Horrifying account of the Little Ice Age – Segment 7

A must-see video.

“When I talk to people about the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) I usually point them to the BBC documentary called “Little Ice Age Big Chill”,” says reader Norman Grant Smith. “I tell them that the documentary will show them exactly what happened during the last GSM, and this is exactly what will happen in the GSM that is starting right now.”

“This video is an amazing history lesson. And it’s also kind of a horror story as well. People eating their children. Thousands and thousands of “witches” being burned for “causing the clouds rain storms, snow storms, crop failures, plagues etc. That kind of thing. It’s a must-see for all of us.”

This is a l-o-o-o-o-n-g video, so I’ve taken notes (below) in 10 to 15-minute segments.

Here are notes from the 1:16:20-minute mark o the end.

The Little Ice Age came to an abrupt end around 1850. The dramatic shift occurred over the course of perhaps only a decade.

The warming began when the sun started putting out more energy, says Dr Richard Seager of Columbia University. Others say warming was caused by a reduction in volcanic eruptions and by industrialization (human-caused global warming). Yet others blame the ocean. They believe the oceanic conveyor belt oscillates in strength.

If another little ice age should strike, what affect would it have on humanity?

Instead of answering this question right way, the video veers off into fear-mongering about how global warming could trigger the next ice age. Warming causes cooling, the voice-over contends. The ultimate in black-is-white, up-is-down claptrap. I think this part is silly, so I won’t bother to paraphrase it for you.

But regardless of the cause, what consequences would an abrupt cooling have on 21st century civilization?

“Dramatic changes in weather patterns will have incredible impact on human populations,” says Dr Teofilo E. Ruiz, professor of medieval history at UCLA. “We could have conditions that will parallel the horrors that Europe faced in the Little Ice Age.”

In 2003, the Pentagon commissioned a study to come up with, not a prediction, but a worst-case scenario. They call it “a low-probability event with only a one- or two-percent chance of it actually happening. (I think the chances are far, far higher than that – closer to a 100 percent.)

Within a decade, the study found, nations would be rapidly drained of food, water and energy resources critical to national survival. In Europe, skirmishes would erupt among neighboring states over access to shared rivers and oil reserves. The chill would spawn a new world dis-order. The United States’ role as a global cop would become much bigger than today.

However, America will face its own crisis, the study found. As the cold dry climate persists, famine will intensify south of the border, leading to massive migration towards the United States. Perhaps millions of refugees from the Caribbean and Central America will head for the U.S. (I don’t agree with this one. I’m more inclined to think U.S. residents will try to head south.)

One of the most volatile flash points in the Pentagon scenario is China, where the cold climate will trigger famines that kill millions, and also drain the nation’s energy supplies. A civil war will erupt in the most populous nation on earth. At the same time, China’s army will threaten to invade Russia to seize its reserves of natural gas. And its Navy will confront the United States in the Persian Gulf over access to Saudi oil.

Many of the same effects described for China will also be true for India. “It’s not at all implausible that these are the conditions in which nuclear weapons might be used,” the study found.

Critics of the Pentagon report brand it as alarmist fantasy.

Unfortunately, the video ends with yet anther diatribe against humans, blaming us for an entirely natural event, an event that has repeated itself over and over again with absolutely no help from us.

I fear that none of our leaders have any inkling of what horrors are about to descend on our world.

What’s that old Chinese curse? “May you live in interesting times”?

I think I’d rather live in boring times, thank you very much.

Thanks to Norman Grant Smith for this video

13 thoughts on “Horrifying account of the Little Ice Age – Segment 7”

  1. The whole “warm” can trigger “cold” debate is both interesting and getting pretty ancient. We argued over it in the ’70s to no sound conclusion (let alone a “consensus” ;-)). The reasons for each view are both supportable to a degree. A period of warming for example would lead to increased marine evaporation. That in turn is very likely to lead to increased cloud cover, and THAT would result in an increased albedo, thus a cooler surface.
    The result would be _because_ more energy was being pumped into the “air conditioner.” Lacking knowledge of Milankovitch cyles or rejecting the idea, an argument can then be advanced to explain the relatively gradual slide into a glacial epoch, as compared with the way the planet abruptly exits one.

    Those of us who argued that the Milankovitch cycles would led to reduced solar energy, were stuck with explaing the assymetrical nature of glacial epochs, since there’s no unequivocal Milankovitch mechanism that that can explain that assymetry.

  2. The impulse to come north by those closer to the equator will be offset by the famines and plagues in the northern hemisphere plus the soon to be violent behaviour of European humanity. Sooner or later you have to defend your turf and your people or lose it all. Traitorous leaders, their fellow travellers and foreigners will be the new witches to be burned at the stake. It is just a matter of time and a matter of are we to be or not to be?

  3. Here is another sign of the times. More volcanic activity. 18 fissures erupting and plenty of sulfur dioxide. The main crater has drained and the bulk of the lava is going underground eastwards and coming up through fissures along the east rift zone. Plenty of fun or horror for moving companies, home owners and volcanologists.

    Breaking Hawaii Volcano Live

    Possible Tsunami Threat: Big Island Coast Slips, Eruptions Expected in Hawaii Kilauea Volcano (603)

  4. It’s certainly a great lesson and a bone-chilling horror study. When the first section was shown, I switched to youtube and watched it all. I stopped when the propaganda started. They aren’t willing to turn loose of their big lie! My thought is: They are all to stupid to be stupid. What is their real goal?

    • I watched the thing in one shot as well. I did listen up to the last few minutes, as the US becoming the “enforcer” is no longer even a real option.

      It really is a very well conceived piece. Leads you into their belief set in the sense that because of runaway CO2, the sudden influx of cold fresh water turns off the conveyor belt. Fine, so Europe gets colder but that doesn’t cause the deep freeze to settle over the North American continent.

      Point is, though, they pick up all those that think the world is getting colder and try to carry them into the AGW nest.

      To answer the question, what is their goal, it is simple – depopulation. Expensive, limited, and unreliable energy will create millions to billions of deaths, whichever way the planet goes – warmer or colder. The point is to get rid of all the “useless eaters,” as Kissinger once referred to the excess population, and leave the world to those who are better.

      Problem becomes deciding who is useless, the dirt farmer scratching out a living and having too many children, or the rich bloodsucker that probably never did an honest day’s work in their entire life.

  5. On the plus side, another Little Ice Age may save the remnants of Europe from its current attempted suicide.

    • Europe is not attempting suicide, they are being murdered, intentionally, as the plan (began over 100 years ago) is in effect.

      Think. Think and you will figure it out.

  6. If they say 1% it’s likely 1% that year. Just like a 100 year flood. So you have to add it up over time. At 1% chance a year it’s almost a 40% over 50 years or 65% over an 80 year life that you’ll experience that event. At 2% it’s 63% over 50 years and 80% over 80 years.

    Chance of it not happening in a given year ^( cumulative years)

    0.99^(50) = 60.5% chan of it not happening in 50 years or, a 39.5% chance of it happening.

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