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Sea level Measurements

Arctic Sea Ice Extent
Danish Meteorological Institute

Greenland Surface Ice Mass

U.S. National Weather Service –
Click on a state to see if they have any winter briefings, snow pics, snowfall records…etc.
Use zoom window on right to move from locale to locale and see any new headlines.

Pacific Satellite Weather View (Animated, real time):

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn:

Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo:

Climatologist Dr Timothy Ball:

Mt Rainier, Washington, Webcams

Also see:

Also see:

Colorado Webcams. Most are live, but check the dates – some are not.

Crystal Mountain Webcams

Taos Valley (New Mexico) Webcam

British Columbia Highway Cams – Highway 5 (Coquihalla)

Australian Snow Webcams – Also New Zealand and Tasmania

Barrow Sea Ice Webcam

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

USGS Real-time Earthquake Map

Live Earthquake Maps

Another good earthquake map: 

Yellowstone facts – USGS 

Interactive map of Yellowstone. You can click on icons to access data and webcam pictures.

Yellowstone earthquake map:

Earthquake Facts and Statistics – USGS

Analytical chemist Hans Schreuder

Marc Morano’s Climate Depot

Click on the place names and scroll down to see the weather, including wind direction.

Inventory of irrigated lands

View Earth from space
Click on the edge of the globe to rotate it.

Snow Reports and Snow Forecasts for France
Ski Resorts with the deepest snow and best skiing conditions.

Magnetic Declination Calculator

Try ‘solarham’ for monitoring solar activity:

Webcam: Casey station, Antarctica

Webcam: Aurora Australis icebreaker

Which volcanoes are erupting right now?

Canadian Watersheds – Excellent map

Canada – Great map of Hudson Bay area:

Barrow, Alaska, Sea Ice Webcam

Lake Louise Ski Area Webcams

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  1. Robert, Wanted to order your “Ice Age Now – The DVD” & it was showing that it couldn’t find the page. How can I order it through your site.

  2. Central Australia’s frostiest winter in a decade
    Brett Dutschke, Thursday July 19, 2012 – 13:50 EST

    Much of central Australia is experiencing an unusually frosty winter, the frostiest in more than a decade in some parts and there’s much more to come.

    Alice Springs has chilled to zero-degrees-or-below 24 times this winter so far, 12 times more than the winter average. This is the highest number since 2002, when there were 36.

    Leigh Creek, in South Australia’s far north, has dipped to zero-or-below 10 times so far, the most in at least 30 years. This beats the previous winter record of nine, set in 1997.

    A similar story can be told for much of the outback due to very dry air and dominant high pressure systems over the region. The highs have been generating mostly clear and calm weather for long periods, allowing it to get cold on many nights and mornings.

    A high pressure system looks like being a feature for at east another week, enabling the development of further frosts almost every morning.

    This is making life tough for campers and those getting up for work each morning.

    With more than 40 nights of winter to go there’s a chance that Alice Springs will get close to its record of 44 freezing nights, set in 1976.

    – Weatherzone

    • I deny that man is the reason binehd any kind of global climate change so you are then. 5 minutes ago you denied you were a denier. you deny habitually it seems. There is plenty of information around for both sides of the debate should we consult the staggering amounts of mis information’ from creationists in the evolution debate’ too? by very long cycles caused by earths position in the solar system. evidence, and explain why c02 doesnt work’. otherwise, faith

      • Caroline,
        Belief and denial are the province of religions, not science.
        The great advancements of Mankind happened when Religion and Science were separated and became distinct entities. This started centuries ago. It would be a shame to return to the times when science was suppressed and rejected because the facts contradicted beliefs, don’t you think?

  3. Global temperature has been going down since 2002 and will continue to do so for the next 50-60 years. CO2 had and has no effect on global temperatures since its’ concentration is so great it has saturated it radiative forcing effects. How thick does a pane of greenhouse glass need to be for maximum warming effect. Not very and it’s the same with CO2. Another gas which is no longer produced caused all the warming and is slowly being destroyed by cosmic rays,hence the stop in warming and the start of cooling 12 years ago.

  4. Does anyone have practical solutions for preparing for this kind of scenario? Ones that individuals can use to imcrease the safety of their families and their neighborhoods. Thanks.

  5. R, I bought your dvd a couple yrs ago, my question today is that I have an opportunity to purchase a home in Bass Harbor, Maine, right on the water, based on your research, this would be very fool hardy, right? I have forgotten about your info until I noticed this recent WND email. what is your time line for Maine and the rest of the NE???

    • Hi Judy, All I can do is give you my opinion. I reiterate; opinion, not fact. I think we’re headed into an ice age right now, so personally, I wouldn’t do it. But if I’m off by 50 years, you might miss a great deal. Let’s face it: In geological terms, 50 years is less than a snap of the finger. (I have a feeling that this probably hasn’t helped very much.)

  6. a few of my favorite links:

    I first learned AGW was a fraud here.

    lots of peer reviewed material, spiced with occasional political commentary.

    daily survey of a wide range of material on environmental issues.

    reliable source of material exposing alarmist disinformation.

    Danish Arctic Sea Ice Extent plot of current vs recent historic.

  7. One site you have missed, in this list
    this contains live volcano & earthquake data, last time a few months ago white island was rumbling, really interesting to watch, and keep up with associated earthquakes, a little scary for family in region.

    love your site.
    Always recommend to global warmists, I say just check it out, and also look back a few years to what Robert has to say, always consistent with his theories, quite a change from warmists, err sorry global change, errr sorry, wait for the next ????


  8. Another weather site

    Bureau of Meteorology, Australia.

    Lots of information.
    Rain Radar’s, Satellite images, Weather maps, broken down by state, Global, Antarctica,
    Tsunami warnings, Cyclone Warnings, list to long

    Need to break down lists into Volcano’s & Earthquakes, Weather, Other, as lists getting to long to be useful if looking for just one area ie Volcanos.

    Hope this some help

  9. Sunrise on Channel 7 au, this morning has shown snow falling in Orange a town west of Blue Mountains,in New South Wales.
    Tomorrow morning is predicted to be even colder, makes for an interesting winter here in Australia.

  10. The Researcher Dr. Svensmark theory is as follows. As the Sun Flat Lines we see less Sunspots and the Solar wind is reduced also the Suns Magnetic shield weakens. This allows Cosmic Radiation in the form of heavy ion’s such as Iron and Gamma radiation from deep space objects, to penetrate down to the troposphere Ionising small particles and causing them to attract each other and becoming large enough for water vapor to condense upoun. This Increasing cloud cover. Cloud ‘s reflect the suns short wave radiation, back into space. thus there is a decrease in net solar input. See “Cern CLOUD” experiment. Water Vapor is the Largest Green house Gas at 4% Co2 is .039%. Google “Cern Cloud Experiment”.


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