More ice in the Arctic now than in 1971

“The mainstream press will not report this because they are not interested in facts or real science,” says reader Martin Siebert.

“There is not much left now, it’s just a matter of time … a little time, and governments are not yet prepared for ‘climate change’ that will lower global temperatures by 1 – 2 ° C.

“It seems little 1 – 2 ° C less but this is too much for agriculture and already it happened during the minimum of Maunder.”

When you get to this site (link below), scroll down in order to see the 2017 map superimposed on the 1971 map.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

25 thoughts on “More ice in the Arctic now than in 1971”

  1. There is a glorious irony here. Should temperatures around the world begin to decline they will be recorded as increasing because of various ‘adjustments’. Thus, when the effects on crops and so forth start rolling in we will be exhorted to fight rising temperatures, not decreasing temperatures.

    • The accuracy of the comment is superb. Short, clear and insightful. Mark you will never be a politician.

    • all the gmo crap was designed(badly) to be drought n heat resistant
      it didnt work, neither did yields increase much if any.
      despite huge cost increases for seed n chem.
      and the massive never mentioned costs of resistant weeds and bugs
      Im waiting for the massive backlash coming when the “miracle crops” really fail utterly.

  2. What an inconvenient find! Better make copies of that map before the propagandists remove it from history.

  3. I would like to comment on crops. We have a much better chance at NOT loosing as MUCH crops as they did 150 or more years ago. Better Farming and growing technics are available to farmers now then in the past. It will become very expensive to create new man made canals and reservoirs but planning NOW is critical to the survival of the nations! While things will be much more difficult for the farming community and massive loss of acreage, Farmers have the ability to grow crops that can adapt to the areas of climate change! Science has been for decades genetically altering and experimenting with crops for longer or shorter growing seasons. Crops maybe also growing in areas where nothing could previously grow.
    The only thing that would keep Farmers from growing the needed crops is EVIL Government and evil men!
    Remember that old expression ” where there is a will, there is a way!”

    • Using steel storage containers as an indoor field would be an adaptation…pump it with CO2 have it climate controlled and bam a very high yield you’d get

      • That would be very expensive though – much like the Israeli hydroponic farms – they would only be useful for high margin fruits and vegetables. It would be difficult to grow grains inside CO2 chambers cost effectively, and it is the grains that actually feed the world.

  4. I dont think temps will decline everywhere, there might even be places that get warmer as heat from tropics will be funneled away to more concentraed places as cooler temps lock in to other places and wind patterns change. Thing is everyone will want to migrate to the warmer places.

    • As the Gulf Streme slows, Europe gets colder and Florida warms a bit in winter

      Pollen in lake sediments and more show current “summer pattern” weather (I.e. warm and wet) in Florida winters during European cold plunges. Ought to be similar around the whole Gulf Of Mexico region as heat teansport out slows.

      I would speculate a similar effect on global east coasts as the circulation is coupled. So pick your spot now. Florida, Texas, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Sydney / Melbourne, Kenya, etc etc…

      • I don’t think you’ve got the right places there. Melbourne and Sydney will get hit by the big cold southern lows coming up from the South Pole. Look at their temps this winter – really cold, with lots of snow along the seaward mountains. Move there if you want good skiing!

  5. A couple of years of crop failures and many on the planet would be in famine. And let us not forget the disease factor either. Global warming or global cooling….one thing is for sure and that is we are headed for a MAJOR disaster soon! Something will give and our today will suddenly not be like yesterday.

    BTW did you know your furry little pets cause global warming according to a new study from UCLA? Below is the link and, frankly, it is one of the most ignorant studies I’ve ever seen! Waste of time and waste of funds!!

      • It seems there may well be a thickness of ice issue that the article being responded to here simply wouldn’t address.

        The two videos just noted do address the loss of thicker older ice and the visuals for the data referenced are quite clear there … startling information, actually …

        Perhaps an Ice Age again down the road a ways … but not before warming dynamics presently in place via the sun … otherwise reduce?

        Those warming dynamics not coming from solar sun spots but from regularly occurring cyclical earth facing coronal holes with their upticks in solar energy this way … or so it would seem …

        So … while that dynamic remains in play … global warming … but NOT from human activities here per se … but from incoming solar energy boosts and all the related changes that result … jet stream changes … warming poles … ice loss … tropical areas heating up … atmospheric mixing between the Tropic lines and the poles … droughts some places … flooding from torrential rain loads in other places?

        Abrupt climate change events … droughts … heavy rains … earthquakes … it seems we may be in for quite a ride here … and over the course of things, it would seem … such abrupt climate events will challenge locations experiencing such … infrastructure challenges … food growing challenges (but not from cold due to a pending ice age … yet … but from atmospheric mixing resulting in abrupt climate change events … rain in some areas … droughts in others … ice melt so, yes, rising seas in time ?).

        Crikey … it would seem the next perhaps at some point inevitable Ice Age is being put on hold for a time … yikes!

  6. Feeling very annoyed.
    Don’t let anyone tell you it is all to do with rising sea levels and melting polar ice caps as 2017 gets declared hottest year ever.
    I am sick and tired of what I call ‘austerity toilets’. They don’t just need multiple flushes to clear all the muck, your thingy touches the porcelain because they manufacture the flipping bogs so small these days. Lucky I never caught nothing. Heavens, they don’t even have a handle. You swipe your hand to flush.
    The philosophy of austerity seems to have wormed its way into nearly everything yet I am not so sure it saves any bleeding thing. Take all those solar panels and a drive (no pun intended) to run cars on bio-ethanol when it takes more energy to farm the etho land and crops than you get back in return.
    Madness I declare!
    It has all to do with the geezer at the top getting his mega million dollar bonuses, NEVER saving the environment.

  7. Well all I know is we used to be able to grow oranges as far north as North Carolina and avocados up to Redding CA. Now orange production is limited to southern Florida and you can’t find an avocado ranch north of San Jose despite them being at their highest price ever.

  8. All the insects being wiped out by crop farmers at present would be far more nutritious than the carbohydrate rich grains we have forced down our throats by big industry. Problem is, the cold will kill them along with the crops, and thus grazing animals. Ice Ages are natures way of sorting out the men from the boys…I mean the women from the girls…I mean the old from the young (just gender correcting myself there folks!) Mass extinction event anyone?

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