Hard freeze in France – Some vineyards totally destroyed

“In winemakers’ memory … no one ever experienced such a severe freeze.” More freezes in the forecast.

27 Apr 2017 – Hard freezes in some of France’s famous wine-making regions, including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy, have caused extensive damage.

Temperatures plunged in all three regions last week, sometimes to below -7C (19°F).

In the Bugey region near Lyon, winemakers said the damage was extensive, with some vineyards totally destroyed.

“Frost destroyed everything – shoots are dead,” Julien Hubail, expert at the Bugey wine union, said. “In winemakers’ memory it had never happened, no one had ever experienced such a severe freeze.”

In Champagne the frost impact is worse than last year’s, and last year was down more than 20% from the year before that.

On average in Champagne, 20 to 25% of vine shoots had been destroyed by Tuesday against 14% destruction last year, said a spokesman for the Champagne Committee (CIVC) industry group. And that estimate did not include potential damage from frosts over the past two nights.

In the Bordeaux region, farm unions estimated that several thousand hectares of vineyards had experienced damage between 50 and 100%.

“Today we are likely seeing the most important freeze since 1991. said Patrick Vasseur, vice chairman of the local branch of France’s largest farm union FNSEA.

The entire Cognac vineyard has also been severely impacted.

Growers have been using candles, heaters, even helicopters in attempts save their crops. With additional freezes in the forecast, they fear the damage could increase even more.


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7 thoughts on “Hard freeze in France – Some vineyards totally destroyed”

  1. Darn that global warming!! Or, is that climate change? Or is that weather weirding?? Hmm, confused…

    • But Frenchmen will be fighting in the streets for wine before they will food! My heart goes out to these people, because my wallet will have to stay at home. Seriously, I can’t probably properly comprehend the personal disaster this is to the growers. I hope they can get help through the troubling times.

  2. Do the research, EUV powered Meridional Jet stream do this during each and every Grand Solar Minimum during recorded history. April is on record as being cold, snowy with significant ice freezes on the European continent even the UK gets its fair share of cold inclement weather.
    Since 1940 Europe has experienced the warmer part of the 140 year cyclic Solar Warm Period. It has abruptly ended and entered a GSM, as it has done with every GSM during this Interglacial.
    You can even see the solar heart beat over thousands of years, all because our Jovian Gas Giants moderate the Sun’s output by displacing the Solar System BarryCentre to a different point close to the Sun and causing the shape of the solar orbit to change from a circular 10 year orbit to a trefoil shaped orbit. It is this latter change which moderates the Sun’s energy output.

  3. They should have located their vineyards in places where GISS has no thermometers (like central Africa)…all of those locations are experiencing record heat.

  4. Somehow the Dutch MSM has missed this news. Every wildfire in Australia always makes headline news, but now vineyards in France are destroyed by spring frost, we are not supposed to know this.

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