Greek islands buried under 2 meters of snow – Before and after videos

Almost 7 feet of snow! Videos show the islands of Skopelos and Alonisos before and after the snowstorm.

Above photo: Fire truck trapped in snow on Skopelos.
Photographer unknown.

Amazing photos:

Thanks to Vangelis Kalymnios for these videos

7 thoughts on “Greek islands buried under 2 meters of snow – Before and after videos”

  1. The Mediterranean climate is a category of subtropical climates. You rarely, if ever, get snow storms and cold of this nature in subtropical climates. That is why they are subtropical.

  2. Greek Island Global Warming !!

    Come to Greece to build SNOWMEN on the beach !!

    Forget silly sand-castles ! Everyone has them !!

    Why not pay us a visit in Crete?
    Its beauty you just cannot beat !!
    Play with snow balls,
    After the snow falls!
    The snow measures several FEET !!

  3. And still governments are silent about the food supply in the nearby future when temperature remains lower than wanted.

  4. That is very high water content snow, and hard to move and deal with, even more so for people who don’t own snow shovels. Makes my back ache just looking at it.

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