Hungarian icebreaker sent to Serbia to reopen Danube – Video

Almost the entire length of the river in Serbia has been frozen.

Watch icebreaker in action on frozen Danube River.


“Dozens of smaller boats and floating homes have been damaged or destroyed over the past week along a stretch of the Danube in Belgrade as ice ripped through marinas and moorings.”

One Hungarian icebreaker also managed to get through on the morning of the 18th to break the ice in Croatia.

Here are a couple of maps showing the Danube River:

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5 thoughts on “Hungarian icebreaker sent to Serbia to reopen Danube – Video”

  1. SNOW WAY The Sahara Desert blanketed by SNOW as a metre of the white stuff covers sand dunes

    Snow started falling just before Christmas when a few flakes settled on the red sand of the world’s hottest desert for the first time in 37 years.

    But today saw the biggest snowfall in living memory as one metre covered Ain Sefra – known as the ‘Gateway to the Desert’.

  2. So much for ‘summer’ here in New Zealand: the 5th snowfall of the year – only 22 days long so far – has again seen snow today from Coronet Peak and Mount Hutt in the South Island up to Mt Ruapehu in the North. Newsreaders now call it “hail” as they don’t want to blow the illusion.

    Turoa skifield on Mt Ruapehu was calling for 40 cm today and 50 cm tomorrow… almost 1 metre / 3 feet, based on projected computer models, yet we know how accurate they are, eh.

    P.S. Robert, how can I attach .jpg photos here (as I saved some of today’s ski area webcam shots for posterity)?

  3. I was really surprised by the depth of the ice on the river and how jagged and lumpy it is. They must be getting really worried over there about the coming Grand Solar Minimum.

  4. I would have thought that EU Climate rules would have stipulated the ice breaker must be solar and wind powered – hypocrites !

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