Hilarious Video of Weatherman Dissing the Global-Warming Idiocy

Ice-Age Watch in Australia. They just suffered an all-time record cold May and endured “record-challenging” amounts of snow.

Anchor describes the early opening of several ski areas due to unusual amounts of snow an unusual cold.

Laughs that ski areas are giving out global warming ski passes.

Winter has arrived early, he says, but politicians keep yelling that global warming is “undeniable.”

So if it’s so cold and snowy in the southern hemisphere, wouldn’t you expect warming in the northern hemisphere?

Nope. On May 29, states from Arizona to New Brunswick reported temperatures an incredible 30 degrees colder than normal.

Thanks to Mickey and Stephen Bird for this video.

21 thoughts on “Hilarious Video of Weatherman Dissing the Global-Warming Idiocy”

    • If I remember correctly, this area was much rainier during the last ice age, so this doesn’t surprise me. However, the severity so soon does surprise me.

    • Houston here (40+ years) this is not a normal June and May was not normal either. Both were/are colder and cloudier then usual.

  1. Ice Age Farming – #SolutionsWatch
    Today James Corbett talks to Christian Westbrook (aka the Ice Age Farmer) about the problems facing the global food supply—from the coming global solar minimum to the globalist plan to “reset the table” and transform global food systems. More importantly, we discuss what can be done about these problems.

    • Rowan Dean, once a commercial writer for media advertising, now a compere on Oz Sky TV. Every week on his show “Outsiders” he does Ice Age Watch to show just what crap the GW hoax is.

  2. Victoria could be locked down indefinitely as bureaucrats say there’s NO level of vaccination that will guarantee the end of restrictions.

    No ‘magic number’ of vaccinated Victorians will prevent future Covid lockdowns
    Warning to public came from Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng
    Added the future lockdowns may not have same intensity of restrictions

    • Dictator Dan and his cronies are drunk on all their new emergency powers. They wont give them up easily. Despots never do.

  3. Sky News Australia is one of the few mainstream media outlets that challenges the whole “global warming” scam.

  4. Fellow Victorian here. Rowan Dean isn’t a weatherman; he is the lead, and very good one, of three presenters on ‘Outsiders’ on Sky News Australia. He is also the editor of ‘Spectator Australia’, to which we subscribe. We just love him!
    ATM, it is raining ‘Cats’nDogs’ here and pretty cold. There was snow on the local hills early today too. Most of May was perishing cold and June is no better; of course, we are now heading into winter. Dunno why anybody thinks Aus is always hot and dry. We have already used a fair bit of our winter supply of wood in the stove. 🙁

  5. I have lived in Brisbane, Australia for the last 32 years.
    December, January & February are normally extremely hot &humid.
    ( summer in Southern Hemisphere) air con is definitely essential.
    However this year, 2021,
    Was the mildest summer season I have experienced. Not need for aircon at all.
    So the coolest May month on record is not surprise.
    Each subsequent year cooler temperatures will become the norm. It’s happening.
    Global warming is not happening hence the name was changed to climate change.

  6. SYDNEY had its coldest day 11/ 06 /2021 it broke the all time recorded temp 1894 all over NSW records were broken or smashed snow from VICTORIA ,NSW ,to sunny QUEENSLAND SO WE NEED GLOBAL WARMING PLEASE

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