or simply an indicator of neurological problems?

  15. She should use her B.S. in Biology to analyze her own genetic code. At least she would know why she looks so horrible.

    As an engineer, I rely on the tenet of “looks bad, works bad.” She looks bad, and works bad. Her own faculty page at U of O has typos on it. She can’t even figure out spell check and she wants to diagnose a new disease? Right, check.

    Yet another climate change kook, who happens to look like a kook. I do like the desperation though. They wouldn’t be making such ridiculous statements if things were going their way.

  16. Pity the dopey broad doesnt actually — USE sociology to consider why? anyone not following a mass delusion
    ( no real solid evidence means it is NOT a fact re co2)
    is considered to be in the same group as holocaust deniers. or mentally unbalanced?
    yeah there ARE some people with Climate mental health issues but, it is NOT the sceptic camp.
    we arent the ones scaring kids, cutting power to the poor and aged, causing folks to suicide in fear of the fry and die fallacy.
    what really gets my goat is the fact I and so many others have had to listen and see this bullshit on all media every single day for the last 10+ years.
    while we who doubt the veracity and honesty( and with reason after climategate and hockey schtick)
    and ask them to park their angst, and actually read or listen to the opposing view, stop and actually think a bit..we?? are the ones with a “problem” of acceptance?
    i think NOT.

  17. The term ‘projecting your own fantasies onto others’ is what psychologists call it……

  18. Didn’t Robert once post a video of Al Gore same thing? The treatment of dissidents by giving them a label and a curse is not new. By virtue of participating in this blog, we have already labeled ourselves.

  19. Kari Norgaard must have something wrong with her.
    Perhaps she needs institutional care and treatment.
    Government, the media and academia would have to be retarded to take her opinions seriously.
    If her views represent the official point of view then we need new and different leadership that understands reality and morality and not some BS political agenda.

  20. Lets not over react. Perhaps just branding a “D” on their forehead (D for denier) would be sufficient. Then if that doesn’t cure them we could have communist style retraining camps.

  21. It was inevitable the warmistas would lose the debate over global warming, since there was nothing to back up their theory other than unconnectable anecdotes and computer projections which never seem to pan out.

    That having failed, they tried temperature data tampering, fabricating FrankenGraphs (Hockey Sticks), assassinating the character of dissenting scientists, pressuring publications to reject non-consensus papers, all to no avail.

    In desperation, they are now scraping the bottom of the barrel relying on psycho-babble, such as, Professor Norgaard’s non-peer-reviewed article, to maintain whatever credibility they think they have.

    The Grand Solar Minimum is underway, and no amount of CO2 increase is going to stop the decades of brutal cold, crop failures, and fuel shortages that are in our future.

    • Great comment. There is just no scientific evidence to back up 90% or more of what they say.
      They don’t know what they’re talking about and they want to save the planet!
      Well, me too, I want to preserve (save?) our beautiful planet but not by saying lies and looking for problems in the wrong direction. The latter is a perfect recipe for creating more problems instead, as we are already seeing with the lack of preparedness everywhere for the real changes in weather that the new grand minimum will bring.
      The continuation of the lies is a perfect way to bring us (humanity) to extinction not Mother Earth.

    • That’s what I see coming too. Dr. Abdussamatov is saying “Little Ice Age” starting around 2014, for 200 years. A couple of years back Professor Vladimir Paar warned that the 70,000 year glaciation epoch would set in soon (within 5 years). It’s very interesting how roughly the same year comes up in both cases.

    • Are you absolutely sure about the Grand Solar Minimum??? The lower 48 just suffered through the 4th warmest winter on record. The lack of snow-melt portends more drought over the west this summer. 2012 will be known as the “year without a winter”. This summer is going to be a fire cracker of a summer, just like last summer (at least in Texas). I question the veracity of “decades of brutal cold”. Upcoming fuel shortages are of a political nature due to Obama trying to shove alternate fuels down our throat.

  22. Another scientific highlight of Norgaard is her recent work “What happens to Karuk masculinity when there are no fish?”.

    I have been wondering about that for years.

  23. The much feared 400 PPM of CO2 is the same as 40 molecules of CO2 amid 99,960 molecules of mostly N2 and O2 . . . and less than 2 of those CO2 molecules are caused by human industry.

    Would any sane person think that a modest warming of 2 molecules would have any measurable effect of the aggregate temperature of 99,998 molecules?

    The atmosphere of Planet Earth might be warming or cooling, but this is caused by natural forces, and we humans have no control.

    If she is a biologist, surely she should know that CO2 is in effect “plant food”, and twice as much as is now in the atmosphere would be great for all green plants.

    When did the study of chemistry and physics come to an end? Both subjects were well taught when I attended high school, lo those many years ago.

    • You are so right……but alas the world has changed recently, students are taught not to think or even know the basic fundamentals of knowledge, it is the same in almost every sector of society…look at the financial system it is not based on reality only on “Get rich quick ” Schemes…where is out planet going?

    • 99 thousand molecules on the wall 99 thousand molecules. Take them down pass them around 98 thousand molecules on the wall…………………what?

      Sorry I am in my tired stupid mode.

      Good night.

  24. Norgaard is suggesting dealing with the opposition just as the Soviets did. Like all Warmists, their ideas are neither original or genuine. The point of threatening psychiatric treatment is to induce fear in those who vocally disagree to buy their silence. The treatment suggested doesn’t cure anyone it only modifies their behavior to avoid the consequences of disagreeing.

    The AGW cult like it’s communist cousin only thrives when their propaganda is unopposed otherwise it merely becomes a passe subject for intellectuals to feel morally superior to those who don’t hold the politically correct view. When they can’t quote reason with them then fear is their reflexive means of persuasion. The advocacy of these methods suggest an ideology that can not readily survive on it’s own in the market place of ideas. Ironically Bill Ayers suggested the exact same methods to be employed in concentration camps where Americans who disagreed with his view of the world were to “re-educated”. Failing to learn was to be punished by death. Bill Ayers contemplated it would be necessary to murder 20 million people back in the 1970s to silence their opposition via incorrect thinking or lack of obeisance.

  25. Typical move from the left. “If you cannot beat them in debate, criminalize them and lock them up or declare them insane and lock them up.” Oh, and by the way, I am a university professor too. A few of us in this profession still do have common sense.

    • I don’t know how it is in the US but in Italy this is a typical move not only from left but also from center and right. Maturity in debates is dead.

  26. I get tired of hearig drivel like this “professor” puts out. Now the South is being blamed for AGW. Well I guess warm air does come up from the South. I guess that is because slavery existed in the South 147 years ago.

    There is a story told about a New Yorker who decided to drive to Florida for vacation rather than fly. After getting off the interstate and becoming lost he stopped in a small town to get gas and a road map. He was having a bad day and his wife and kids had been complaining all day so he vented all of his fustrations on the old man working at the gas station. He complained about the roads, backwoods small towns, the heat and humidity and then launched into a self righteous rant about civil rights and slavery. Finally he he ended with the following question. “Another thing why do you people insist on re-fighting the Civil War all the time?” The old man who had not said anything up to this point looked him in the eye and said “We keep fightin’ cause you keep shootin’.

  27. Is her article a dire portent of forthcoming policy of governments, which are currently taking more and more dictatorial control over their hapless subjects?

    “Maybe this world is another planet’s Hell,” wrote Aldous Huxley.

  28. The Global Warming crowd informed us that fat people cause global warming. This “professor” is contributing more than her fair share to global warming, judging by her photo. If she’s that serious about combatting global warming, then she should join Weight Watchers.

  29. First we had an “ICE AGE” in the late 1970’s then some one needed some funds so we had ‘Global Warming’…that did not work so we have “Climate Change”
    If we have warming we can live with that but with an Ice Age it will be nearly impossible for mankind to survive……


    • Not impossible Lloyd just difficult.
      There will be fewer of us around for various reasons. I expect an ice age will put mankind to the test of survival of the fittest and the smartest and may be the luckiest.. I was watching a History channel documentary last night about ancient weather and they were talking about an ice age that preceded the last one and they figured that there may have been a 90% decline in the population of humans in Africa. The estimate is a population of ten thousand people surviving near watering holes and streams that were surounded by desert. That was a Near Extinction Level Event. The key to not going extinct is to have large well adapted populations that are able to improvise adapt and overcome.
      I expect that if we see another ice age many of the politically correct practices and ideas will disappear for the good of the species.

  30. What gives me the sh*ts is that this is being paid for using our taxes. With so many real problems in this world people struggling to “make ends meet” are paying for this drivel. Another example of academia hopelessly out of touch.

  31. Did you notice how her book uses “Climate Change” on the cover instead of “Global Warming”? It angers the hell out of me when freaks like this try to make it look like we don’t believe in “Climate Change”. I only hope when the cold does arrive, fools like her are arrested and thrown in prison for the damage they are causing.

  32. How useful is a sociology degree? Not very, the Peace Corp seldomly accepts anyone with a Sociology major…

    • That’s too bad… Those Sociology Majors are DESPERATELY needed in the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. THOSE would be very satisfactory places to send ALL of them. LoL

  33. She looks like Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor! Don’t think I won’t get some benefit out of her photo in my garden this summer! Plaster her on both ends and all of God’s creatuers will stay away from my veggies!

    • Too Funny! I knew she looked familiar and you’ve nailed it..! The Nutty Professor… absolutely!!!

      Not only does she LOOK like the Nutty Professor, she thinks like a “Nutty” Professor Too..!!!

      This ‘Norgaard’ gal is a menace to her own mind. LoL

  34. Typical Commie Professor. Didn’t start re-eduction camp in Vietnam after the fall of South Vietnam. Global Warming is just one of the tools by Illuminati to bring about a one world government. UN Agenda 21 is another tool. The Historical Geology professor told our class that a increase or decrease of five degrees could cause a Ice Age in a Historical Geology Class I took.Al Gore is a 335d degree Freemason. So the ties are there.

  35. I haven’t read every comment in it’s entirety, but surely I’m not the only one who thinks this is was a good April Fools post?

  36. Early in the Global Warming propaganda, probably about 2002 or 3, there was a science article that told us the outer planets & satellites were warming also. Exit the man-made warming theory, unless we’re so hot we’re warming Mars too. Am I the only one that saw it? Fiddlin

    • Yes it was mentioned on FOX and a few other places. Its been around quite a lot. Its just that its ignored by those who would be king.
      From my perspective early on in the global warming game is more like 1984 to 1988. 2003 is late in the game.

  37. Hormones do their work… Maybe the professor should see her physician and have her glasses cleaned underway? My taxi-driver lately watched at our still snowclad Sierra Nevada and sighed: “Oh that bloody global warming!” Of course there will be global warming in the future, when the Sun gets a Red Giant. In several millions of years or later…

  38. Academia in the form of holding a Bachelors Degree in Science has nothing to do with real science, in the same way in which me holding a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art has nothing to do with real art. “Global Warming” is a new religious obsession affecting some people. Religion has to be based on science; not science has to be based on religion. Following the scientific method, accepting all the data, instead of just some of the data, will bring us to the truth. Unfortunately the religious minded tend towards only accepting data that up holds their religious doctrines. We need to work out a paradigm that explains all the data, not just some of the data. You can always tell when some one is losing the argument because they usually start getting violent and threatening. Professor Kari Norgaard is religious and delusional. I can see this just by looking at her photograph. The insane have no idea that they are insane. In fact it is very common for the insane to point fingers at the sane claiming them to be the insane. Insanity is all in the eye of the beholder and entirely relative. Psychiatry must not allow itself to fall into being used by politicians to serve some political ideological or religious agenda. That mistake was made in NAZI Germany and resulted in millions being killed in “psychiatric hospitals” that were quickly turned into concentration camps for the exploitation of slave labour and murder. Personally I think that Professor Kari Norgaard is a typical psychopath. My opinion is only my opinion since I am not a qualified psychiatrist. However, I am not stupid. Anyone can see clearly that Professor Kari Norgaard is not a very intelligent person. The thing about the psychopath is that they will use whatever knowledge they gain to serve their psychopathic hostility towards everyone around them. In other words Professor Kari Norgaard is a danger to the public and should be “sectioned” [hospitalised] so that professionally qualified psychiatrists can assess her condition before it becomes worse. She appears to be obsessive and phobic about the substance called Carbon Dioxide. Such phobia must have its causes. Thus it can be treated. My opinion is that Professor Kari Norgaard is a religious fanatic. Religiously superstitious and phobic about Carbon Dioxide to the point of being insane. Her fear of Carbon Dioxide has nothing to do with any real science.

  39. What a nin-cow-poop! It’s fascism run a muck. Scientists are skeptics by nature. We question everything, especially when some novel theory doesn’t pass the smell test. AGW is dead, it’s history. It has been filed among the myths of imbeciles.

  40. Funny, the professor herself looks like she’s mentally ill.
    Regardless of what the retarded eco leftists say, I don’t think its unreasonable to deny global warming when we have been bombarded bylies from the politically influenced scientists.
    Thus the manipulation of data by east anglia, along with the fake hockey stick graph, the many inaccuracies and flat out lies discovered in the 2007 IPCC report. Then there’s the pathetic tactic of using our children politically through lies of Polar bears dying when 75% live in Canada, not on ice floats along with population quadrupling since the 50’s.
    There are plenty of lies, confusing and corrupt data out there. I guess the left has forgotten all about a little thing called Accountability and Credibility. There’s few institutions with credibility, and many have reported Co2 not a big deal. The NOAA reported that it is the water vapor in the stratosphere responsible for magnified heating and cooling cycles, NOT co2.

  41. Reading the distorted reporting of Doctor Norgaard’s original comments and checking out the comments in this thread, I think Doctor Norgaards seems to have a point.

  42. Rush had a ball with this one. With the UN IPCC backing down the scaffolding these demigods stand on is getting very rickety!

  43. We (‘The People’) Are in Serious Trouble, Unless … We Expose/Combat These Criminals, With The Truth. (There Isn’t Much Time.)
    Take Care, Ya’ll & may God Help America.
    & CasesCorner.Com

  44. The ‘prof’ looks like Gary Busey in drag! Ah hah hah hah!!! It would be hilarious if they weren’t serious, she aint the first one to espouse such radical (Alinsky liberal) viewpoints…

  45. Is this an advance April’s Fool prank LOL??

    If this funny-looking, abominable creature is a ‘professor’, than every turd might as well claim to be a cupcake …

  46. Being based on OR how could she not be aware of this year’s massively positive cryological balance in the Cascades?

    • I’ll answer using the same tone. It’s a pity you’re not jewish and your grandparent didn’t die at Auschwitz. We would have one less idiot on Earth.

      • Miguel I have been tested and found to be quite intelligent. As for jews they have disgraced themselves good and proper and your use of them as martrys to justify their continuing offences against humanity is a disgrace. It is not me that needs to repent it is people like you.

  47. Maybe just a thought here that she should be the one to be locked up not me and my comrades. Drug me for what having a different idea or point of view about something which is shrouded by much controversy.

  48. I am afraid that the Liberal Agenda that we are having shoved down our throats is going to lead to bigger problems for our country than what mother nature will throw at us over the next decade. The current partisan attitude gets worse everyday. The media refuses to report the truth and it seems as though we are being drug back in time to the old days in Selma Alabama. We are being torn apart by the far left and the attacks are coming from every direction. Not sure this country is worth living in any more! It’s time to buy that 100 acres and post those trespassing signs! Trespassers will be shot….. Survivors will be shot again (lol)!

  49. Wattsupwiththat is now reporting that the offending person and her idiocy has been scrubbed from the University of Oregon website:

    What we have here is a demonstration of the disinfecting power of sunlight. More accurately, as soon as the spotlight is focused on the hyperbole of the left, the cockroaches flee for the cracks to hide. It shows that propaganda can only succeed when it is unopposed and for this reason AGW cultists attempt to silence the opposition. Damn that Al Gore for inventing the internet!

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