Icebreaker headed for North Pole turned back by thicker ice than expected

Ice too thick to break through (almost 10 ft thick), and more massive than expected – in the middle of July.


15 July 2019 – The Norwegian icebreaker “Kronprins Haakon” (Crown Prince Haakon), on a mission to the North Pole for the Institute of Marine Research, was forced to turn back north of Svalbard after meeting considerably thicker and more massive ice masses than expected, which the vessel was not capable of breaking through.

We had expected more melting and that the ice was more disintegrating, says Captain Johnny Peder Hansen at “Crown Prince Haakon”.

Thick one-year ice combined with large batches of multi-year ice joined together into powerful helmets, and several of these are impenetrable to us, said Captain Johnny Peder Hansen.

The ice is up to three meters (almost 10 feet) thick in the middle of July, and not even the researchers’ long special-purpose chainsaws were able to penetrate the ice.

Polar bears were seen on Bjørnøya this past winter in the middle of the Barents Sea, which shows that the ice edge was very far south, writes Klassekampen.

“In the middle of July we see few signs of thawing and that spring has come. We had expected more melting and that the ice was more disintegrating, ”says Captain Hansen, who for several decades has worked on various vessels in the Arctic.

Secondary source

The original source is Klassekampen (“The class struggle”), a well known and respected newspaper for the radical left in Norway.

Background info about the mission organized by the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research:

Thanks to Alf Fagerheim in Norway for this link

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  1. Hmmm. An ice class PC 3 icebreaker blocked by ice 3 m/10 ft thick? In July? I suppose Peter Wadhams will not be updating any of his numerous videos on the lack of ice in the Arctic.

  2. “Thick first year ice” can mean anything from 120 cm to 3 meters or more, according to official definitions of sea ice terminology. Much hype has been written about the near-complete loss of “multi-year ice” in the Arctic but truth be told this is simply a footnote to overall thickness and total volume. Multi-year ice has been compacted and fractured and because of immense pressure (and summer melt) it has a different colour and stands out higher in the overall Arctic sea ice terrain.

    Honestly, if it’s cold enough to make 3-meter thick sea ice in one winter the actual definitions don’t matter. (Besides, it was persistent long-fetch winds that blew most of the thick old sea ice out through the Fram Strait in ’07 and again in ’12—not warmer Arctic air temperatures.)

  3. So global warming is resulting in thicker ice?
    Not being a denier here but this is one more GW prediction that is turning out to be horsecrap. When I was in secondary school it was “confirmed” that the icecaps would be gone by now.

  4. Earlier today Google was pushing the story that we would soon be competing with the Russians over sea routes over the pole. The agenda must be maintained at all costs.

  5. lol another ship of fools scenario
    no wonder that little arctic fox was able to go so far so fast

  6. I sure wish that someone who knows how to do such things would compile a video consisting only of global warmists’ predictions, such as “no more snow”, the opening of the northwest passage, etc and run it over and over on social media.

    People forget too quickly. They need to have their noses rubbed in the previous lunacy and deceptions in order to catch on to today’s.

  7. What really makes me mad is that they break the ice of the Arctic Ocean and next season report that the ice is very thin. Why in the world don’t they leave it alone and then measure how thick the ice is.

  8. And they wonder why the Arctic ice cap is smaller now than in the distant past. Ice melts far faster at the edges than it does underneath a sheet, so what do you do when you start slamming through the ice with an icebreaker, if you aren’t producing vastly more edges for the ice mass to melt at. I gather that this “mission” was on an attempt at the “self fulfilling prophecy” of finding a shrinking icecap.

    There are far more icebreakers, and larger ones – consider just the Russian fleet of nuclear powered breakers alone – and they are constantly crushing passages through the edges, creating the opportunity for increased melt. That won’t stop the center of the pack from getting thicker, of course, as these people discovered.

    • No one is really saying global warming isnt real what we are saying is global warming from humans and climate change from humans is whats nonesince

  9. Meanwhile, according to a caption on eNCA (South African TV-channel) this morning, “Researchers find artificial snow could save stricken Antarctic ice sheet”.

  10. No need to worry about Climate Change anymore; there is something far worse on the horizon:

    Top scientists agree, “With the present rate of consumption, the earth’s supply of gravity will be exhausted before the 22nd century,” say several prominent physicists. “There is a direct link between the vanishing of the ozone layer and the decrease in the earth’s gravity supply. We’re already seeing the effects of the disappearance of the ozone layer, but we’re not likely to feel the effects of vanishing gravity during our lifetimes. However, our children will probably have to deal with the issue.”

    It is interesting to think of some of the results science has yet to consider. The obvious impact will be on engineering, like keeping bridges and buildings weighted down, but what about sports? Breaking records for the high jump will become easier. Football kicks will grow longer and a 92-yard field goal will not be unheard of.

    Until scientists discover a cheaper alternative, we need to help.

    We can conserve Gravity, just follow these simple suggestions:

    (1) Walk with a light step. Carry helium balloons if possible.
    (2) Use tape, magnets or glue instead of paperweights.
    (3) Give up skiing and skydiving for more horizontal sports like snorkeling.
    (4) Avoid showers .. take baths instead.
    (5) Don’t hang all your clothes in the closet, keep them in one big pile.
    (6) Stop flipping pancakes.

    This is most assuredly not a joke. What could be more serious? After all, gravity is the opposite of comedy. You may be laughing now, but just picture your great-grandchildren wearing safety tethers and tied to concrete posts, unable to play outdoors for fear of floating away on a windy day.

    Please be gravity conscious, while we still have some.

  11. Hasn’t all this loony crap about global warming been disproved yet????? I’m sure there is not enough egg in the world to cover all the scare mongers’ faces!!!

  12. PLEASE , readers…….send this information to NEWSPAPERS all over the world !

    Send to Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and The Times in UK and Washington Post and New York Times in USA.

    All we read in the Press is…GLOBAL WARMING !

  13. Pierre Gosselin at has a post up today (19 July) discussing another Scandinavian icebreaker having difficulty. The Swedish icebreaker Oden, roughly the same size as the Kronprins Haakon, is finding very thick ice conditions blocking their initial attempt to move through the Northwest Passage.

  14. Dale-They say that laughter is good for you in many ways. If so, I have had had my medecine for today while reading your comment.

    You should share your gift with the world!

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