Protesting Global Warming in Australia – In the snow

Do they not realize how ludicrous they look?

Locals at Mount Hotham in Victoria express deep concern about global warming.

See photo of the protesters all bundled up to keep warm:

Thanks to Oz Steamer for this link

“The very snow that the Global Warmists told everyone would “be gone by 2010!,”says Oz.

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  1. Mount Hotham has had about 4 metres of snow so far this season. That’s not too bad for Australia where the highest mountains are about half the height of the French Alps.

  2. Kosmos reason for the ice age of the
    In the vicinity of St. Petersburg and in the south of Sweden, traces of cosmic dust were discovered in the rocks, which is one of the causes of the global ice age.

    Scientists have found that about 466 million years ago between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, a collision of two asteroids occurred. The dust generated by the collision settled on Earth for 2 million years. Researchers believe that it blocked sunlight, which caused the temperature on the planet to drop. Particles of this dust are periodically found in samples from different geological eras, but new samples contained its record concentration.

  3. There are only two ways I know to stop mass hysteria.
    The first is to let it burn itself out.
    The second involves the application of violence.
    Rational discourse, objective data, and inductive reasoning are like bb’s to an elephant when the children go down the road of mass hysteria.
    Think Salem Witch Trials.
    Think China’s “Cultural Revolution”.
    In both cases people lost their lives because children ran amok and adults aided and abetted them.

  4. Do they not realize how ludicrous they look?
    Probably not.
    Many Australians are good natured, naive and trusting. The remainder, as a rule, are of low intellect and basically down right stupid. Generally speaking, the mass is an Oaf like culture which is easily distracted by pursuits of drinking beer and playing a sport. The most popular ones being various football codes and/or cricket. They are stupid enough to be easily mislead by the mainstream media and usually are. Many are too lazy to get out of their own way. Some are very focused on making money for themselves and care little about anybody or anything else. Their political leaders are a likewise representation and/or corrupt.

  5. When I last went skiing in the early nineties it was considered a good season in the Australian Alps if it extended a week or two into August. It is now three weeks into September and there are still two meters of snow at some resorts. Brainwashed kids are demonstrating over things they have no knowledge except for biased media reports and instruction by teachers using their position of trust to distribute political garbage.

  6. Yep, snowing at lower elevations and higher accumulations in Yellowstone today too, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Both hemispheres. Someone’s trying to tell them something.

  7. My X-bosses that were deeply bedded into the warming hoax, just to make a few American dollars off of the scam, are now becoming attentive to the reality concerning the end means of the HOAX!

    Not sure what to make of the mess of which they unwillingly, but none the less help create through their asperations to make money from a known false doctrine; have recently approached me seeking restitution for a false doctrine of which they help to create!

    Rather than invest their earnings into that which they knew to be truth, invested into doctrine which they KNEW to be false.Blind to the end means that lie ahead; in the name of the all mighty dollar!

    What is the end game? What did these investors who helped invest monies into a market that would eventually sink their earnings? One may surmise; the end of capitalism, and the mark of socialism.

    Now that their pockets are being depleted, they are crying for help, what can one say?


    Now is the time for bravery, for those that have liberty left in their heart, and a sense of honesty written upon their heart.


  8. It seems they dont have the nous to twig how stupid they look(and are) yes the snow was going to never fall again all the tourist crap was going to shut/go broke…and every year since theyve had average to good snowfalls and this yr started early and is still skiable.
    and the gound was going to be so dry the rain wouldnt soak in too
    claims by utter idiots like flimflam and mates who have NOT ONE qualification worth the paper on climate..flimflams a mammalian archeologist and hes ok at that but crap on climate..but theres money and media in the agw con, none in his actual specialised field.

  9. I also love the incredible stupidity of these people. Do they posses the ability to think?

    They have driven up this mountain and are now using energy skiing. Cloths plastic, skis plastic.

    It is just to stupid.

  10. Coordinated protests, “strikes”, around the world ahead of thee largest ever UN Climate Action Summit in NY Monday.
    They reeeeally kicked the brainwashing up a notch for this
    BS in public schools around the World, paid for with your tax money. Grrrrrrrr.
    Mass mind control at it’s finest, or worst in reality. A remarkable amount of energy wasted on misinformation. Fake science.
    Thank you Robert for this website, a small window of sanity in a world gone completely mad.

  11. pity the fools didnt hang around theres more snow on the way and its been bitterly cold even at sealevel today
    guess their nice NYLON puffers n accessories kept em warm enough..sad, a decent dose of flu would be poetic justice really

  12. Thanks, Robert… I should explain: the Global Warmists insisted that the Australian Ski Fields would have had to close “forever” by now, thanks to Global Warming. Pity Nature didn’t do as it’s told. The fact is, the Australian ski fields now open earlier in the season that ever before, and as the pictures show, stay open later than they have ever done in the past.

    This is not by a small amount but by weeks. Every year the “snow line” comes down a little further and every year, the Great Global Warming Lie is repeated endlessly by the Main Stream Media in a frantic attempt to try and claw back the audience they’ve driven away with their endless Global Warming lies (among other lies)

  13. You are not going to believe this, just on Channel 7 Australia, this evening news, an article about global warming and the arctic, show a cruise ship and lots of very small icebergs, then a statement about the urgency of global warming, that we must take immediate action. Then they show a man walking on the ice and a penguin running away in the distance. I did not know that penguin’s had taken up residence in the arctic, its news to me if they have. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! They are getting soooo desperate they cannot even get their publicity correct. BIG FAIL I’m afraid.

  14. From today going forward, all references to absolute stupidity must be measured against a picture of elite families, wearing ski gear, clearly taking a break from Spring skiing on a snow covered mountain they have gathered around the base of, to hold signs in protest of global warming.

  15. “protest against global warming”. What next, protest against thunder? In South Africa recently the greenies protested against a proposed fish farm! Do those persons have careers or are they professional protestors?

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