Intense Countrywide Cold to Strike Brazil This Week

Possible damage to agriculture.
A powerful cold air mass of polar origin is progressing over Brazil. Between July 1st and 8th, the country should feel a very intense cooling.

It will most likely be the most intense in 2019 and perhaps the only one of this magnitude this year. The cooling will initially be felt over the South of Brazil, but will begin to extend throughout the country from Wednesday, July 3rd.

The expected cold has the potential to produce below-freezing temperatures in the South and close to 0 C in the Southeast and Center-West. However the 10 C chill may be felt in Bahia and the North-Central areas of Goias.

Frost may generally form over the south of Brazil, reaching Curitiba and the north of Parana, and in areas of the midwest and southeast, with consequent damage to agriculture.

Frost may occur in Mato Grosso do Sul, in many areas of Sao Paulo, in central, western and southern Minais Gerais, in the highlands and southern Rio de Janeiro.

The risk of frost in southern Goias and high-altitude areas on the border between Minais Gerais and Espirito Santo such as the Caparao mountain range, should not be ruled out.

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4 thoughts on “Intense Countrywide Cold to Strike Brazil This Week”

  1. As of June 28 40% of the Safrina corn crop was already harvested which would indicate most of the rest is at or near maturity and not at risk of significant frost damage.

  2. 7 C forecast for my city (Belo Horizonte, in the Minas Gerais state referenced above) on Saturday. And this year there was already a day with thermal sensation of 0 C. It may not sound that low for people in countries with regular ice and snow, but it’s freezing cold for Brazilians.

    It’s interesting that we haven’t seen temperatures *that* low since the 70s (the record was 5 Celsius in 1975), and they are becoming more frequent. In 2017 we had a 6 Celsius day.

  3. This is really stunning information. My wife and I lived in Brazil for 8 years from 1982-1990. We lived in the Sao Paulo area as well as in Salvador in the north of Brazil. We had also lived before that for 3 years in Chile in Vina Del Mar in central Chile. In recent years and even more so now in 2019, we are hearing of much lower temperatures than when we had lived in South America. These low temperatures could be devastating for the peoples of South America who are generally totally unprepared for such cold climatic conditions ; not to mention future crop production.

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