Magnetic reversals 10 times faster than previously thought

Just what I’ve been saying for more than 20 years! (Except I say reversals can occur far, far faster than even this article portrays.)


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Simulations show magnetic field can change 10 times faster than previously thought,” reads the headline from the University of Leeds.

Here are excerpts from the article:

6 July 2020 – A new study by the University of Leeds and University of California at San Diego reveals that changes in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field may take place 10 times faster than previously thought.

To capture the evolution of the field back through geological time scientists analyze the magnetic fields recorded by sediments, lava flows and human-made artefacts (sic). Accurately tracking the signal from Earth’s core field is extremely challenging and so the rates of field change estimated by these types of analysis are still debated.

Now, Dr. Chris Davies, associate professor at Leeds and Professor Catherine Constable from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, in California have taken a different approach. They combined computer simulations of the field generation process with a recently published reconstruction of time variations in Earth’s magnetic field spanning the last 100,000 years

Their study, published in Nature Communications, shows that changes in the direction of Earth’s magnetic field reached rates that are up to 10 times larger than the fastest currently reported variations of up to one degree per year.

They demonstrate that these rapid changes are associated with local weakening of the magnetic field. This means these changes have generally occurred around times when the field has reversed polarity or during geomagnetic excursions when the dipole axis—corresponding to field lines that emerge from one magnetic pole and converge at the other—moves far from the locations of the North and South geographic poles.

The clearest example of this in their study is a sharp change in the geomagnetic field direction of roughly 2.5 degrees per year 39,000 years ago. This shift was associated with a locally weak field strength, in a confined spatial region just off the west coast of Central America, and followed the global Laschamp excursion—a short reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field roughly 41,000 years ago.

Okay, so let’s dissect this. They say that “changes in the direction of Earth’s magnetic field reached rates that are up to 10 times larger than the fastest currently reported variations of up to one degree per year.”

In order to accomplish a full reversal from north to south, we’re talking about 180 degrees.

One degree per year would take 180 years. Ten times faster than that would 18 years, less than an eyeblink in geological time.

And yet, if the record written in stone (in the lava) at Steens Mountain in central Oregon is correct, a reversal could take place far, far faster than that – perhaps in less than 30 days.

See entire article:

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13 thoughts on “Magnetic reversals 10 times faster than previously thought”

  1. Oh no! Say it isn’t so! Another “simulation?” Didn’t they learn from their phoney “climate change” simulations that got it wrong, just about 100%?

  2. Thank you – great article and something FAR, FAR more important than some stupid flu!
    Americans have their priorities completely wrong. They need to smash their TV sets.
    Because I doubt you are hearing much about this on your local or national TV or radio news!

  3. July 9, 2020 report
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    An international team of researchers that includes the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has conducted an impact assessment of the huge amounts of human-associated nitrogen that are released into the environment every year. In their paper published in the journal Nature Food, the group describes attempting to measure the amounts of human-associated nitrogen that is released into the environment and the impact it has.
    They also found that the livestock chain makes up approximately one-third of all human-associated nitrogen released into the environment. They suggest that nitrogen emissions need to be reduced if we are to prevent disaster in the future.

    Can you imagine… roughly 80% of the atmosphere is inert N2 gas and the amount of N2 required to raise that by even 0.0001%

    Switchin’ the Lies, Not switching to Glide, from essential trace gas CO2… now switchin’ to the new killer… N2 – the new hits just keep on comin’.

  4. They are slowly coming around to your position. A long overdue congrats will probably take a while longer 🙂

    Just out of curiosity. Do excursions where the pole goes back to the north travel the same speed, faster, slower? Or is there so much variation as to make it a semi-random timing?


  5. Nonsense. The most recent reversal of the magnetic poles of the Earth was 720,000 years ago. Pole reversals are not periodic nor predictable, except that it takes several hundreds of thousands of years between each event. The article is referring to a magnetic “excursion” which is equally unpredictable and can be relevant only to an exact location on the planet.

  6. Hi Robert yes FAR faster as the frozen with a mouthfull of daisies Mammoths prove beyone doubt.
    I kep mentioning a book by 2 weathermen years ago called the Sixth Winter(may be a s/hand only purchase- if youre lucky)
    it talks of immense icestorm burying cities, at the first read I didnt take it for much more than a good story
    decades on knowing more its all too plausible

    • I had not heard of that book but it sounds interesting. Just did a search for it on Abebooks and purchased it for US$3.62, including free shipping. Thanks for the heads up. (If I don’t like it, its all your fault :>)

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