Mini ice age in a “matter of months”?

Italian website is concerned about the lack of sunspots.

Here are excerpts:

26 Nov 2018 – Today’s lack of sunspots, characteristic of a solar minimum, could bring record low temperatures, but some experts suggest it could even produce a “mini ice age,” warns this article on

“Something unusual, but perhaps not so unusual on a large scale, is happening to our sun.

“We are currently living in the 24th solar cycle recorded. What is believed to cause a mini ice age is a prolonged solar minimum, ie an extended period of time when the sun does not have sunspots.

“The last time a prolonged solar minimum was recorded, a mini ice age really occurred and was called Minimo di Maunder. This period lasted from 1645 to about 1715. In these 70 years, sunspots became extremely rare.

Solar Cycles 22, 23 AND 24 – Credit NASA claims that sunspots have been absent for most of 2018, to the point where they feel that a reaction is coming from the upper atmosphere of the Earth which, in turn, could produce these temperature differences.

“It could happen within a few months. If current trends continue, a cold record in the space age could soon be established,” said Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. Speaking of the potential cold wave that could reach us, Mlynczak said that “we are not yet close”, but a matter of months is not so long.

During the last ice age the entire earth was NOT covered in ice, but this is a fun image anyway. If the continents had been totally covered in ice, then sea levels would have been far, far lower and the continents larger, rendering this image totally wrong.

The data obtained from NASA’s TIMED satellite (Thermosphere Ionosphere Energetics and Dynamics) demonstrate that the upper layer of the air surrounding the Earth, known as the thermosphere, is shrinking and cooling, literally decreasing the radius of our atmosphere.

“From all this could be a real phase of global cooling.

“The thermosphere always cools during the solar minimum. It is one of the most important ways in which the solar cycle influences our planet,” Mlynczak continued.

“In addition, studies by Northumbria University (England) and UC-San Diego confirm NASA’s observations, suggesting a great solar minimum due to very low sunspot activity.”

Thanks to Mario Galea in Italy for this link

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  1. Im also wondering seeing as the thermosphere is shrinking and its damned cold up there….and knowing that extreme cold some distance under that area ,is able to create ozone holes(look ma! NO chemicals needed) how much sudden growth in ozone depleted areas is going to show up, and when/where.
    I also wonder what pile of garbage warmist claptrap they’ll try n spin to blame US!

    • You are looking for trends. Instead look at instability. Abrupt changes, out of season weather, severe crop losses. In the midwest wheat crops are in bad shape because of late season snow and rain followed abruptly by drought, and to cap it all, early snow. The rest of the planet is looking just as prblematic. Food is going to be more expensive and so is wine, and beer. Even animal feed is a problem.

    • This is something totally separate from warming. It might pull our chestnuts out of the fire until we can get our heads out of our butts.

  2. But Al Gore is having 24 hr blitz about Global Warming??? Now I know Al Gore is a flunky who never accomplished anything other than become a billionaire polititan even though he never earned more than $200K a year for most of his life – so I am to believe him over people at NASA. I mean – Al Gore would not lie for political and financial gain.

  3. I can’t wait for all of the frozen liberals to complain. And they will, right after turning up their fossil-based thermostats.

  4. Watch Steve Casey on U tube- He is a former NASA scientist who warned of this several years ago.

    Additionally another great source on the web is Adapt 2030

  5. Read both of his excellent books, enjoyed his interviews with John B. Wells, Caravan to Midnight, and George Noory and crew from Coast to Coast AM. Read, you will enjoy his research and thesis.

  6. Who should I believe?

    Al Gore says “send cash and I’ll sell you carbon credits so you won’t turn into burnt toast…”


    kook scientists who claim ” the sun doesn’t have measles so it’s not running a fever. Therefore we’ll freeze-to-death…”

  7. How will high priests of the Church of Global Warming turn this into man-made global warming? I’m sure there are dozens of university research labs, and leftist think tanks working on the problem. Having to admit that the Sun has much more control over our climate than people would be like a Christian denying Jesus had not effect on world culture.

  8. It’s long been known, and politically ignored, that the 20,000 year long precession of our planet’s rotation, and the much longer periodic precession of our orbital plane drive our climate. It is shear hubris and political fear monger in to suggest that humans can be a major climatic factor. Reason and logic do not garner university grants or pay faculty salaries in our era of political correctness and cowtowing to the group think that has enabled the world governments to tax the air we breath.

  9. Robert! Greetings from a fellow Heretic! I found your website while doing some research on this very same subject. I live in Portland Oregon. There are numerous opportunities to witness the failure of critical thinking in Millennials. While riding that bastion of democracy known as TriMet I met a youngster who was quite passionate that Thermodynamics has absolutely nothing, repeat NOTHING to do with HCCC. Makes me even more enthusiastic for VERY late term abortion and or preventive sterilization of Warmists or Goreists as I call them. Thank you for your work in trying to bring the Light of Science to this Abyss of Darkness that is Hipster World.

  10. Lack of Sun spots? What telescope are they using to observer. All the Telescopes that point at the Sun have been turned off. What about all this damn Geoengineering going on.

    MAN IS CAUSING THIS CRAP NOT NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Then you are a person that history teaches nothing and forever to make the same mistakes, every two or three generations, as the French and Germans have done since the 17th Century up to 1945.
      This paper gives the cost of our variable climate to humans in wheat prices and covers the pricing burst between 1293 to 1703 and with better data 1700 to 2000
      Man is simply a spectator of the variable energy bounty the earth receives from the Sun.
      However, he now has the ability to end life on this planet either by nuclear fire, or by kicking of the next glaciation by his interference, with processes he has no clue about, better to do nothing and observe, rather than geo-engineer humanities collapse by mistake.

    • “Will this affect the cooing in any way” ???

      I hope not, because without CO2 life on Planet Earth will not exist (Die Out) within 6-Months… !

      Call it a “Scientific Lesson” !!!


    • Exactly Robert the whole concept is bad because for one humans can not control the cycles and 2 the whole debate has turned into a name called just that climate change which should not be a debate at all as climate changes regardless of humans on this earth or not and 3 it all became a religion and a money scam instead of facts.

  11. The conclusion is global warming affects the sun even though the sun is 1,000,000 times larger than the Earth!

  12. Well….this will make the climate change fanatics set their hair on fire. Perhaps Al Gore and his band of lying academics won’t fly their 747s around so much making their million dollar speeches, that might help.

  13. This could have been a Tremendous article, and it was when it referred t BUT, then they had to screw it up by Quoting the Morons at NASA who refuse to acknowledge the fact that the Sun is an Electric Force and not Thermonuclear.
    When NASA starts being Truthful about what they Discover in Space maybe I will start believing them again.

    No Big Bang !
    No Black Holes
    No Dirty Snowball Comets/Asteroids !
    No Dark Matter
    No Dark Energy
    No more NASA Lies/Bullshit !

  14. There is no doubt about being at Solar Minimum but some (not me) will tell you that we are not at a “Grand” Solar Minimum and that even it we were it wouldn’t mean anything. They will tell you that our problem is man made warming and it is going to starve and kill us all.

    I looks like we are at the end of Solar Cycle Number 24. In the last few decades we have changed the way we count sunspots. If you look at sites that give daily, monthly and yearly sunspot totals it will look like we are not in dangerous number territory compared to the past, but, the numbers by counters are misleading, I think purposely so. For hundreds of years now man has recorded sunspots; the method for counting was relatively standard for over 150 years and different scientists came up with similar counts. This is not so today, NASA counts what we used to refer to as moles and other surface disruptions as sunspots. For a few decades we could convert those counts to the number of spots counted by Wolf since the middle of the 19th century but now all pretense of conforming to that standard has been abolished so that the relationship of today’s sunspot numbers to those of the past are mostly meaningless.

    If we were using the Wolf method of counting then some think that likely over 90% of the spots recorded by NASA in the last couple years would not be counted at all and we would all be buying land south of the Mason Dixon Line.

    Do I believe we are headed into a dreadful, Grand Solar Minimum a minimum like the Maunder? You bet I do. I think we can learn to live through it but only if we realize that we lose much of the grain producing areas of the earth in places like Canada and Siberia. Much of the Northern US will have to switch to crops with shorter growing seasons. Many fields that might support longer growing season crops will be wet and inaccessible until late spring, perhaps even summer. Even then when the fields are accessible they will not be warm enough to allow seed to germinate quickly because of the recently melted snow. So, late spring and early fall means greatly reduced crop choices.

    A reduction of CO2 will lengthen the time required for crops to grow to maturity, the smartest thing we could do now as the people of the earth is to release as much CO2 into the air as we can, not to affect the greenhouse effect but to enhance plant growth.

    There have been several experiments that say CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. My position is who cares, it is such a tiny portion of our atmosphere that even if it was a greenhouse gas the effect would be immeasurable.

    Glaciers are growing. Crops are failing. Snow comes earlier and earlier each year. Save yourself, prepare for what is happening.

    Al Gore will tell you that you only have 12 years left to save the earth from Global Warming. He and I are certainly at odds. I’m an engineer and he is not a scientist, he’s an idiot, err I mean politician, but then I repeat myself. The head of the UN IPCC is a railroad engineer turned politician. These people would have you believe that they can give us an average temperature of the earth with their temperature sensors. Meanwhile the sensors on satellites give a totally different reading.

    Worldwide temperatures have gone down at an alarming rate for the last two years, perhaps the fastest decline we have ever recorded. The earth’s temperature cycle we are in is going to do what it always does in this planetary alignment, get cold.

    The Global Warmists will soon be telling us about their coming climate change ice age. They will blame it on man and try to collect more taxes to save us all. The population of the world is mostly ignorant about climate science and will frighten easily as they have with Global Warming.

  15. Oh no. Man made global warming is causing a mini ice age. Let’s hope we don’t make the planet any warmer, or we’ll make it so much colder.

  16. If we do NOT have a mini ice age then our understanding of climate data is severely distorted.
    We OUGHT to have a dramatic cold spell this winter if sun spot data has ANY impact on our climate. Simply a matter of time….by Feb 2019 we ought to have severe cold weather. Hopefully the Northeast will have several feet of permanent snow cover over the next 12 months and skeptics will rejoice!

  17. I’m 73, and it is obvious to me that the weather is cooling, and the ice in the polar oceans is expanding and thickening. And it sure is COLD around here, in November no less!

    So forget Global Warming. What is happening right now is the beginning of Global Cooling, which has always been much tougher on civilizations than Global Warming has ever been.

    Please open your eyes, and see for yourself. It’s COLD out there!

  18. That’s already here since about 2015 actually – although still at its beginning stages.
    Now the other ones – the 1,400 year cycle and the 104,000 year orbital stretch ice age cycle are also due immediately. If they converge simultaneously, we will be in trouble. In addition, the magnetic reversal ice age cycle is also due.

    To put this into perspective, not every winter is cold in all parts of the USA and Europe – even during a little ice age. As we enter a new cold phase, the possibility even exists where it can be mild for long periods of time in winter (zonal flow) and then followed by an abrupt shift towards cold and snow (high amplitude flow) as extremes tend to increase. The troughs have a tendency to appear in snapshots. (known as discontinuous retrogression)
    It will be colder, on average, especially in northern areas – although you’ll still have warm and cold pools during the cold season depending exactly where the troughs and ridges set up. Nevertheless, the troughs will be stronger and more widespread when a cooling trend occurs over the continents, such as now.
    So the arctic air and associated Continental Polar (cP) and Continental Arctic (cA) air masses are able to penetrate further south as the polar and arctic jet streams exhibit more anomalous southward motions at the base of the troughs at 18,000 ft. (500mb) during times of high latitude blocking regimes over Greenland and the North Pole. (In this case the pattern is less progressive and we have stationary, deep long wave troughs that dominate) If such a pattern persists, we can have temps running well below average underneath the trough for several weeks.

    As you might have suspected, this also means a greater frequency of record snow and record cold episodes in areas far to the south that normally never receive snow, with heavy snowfall increasing over the mountains. As snowfall extent and depth increases, (especially at higher elevations at first) the reflectivity of incoming short wave radiation from the sun increases, (resulting in greater outgoing long wave radiation) leading to greater cooling over land with a higher Albedo effect.

    Overall this means stock up on food now while we still have a chance.

  19. “this is a fun image anyway”, because we like to present pictures of what didn’t happen, but if it did, the picture would be wrong.

  20. Lets follow this through:

    Assuming we go into a little Ice Age (or cooling period), twe are going to see a big uptick in the demand for fossil fuels, which in turn will increase the price of such fuels, which will trigger non-renewable methods and more efficient use of such energy, which will omit less CO2 in the air in the long run.

    In other words…the market will fix this problem without the need for government lecturing and carbon taxes.

    The Market wins again…Long live Adam Smith!

    • There are two points to your comment; the better mouse trap will win every time in the market- place, and the march to a Gas economy via NG to Hydrogen will continue.
      But the biggest one is CO2, it is not the climate control knob, but merely the temperature indicator of the top 500M of the oceans and the energy inputs to it from the recently ended solar warm period.
      CO2 will continue to rise for the next 250 years. Why, not because of the human pitiful amounts they are adding, which are been taken up by plants, but because of increased volcanism, and the continued increase in stored CO2 held for the last 500 years in the returning overturning current, which was laid down during the depth of the LIA during Spoorer and Mauder.
      The real Climate control Knob is the amount of UV and EUV our sun emits, that part of the energy spectrum interact massively with our atmosphere and in turn controls the shape of the Jet Stream wave which in turn delivers weather to the world, good and bad.
      Landscheidt predicted this GSM, G Sharp further developed that prediction to this past and future prediction for solar activity. This GSM is a two cycle GSM like LALIA, Oort, Wolf, and Dalton, it is not a complex GSM like the Spoorer/Maunder period.
      Geoff’s work both hind casts and forward cast Solar activity.
      The second point is the NASA sunspot charts, can you/we use the most up-to-date charts please, it gives the impression that data stopped in 2015, here is the link.

    • A) Demand is a measure of exchanges made for a good or service, not desire. The economy is shrinking due to lower eroei of fossil fuels. The price of such fuels will drop, not increase, because growing wage disparity makes higher price unaffordable to the majority of consumers. Renewables will NEVER be cost competitive.

      B) CO2 emissions are not a problem. They don’t influence the climate in any measurable way.

    • ‘…which will trigger non-renewable methods and more efficient use of such energy, which will omit less CO2 in the air in the long run.’

      Now, I may be wrong, but I thought that it was the amount of CO2 in the air which was creating the Global Warming, so shan’t we need to increase the amount of CO2 to melt the ice, warm the world up? If so, we shall surely be urged to dig for coal, buy bigger cars, go back to steam trains, re-start burning rubbish, etc., etc?

    • Trump isn’t a scientist, so what is “Trump science”?

      Trump is a skeptic, as he should be, because those raising the climate alarm have yet to show any science that backs up their position. There has never been a field experiment to determine if the CO2 warming hypothesis is true, so no science has been done on the subject as of yet.

      Believe whatever suits you, but don’t expect those of us whom give things more thought to pay for your limited understanding.

      • Hasn’t it been shown that higher co2 levels come AFTER rises in temperature not before? I’m not a climate scientist, but I’m researching it so that I can make up my mind about it.

  21. Sunspots? And here Barack Obama, Al Gore and Hollywood convinced us all it was our Escalades and incandescent light bulbs that were causing climate change.

    • It gets even more insane by the minute.

      When my heater recently had problems (fortunately it could be corrected)… the guy servicing it told me it was a good thing he could fix it because it is no longer possible to buy a good, reliable thermostat in the US ,,, because they have been banned because they have mercury in them. That, despite the fact that the “new” light bulbs they were trying to push on everyone (fortunately not yet required) to replace incandescent light bulbs are full of mercury.

  22. This website is great for showing us snow in places like Saudi Arabia where you never expect it. However, listen, a body the mass of a million Earths is not going to experience wide fluctuations in luminosity measurable over centuries. The sun cannot ‘suddenly cool down’ then ‘get started again’ just like that. There must be other factors, some yet to be discovered. My own favourite to expand on is ocean currents and how they change. Cyclically? Who knows? The specific heat capacity of water being far greater than that of air, and jet stream winds and whatever.
    We see how underwater volcanoes can melt overlying ice in places like West Antarctica. I suspect they pretty damn sure have an effect on currents. It’s fascinating to read about extremophiles, ie organisms which can flourish by volcanic undersea vents. Tubeworms love it. Nearly as much as I love whisky I guess.

    • I suggest you go to WUWT and go to the solar page
      and look at how irradiance levels DO drop as the roughly 11 yr solar cycles wax and wane
      the sun IS a huge influence on our planet.

    • Interesting that you don’t think a nuclear furnace can change it’s output. Based on what science? The solar output varies nearly constantly, and the amount it need change at the distance from it that we are, does not have to be great to have an impact. The Sun IS the furnace that keep’s Mother Nature’s house warm, not the ocean currents, so yes, solar variances of small amounts can impact heavily on the global temperature. To prove that for yourself, just notice the difference in the perceived heat you feel when a thin cloud passes between you and the Sun, as that could be considered a similar experience to what the planet “feels” when a watt or two of solar energy shift happens.

    • The sunspot activity variation says the sun can indeed suddenly go up and down but that is not necessarily due to the sun cooling or heating. For all the money wasted trying to prove global warming, very little is being spent studying our star, which seems odd given without it we would not exist.

      • In visible and infrared terms TSI is reported during the last 7 high out put solar cycle as only varying by 1%.
        However, at the non visable Blue end of the Sun spectrun UV and EUV varies by upto 16%.
        It is this energy band which is absorbed by our atmosphere and stonglky influences the world’s Jet streams between Lateral during Solar Max and highly meridonial during solar minimum periods of the Sun 11 year energy cycle.

    • The Sun CAN and DOES cool down and heat up.

      There are NUMEROUS reasons for this, and one of the main drivers is that the Sun has 2, not one, inner spinning cores, each, for some weird reason, going in opposite directions at different speeds. They, at times augment each other, and at times cancel each other…..That causes CHANGES, duh.

      So what does this do? Effects the Sun in a cyclical form, thus cyclically effecting Solar Wind, UV, HEAT, etc. Duh. And, it is not just a factor of the temperature of the Sun, since the effects felt by the Earth happen even without any change in the Temp output of the sun.

      And, you don’t need much change in the Sun’s output. A change IS a change and it will CHANGE something on Earth. DUH. Just a 1 degree change in the Earth’s average temp has DRAMATIC effects on Weather. Duh., and this can be from numerous changes on the Sun…

      The Sun is not constant. NOTHING in nature is constant.

    • I suggest you look at this:
      This is the difference between solar cycles SC20 (seventies) and SC24, this current cycles.
      Between these two cycles we have had three of the highest output cycles of this Solar Warm period 1945 to 2008, and three even higher prior to the cool cycle SC20.
      Notice the Gleissberg period from 1870 to 1940, and the Dalton GSM from 1790 to 1825. The next single cool cycle like SC20 is predicted to start in 2144 and the next GSM after this current GSM will start 2188.
      We live under a Variable UV Star and at the Blue end of the spectrum it varies by as much as 16%.
      & here is the reason:

  23. Oh boy, here we go again! Another nutter, making the case that global warming is not a thing. We are hotter every year now, virtually every years setting a new record. And this guy wants us to believe that people in the Sahara will soon be dressed like Eskimos. Global climate change means an upset in what were normal patterns, it doesn’t mean every single place will see a proportional increase in temperature every single day. What is this guy betting anyway? Has he gone out and sunk his life savings into some Chinese snorkel parka manufacturing company? I seriously doubt it. You want to bet on something? Bet on it continuing to get warmer, bet on more and bigger wildfires, more extensive droughts, more crop failures. That is what acting called science tells us. “Oh, but what about the Marauder Minimum?”. Uh-huh, sure, you just get yourself a few kerosene heaters, toss your AC units out, and learn to ice skate. Anyone thinking we are going to start freezing to death because there isn’t a sunspot is in for a big disappointment.

    • I presume you were taught about global warming and greenhouse gases at school recently, and a good student rejects anything contrary to what you are taught. Us trained and qualified real scientists (geology, physics, chemistry) born in the mid-20th century, and having experienced the cyclical cooling period of 1938-1977, could learn from your schoolteacher.

    • You’re right of course, the lack of sunspots isn’t going to kill us all. Folk survived the Little Ice Age and we’ll survive the coming one. Global warming and global cooling are “things” but neither are generated by Man rather we make things slightly better or worse due to the CO2 and water vapour we pump into the atmosphere alongside direct infra-red energy. But just to be clear we are already living in an Ice Age and have been for the last 2.4 million years so are you saying that you want continue in one? BTW, we’re heading towards a period of glaciation some time in the future but that’s to do with ecotasy, not CO2 nor the sun.

    • I could try and reason with you..
      but it isn’t worth the time
      you obviously believe the msm views and dont actually read data or research further.

    • Gerard, are you aware that the global temperature actually has dropped over the past 2 years? No? I didn’t think so. But that’s global warming for you. Makes sure that information that falsifies the claims is never seen by its believers. Or is it that its believers refuse to read information?

    • ‘We are hotter every year now, virtually every years setting a new record.’

      The near 18 year pause that was only interrupted by a large El Nino says that your statement is incorrect.

    • Come back to us in 2 years and let us compare notes.

      It was WARMER about 1,000 years ago during the dark ages. Grapes grew in Sweden, Greenland was Green…Grapes grew in Newfoundland…. (Vineland in Viking slang)

      About the time of Christ, and the Peak of the Roman Era? Hotter still. More hot than the above dark ages, more hot than the HOTTEST time present…

      Oh, lets go back to 1,50O BC, with the “Sea People”, the Minoans, Crete…HOTTER than the Roman Era, Hotter than the Dark Ages and HOTTER than today.

      Oh, lets go back 3,000 BC, well Dayamm!!! Still HOTTER.

      Nope, Dear Gore Disciple, Climate changes, but not because of my Chevy. There are MULTIPLE cyclical events encompassing the Earths Orbit, Tilt, etc. and MULTIPLE Sun behavioral cycles….when they line up one way, things get HOTTER…when they line up another way, it gets COLDER.

      It was both HOTTER and COLDER before man even existed.

      It has been HOTTER with less C02…It has been COLDER with more C02………….C02 has nothing to do with it. Nothing.

      Oh, we haven’t even discussed the Earth’s Magnetic Field (it is changing too….is that from C02?) and the Solar Wind (it is changing too…is that from C02) and both of these cyclical changes creates a cyclical change in Galactic Radiation hitting the Earth (it is changing that from C02)….and you have no idea what all that means……….

    • You are a retarted nutter. In only a few years it has been proven that sun drives climate change. Yet after decades you haven’t proven the same about CO2

    • Maybe you should go back to country music sites.
      People die of cold cold already. Even a small drop in temperature will have a big impact. Go hide your head in the sand.

    • Getting warmer? NASA has said themselves that the Earth has cooled at least .59 C over the past couple of years. You are a little out of sync with your propaganda~ or rather the MSM is.

      The same people that say every year is a new record for warmth still say the records for highest temps are in the 1930s.

      There is so much wrong with your comment, but I am sick of explaining people’s mental incompetence to them. It isn’t our responsibility to do your thinking for you.

  24. Al Gore’s comment. “This is nuts, what does the sun have to do with climate”?
    Ok he really didn’t say this but wait just give him enough time.

  25. These natural cyclic phenomena are second order trends that will quickly be overwhelmed by weather management and weaponisation that started in the 1940’s with Edward Teller’s concept of aerosols. In general, university and agency research is not afforded knowledge of the classified data on planetary weather management, or its imminent consequences. Special corporations for instance at Columbia and MIT, are exceptions, but such information is compartmentalised, while the graduate schools pump out a mixture of good research and total garbage. With planetary enthalpy rise approaching 10^14 watts and nearly forty years of record high temps, isolated local cooling and ad hoc correlation with solar cycles is misleading. Any study that does not address the Arctic methane issue and the thermodynamic state shift it will rapidly produce, is arguably a sixth grade book report about pimples on a bull’s butt. A tragic public deception is in play as a mutual reinforcing consensus of a Type II error among cloned professors and graduate students , and the universities will calculate the wrong answer in double precision. The issue is the policies behind the classified programmes of geoengineering, and NOT with obfuscations like “chemtrails.” This is why both the oceans and atmospheres are stratifying, and why we are now sixty percent into an explosive extinction level event ending in very high temperatures, and notably not the watered down baloney peddled by the likes of Al Gore and his carbon profiteers. The current secret to the cold issue in a minority of places is found with barium and aluminum aerosol compounds held aloft with polymer airfoils, and directed air masses to forestall the ultimate conversion of Arctic albedo and the explosive outgassing of the methane hydrates. A careful examination of upper atmospheric temperatures will also show localised extreme RF heating in contrast to the overall layers. Cold snaps, especially in the eastern US, and some atypical occurrences elsewhere, are hydrodynamic paroxysms that are also misleading. I wish to God it were different, but real men with real data have no time to play pattycake with pet concepts whose peer review is founded entirely upon the comfort of simple consensus in an ivory tower or made popular with a movie. The China Syndrome was the exception in that regard, but actually a presage for the consequences of technical arrogance of mislead consensus in case and point. The entire planet is now at risk if the secrecy and policies, warned about by Eisenhower and Kennedy, are not aggressively addressed and terminated. For those who do real research, I would not fail to examine very closely Dane Wigington’s comprehensive work on the subject. I would also suggest doing it very soon.

      • I believe the rule is one cow per SUV… unless you’ve got a hybrid SUV, then it’s one, because hybrid SUVs pollute even MORE than a regular SUV, taking the generating station and power line losses into account.

    • They’re attempting to “bury” it with know-it-all BS comments on this very thread!
      “You know you’re over the target when you’re taking flak”

  26. Wow !! It’s sure a great thing that we have manmade global warming to counteract this mini ice age !! Now, temperatures will only rise 0.25622584 degrees Celsius in the next 1000 years !!

  27. Hopefully, man-made global warming will save us all from freezing to death! Fire up those factories, drive more big trucks, keep those fossil fuels burning. Come on mankind, let’s heat this globe up! Together, with Al Gore’s help, we can do it. Si se puede! Don’t forget to leave the lights on too.

  28. The cooling is coming. If you live in a cold winter climate area, come up with a plan of how you are going to deal with a prolonged cold period of decades. Most likely you will need a plan to move your family farther south. Home values in the north will fall substantially if you wait too long.

  29. I remember back in 1980 or so attended a business conference in which the featured speaker predicted a mini Ice Age. It of course never happened which makes me suspicious of the previous article. However, there can be little doubt that this has been an unusually cold and overcast Fall here in New Jersey.

    • They predicted a mini ice age? The geologic record is predicting the real thing. Because you have a few warm years doesn’t mean that the overall trend of temperatures isn’t down. Unless you don’t believe that it was actually warmer when grapes grew in the Great Britain than it is now when they can’t be cause it’s too cool, then you will never recognize that the historical trend is towards an ice age, not warming.

  30. If the cooling is indeed coming then those who have been predicting warming for decades should lose all credibility and not be allowed to provide input or profit from global cooling.
    Many of us have believed for a long time that the earth goes through climate cycles and that the sun plays a bigger role in our climate than anthropogenic warming believers were willing to admit.

  31. Well, AT LEAST they are on the right track (which those in the ‘know’ have been aware of for years). Ah, the sun — our ONLY source of energy — the DETERMINING factor for weather (climate change) on earth. Yes, pay attention for you might even get the truth (if they can get the ‘press’ to limit themselves to the truth :^)

  32. Climate change is more extensive and worse than once thought
    By Seth Borenstein, Associated Press | Updated – Nov 29th, 2018 @ 10:19am | Posted – Nov 29th, 2018 @ 10:07am

    I just read this article posted by Associated Press. Something is off, they can’t both be right. I just want the truth without the politics.
    Also this comment by Brazil’s interior minister: “The dogma of climate change has served to justify an increase in the power of international institutions over nation states and their populations,”
    Ernesto Araujo

    • Ah! Now there are two major countries (USA and Brazil) seeing the light. I bet Putin too – he’s way to intelligent to fall for the global warming B.S. – but it suits him to lie low.

    • I suggest you read more articles about the history of climate from those other than the likes of Mann and company. If you realize the little things such as the retreating glaciers are showing the remains of trees, as an example, that has to tell you that it was warmer before. If it has been warmer before, we are not in a dangerous warming period.

      Whether or not we are headed towards an ice age – the geologic record suggests that we are, and the temperatures overall are trending downwards – should give you reasons for concern. When it is 10 degrees warmer outside your house than inside, if you are outside, for great lengths of time, you aren’t likely to die from it. This is based on your house being 68 degrees Fahrenheit, or 20 degrees Celsius. If the outside temperature is 10 degrees cooler than your house, you run the risk of hypothermia over time, and death. Think about it. That, in a microcosm, is the manner in which climate change is going to affect you.

      If your concern is for all the rest of the species on the planet instead of yourself, that is fine, but realize that summers are many degrees warmer than springs, and the same animals and species survive both seasons.

    • ‘…Also this comment by Brazil’s interior minister: “The dogma of climate change has served to justify an increase in the power of international institutions over nation states and their populations,”
      Ernesto Araujo

      At last someone has said it. Yes, this is what I have been thinking for a long time. THEY (TPTB) will try anything to create a One World Government, I remember Obama saying that we should need a world government to deal with a proposed world epidemic which, of course, didn’t happen. Look at what the UN is now proposing: open borders throughout the world for anyone who wants to migrate. And of course, THEY will need a One World RelIgion to keep us all under control in this One World Government. Guess which that will be!

    • The true fact there has been many climate changes and cycles in past times of earth history that were far more extreme and extensive then todays climate there is nothing unusual about today’s climate despite the contrary belief.

    • put it like this a 1 to 2c rise wont be as bad as hyped
      but a 2c drop from now would stuff up a lot more crops than warmth would.
      local;ly were 1.3c lower than avg
      seeds arent sprouting so 6weeks late into spring summer growing season even beginning
      means anything that does grow wont be near ripening before the cold returns in april/may at best. I am looking at getting near nothing from any melon/curcubit pumpkins, and the corn will be iffy at best. some tomatos might produce but low crops at best. most veg crops are 100 to 120day length to harvest that means warmth for that time.even winter wheat crops are only just being reaped round here, last 3 weeks or so.
      usually done by nov at latest.

  33. Luckily it’s going to be a very short one, a mini-mini. According to the Australian media
    it’s going to be really, really, really hot by 2070.

  34. I’ve seen this “debunked” on RealClimate (and other sites) by stating that Mlynczak was only speaking of the thermosphere, implying that a cooling thermosphere has no implications for the rest of the atmosphere, completely ignoring thermodynamics, completely ignoring convective heat transfer principles, implying that humans (who put out far less than 1 Wh/m^2/day averaged over the surface of the planet, as compared to the sun’s ~2 to 14 kWh/m^2/day insolation at the surface of our planet… you’ll note that’s 3 orders of magnitude in difference, thus even a slight variation in solar output washes out any human contribution) completely override the solar cycles of that giant fusion furnace in the sky, and completely ignoring Mlynczak’s words, to wit: “From all this could be a real phase of global cooling”.

    Gavin Schmidt further ignores the fact that the planet has, over the past two years, experienced the fastest cooling on record. Gavin is more hubristically ideologically driven, rather than humbly data driven.

    Anything to push the CAGW scam is fair game for the global communists who seek to profit and gain political power from the scam.

    When people start dying in droves from the cold, will those remaining finally wise up and revolt against these scamsters?

  35. As miserable as its going to be, if it will put a cork in the pie holes of the warmist nuts it will be worth it.

  36. This person is right …..Global warming is all full of shit..learn about previous ice- ages. WINTER IS COMING…..and you all people will believe it in 2020 if not before…! Now you people will see reports about mini ice age everyday

  37. … they’re just spotting this now, i.e., low sunspot numbers? What, though, might they be missing? Hmm …

    Little do they know energy upticks in from coronal hole solar wind upticks … a solar saving grace?

    Energy upticks in, then, while cyclical earth facing coronal hole solar wind upticks continue our way … integration of such solar wind energies in occurring, between upticks … and … amidst such troughs, cosmic ray energy in upticks …

    SOOO … global planetary warming … AT LEAST while such processes continue … regardless of sunspot fall off?

    Hmm … energy accreted in … integrated then … and then turned on … raising the thermostat dial?

    Prediction; when such cyclical energy upticks our way fall off … then … welcome to a slip … into a frozen wasteland?

    All bets off, then, on any Ice Age … until post 2100?

    Meanwhile, energy expansion; earthquakes, etc.

    Volcanic activity, up; atmospheric mixing, up?

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see …

    • youre confused
      solar winds from coronal holes bring NO heat at all
      just batter our magnetic field and allow more gamma and other rad into the atmosphere.
      theres some thinking that events like that may be the cause of some gene mutations allowing species to change/develop.
      wether they’re good or bad changes? remains to be seen.

    • Sunspot numbers have been known for hundreds of years. What they didn’t know before, was the mechanism linking sunspots to temperature on Earth.

      Low sunspots indicate a weaker solar magnetic field. When the solar field weakens, more cosmic rays are allowed to hit the Earth. When cosmic rays hit the atmosphere, they become nuclei for cloud formation. So, lower sunspots = more clouds = cooling.

  38. A star is variable if its apparent magnitude (brightness) is altered in any way from our perspective on Earth. These changes can occur over years or just fractions of a second, and can range from one-thousandth of a magnitude to 20 magnitudes. More than 100,000 variable stars are known and have been catalogued, and thousands more are suspected variables. Our own SUN is a variable star; its energy output varies by approximately 0.1 percent, or one-thousandth of its magnitude, over an 11-year solar cycle.Yes ,the sun has a throttle and its energy output is controlled by unknown forces and not these poor soul agw believers are simply like naive children.

    • igor:
      Please don’t mention the sun. The IPCC tells us it has no effect on the World’s temperature (whatever that is) so claiming that the output of similar stars can vary about 4% doesn’t mean anything – until the temperature drops.

  39. While it LOOKS like a mini ice age is in the works, forecasting it’s arrival in six months or so is alarmism of the sort the warmists are fond of. The Maunder Minimum occurred with much cooler oceans than today. Most do not consider the ocean’s thermal mass. IF the sun is headed into a long Maunder type minimum, ( no one can predict even two cycles ahead) it will likely take longer for temperatures to drop than it did back then. That said, a quick return to ice has happened before. and thud is a real possibility, unlike man caused catastrophic warming.

    • No, Snowleopard, it’s here now-as a matter of fact, it started in 2014. As far as temperature drops are concerned, a full blown ice age can start in less than 20 years. Certainly, ocean temps are still fairly warm, however they are decreasing.

  40. Interesting take on CO2 causing cooling as part of the natural cycle. A heat equals more snow and ice equation.

    Ignore the opening credits it was made in San Fransisco in 1988 and was never banned anywhere. It includes a large section about the leeching of minerals from the soil causing weaker forests and hence lower CO2 take up warming the planet and altering the heat exchange between the warmer regions and the Polar caps increasing ice and snow at the Poles as well as part of the reason for the increase in forest fires, so they were suggesting rock dust for remineralising the soil which seems to be the hobby horse they’ve built the film around, so a bit tree hugging.

    Dated, Utopian and naive I still found it a bit of a delight from much simpler times. It sadly also shows how confrontational and unpleasant politics and the general discourse has become as we descend further into fascism.

    P.S. As an added bonus it was before Al Bore got his snout in the trough so he doesn’t get a mention.

  41. Igor makes a good point.
    The naivety of many of the commenters is profound.
    The comment by Numbercruncher2012 was one of the worst.
    “Assuming we go into a little Ice Age (or cooling period), twe are going to see a big uptick in the demand for fossil fuels, which in turn will increase the price of such fuels, which will trigger non-renewable methods and more efficient use of such energy, which will omit less CO2 in the air in the long run.”

    Dead people don’t need to keep warm, so they won’t be buying more fossil fuels.

    Agriculture has begun to fail this year and will be a disaster next year.
    Poor people will begin to starve early next year and most of the population will be struggling by the end of the year.
    Plane flights are being cancelled in their thousands, soon to be tens of thousands.
    When George Washington walked across the Delaware the sea was frozen and soon it will be again.
    Exports and imports, what will happen ?
    When roads have yards of snow on them, not feet or inches what food can be delivered ?
    Several billion people are going to die, some of them have left comments here.

  42. This was speculated to happen again over 30 years ago in a iceage book published in the mid 80,s. I can tell you once working for a plant nusery we were getting our plants from northerly areas so I think our plant guy was aware of a shift happening warranting planting more cold Hardy species. One of the starkest things I’ve noticed over the last 10 years is that most of our native trees are growing differently than they use to grow so maybe they know what’s coming down the pike.

  43. We’ve had 18 yrs of near nonexistent sunspots.
    Nice CGI image of what NASA wants you to think the sun looks like and a little ball earth that is just more nonsense.
    How can you evaluate anything when you model nonsense?… Frauds.

  44. 2questions for all those “on the fence”:

    1) Will animals and plants on Earth do better in a HOT environment or a COLD environment?

    2) Would it be better if the Earth stays warm or get warmer, OR will it be better if the Earth gets colder?

    Regardless of the cause, WARM is always better for plants and animals. Pray for WARM

  45. The start of a mini ice age is not a future event. It started in 2014 and is in progress.
    Very few alive today will see the end of it and it is possible that no one will see the end of it.
    It could last until 2100 or it could be a precursor to a major glaciation.

  46. Just wondering if any of the super smart people here really think the California’s wild fires have been caused by global warming and or drought… I live here, I see dead trees all over, death by bugs. The pine beetle has been killing all sorts of pine trees, no one is removing them so the bugs spread, killing more and more trees. We have so much over growth since the loggers are not allowed to thin the trees out. We haven’t had any new reservoirs built, personally, I’d be building cisterns also. Since droughts have been part of the California history, I think we should be saving every drop of water for use during the droughts. We have so many issues here with water and over growth that I can’t imagine that global warming actually has a thing to do with the wild fires or that it’s PG&E’s fault, lines fall down all over, they can’t start a wild fire if there isn’t enough fuel to support it. As for feeling the heat of global warming, I’m not feeling that either. Yes, it’s hot here during the summer but no hotter than it was when I was a child in the 60’s. At least that’s the way it feels to me. Winters I’m not sure about, we only came up here during the summer when I was a child.

    • Gracie – unfortunately your state also planted a lot of Australian native gum trees with no thought that they need to be managed, Australia is only learning this in the last few years after we also have had fires that have killed hundreds in their own homes. The aborigines have been managing the native vegetation of Australia for 40,000 years but us European/English immigrants knew better. Just as an aside many of the native plants of Australia need fire to germinate their seeds.

      • Mostly, they’ve planted the Eucalyptus in southern California but I have seen some up here. We lived in San Diego during the Witch Creek fire and saw what those do… they nearly explode and fall down spreading fire very quickly. Up here in Lake County, it’s mostly Scrub Oak and several different species of Pine. Not to mention countless wineries that are killing the lake…. Oh, I can’t forget the pot grove too… Both killing the lake. Another thing that needs to be addressed here but I doubt it will happen until it’s too late for the lake. My point was that they aren’t taking care of the forest area. From what I’ve been told, when the loggers were allowed to work the forest, they took good care of it, thinning out the trees where needed and cleaning it up. Sounds like we should have paid them some of the tax money going for the rapid rail system, that caters only to San Francisco and LA, instead of them paying the state.

    • Probably caused by arsonists, lightning or broken glass bottles acting as magnifier lenses. There is more than one way to start a fire.

      • Oh yes I forgot spontaneous combustion of wet decaying saw dust or other combustible plant matter. This is how saw mills catch fire and how my dad’s backyard caught fire back in the 1960’s. There was a layer of saw dust from an old logging operation and it was damp enough to rot and heat up to an ignition temperature.

  47. some are saying this mini ice age will be worse than the 1600’s and will last 350 alot of people will have to relocate and due to the fact most live in the northern hemisphere then i think we have a BIG problem..where will they all go? 1 BILLION chinese ? I myself live in the UK and will probably opt for south portugal although even there may not be far south enough

    • Many part of Arabia and North Africa are becoming depopulated (they are all moving into Europe as refugees), so you will have the opportunity to live in Tunisia, or Syria !!!

  48. For we farmers who observe temps for good reason and have crops of food and want to validate what we observe, I can officially say mother nature IS turning against us. It is getting colder, weather patterns are shifting along with our usual growing seasons. We have lost two years of blueberry crops and our fruit tree’s are having a very difficult time producing fully ripened fruit.

    For those who poo poo the notion of current cold changes affecting our food supply, you won’t be ready and I wont be helping you.

    I would encourage everyone that can to grab a supply of freeze dried foods. Better to be a little prepared than not at all. It will give you time to adjust to changing conditions.

    Times will become bad enough that people you know will seek your aid for food. If you pull out freeze-dried foods they will know or suspect that you are well prepared. They will eventually seek to take what you have either by demand or force. Things will be so dire that they will take your life so that you can’t follow after them to recover your much-needed food, or to seek retribution.

    These will be bad times, worse than anything we have experienced as humans on this earth. By design our governments have created an environment where there is no possible way for the general population to be ready. How does one prepare for 40 years of bitter cold or 350 years if current concerns are true?

    People will die by the hundreds of millions and plagues unlike anything we have experienced will erupt unexpectedly. Wars will be started over food and by those who will seek to take possession and control of what will be temperate farm lands. Look into China’s ghost cities in Africa. Note their locations. China has seen every one of their Dynasties collapse due to these periods of solar minimums. They know, and are as prepared as any nation can be. America is totally unprepared and our leaders (excluding President Trump) are lying to us.

    It doesn’t matter if it becomes very apparent in 3 months or 10 years. Either way we must do what is required to prepare as best we can in the near term to assure we have some possibility of security for our families in the long term.

    In my life GOD is my refuge. The scriptures have warned of disasters so great that man has never experienced them before. That is exactly what we are facing. You don’t have to believe in GOD to see it coming. BUT if you know you have been warned by HIM in HIS Words then perhaps you can believe enough to seek out HIS other revelations which are equally as important.

    Be well and I wish you all the very best.

    • “design our governments have created an environment where there is no possible way for the general population to be ready. How does one prepare for 40 years of bitter cold or 350 years if current concerns are true?”

      Only the wise will prepare in any way at all. Those who can not or will not have a problem. Considering the nature of those who own and control the government, banks and media one should view the 10 commandments on the Georgia guide stones as a warning of what they wish to achieve. Getting rid of 7 plus billion people by way of deception, environmental contingencies, plagues, famine , war etc has to happen to make the elites plans a reality but they need to have plausible deniability and they need to be able to say we told you so long ago in order to deflect blame away from themselves.

      If the pattern of the Chinese dynastic cycle is followed world wide the elites will not survive and justice will be done. Someone will draw the sword and slay all Elite and PC flesh in the time of chaos before setting up new kingdoms and civilizations. These cycles tend to coincide with mini and little ice ages.

    • We’re just backyard farmers but we’ve noticed that too. It’s been the past two years, we haven’t had any volume of tomatoes or other things. Thought it might have been from all the fires and the ash but after reading your post…

  49. Dylan, or someone else, could you please give me the link to where NASA say that the global climate has cooled over the last few years? I’ts not that I don’t think it’s true, but I can’t find that info and it would be extremely useful to be able to show it to AGW believers. Thanks!

  50. “The day Al Gore was born there were 7000 polar bears on Earth. Today, only 26,000 remain.”

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