Record cold across central United States

Cold cold cold all the way into Mexico – 17 Oct 2018 – Weatherbell

16 Oct 2018 – “High temperature of 50°F (at midnight) in Dallas-Fort Worth is really sad, says meteorologist Dr Ryan Maue. “It’s also a super record … Coldest daytime high on record for any day up until October 20th.” was the chilliest so early in the season by a full week (besting Oct 22, 1936).

It was the chilliest in Dallas so early in the season by a full week (besting Oct 22, 1936).

“Second day in a row Kansas City has broken the record low,” says Joey Marino. “Currently 28° at KMCI. Old record was 29° set back in 1976!”

“Two records were set today in Oklahoma City,” says Asst professor of meteorology Jason Furtado. “Record low of 35 F (Previous record: 38 F in 2001) – Record low maximum of 50 F (Previous record: 54 F in 1914).”

Not only in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Kansas City, widespread record lows were recorded both Monday and Tuesday across the western half of the country.

As you can see on the above map, the cold extended all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, bringing the coldest day on record, or close to it, to much of the Plains.

“Numerous other records have fallen from the central United States to the Intermountain West and from the Canadian border to Mexico,” writes Ian Livingston for the Washington Post. “Widespread lows in the teens and 20s have been common at low elevations, dipping to the single digits to near zero in the high terrain. A large section of the region has seen temperatures running 12 to 20 degrees below normal over the past week.

The past two days have been as cold as any on record – or the coldest on record – for this time of year from Montana through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado, across much of the southern Plains and into Texas.

Meteorologist Joey Marino@WxJmar93

Meteorologist Dr Ryan Maue

Asst professor of meteorology Jason Furtado@wxjay -and-snow-have-taken-over-the-central-united-states/2018/10/16/a2bfd0fc-f71c-4e5d-907a-d22 4f87d7b0f_story.html

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  1. Probably happening due to the super heated ocean, deep in the Marianas trench where it can’t be found. I mean if the heat is really deep in the ocean it can spring instantly anywhere in the world. Then by disguising itself as record cold nobody will believe they are honestly roasting alive, till it is to late. Now I need to go get a coke out of the oven before it freezes and bursts.

  2. One of my sons returned to the UK two days ago, having spent over three weeks driving around Texas, Arkansas, Missouri etc., eventually flying back from O’Hare. He had great weather, but he remarked that Chicago was chilly . Looks like he got out just in time!

  3. By 14, 400 years-before-present, YBP (BC 12,400), disappearing continental glaciations ended the Wurmian Ice Age to begin Earth’s median 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch.

    On this basis, skewed 1,500 years by the cometary-meteorite Younger Dryas “cold shock” from BC 10,950 – 9,450, the Holocene ended 12,250 + 3,500 – 14,400 = AD 1350, coincident with Kamchatcha’s super-volcano Kambalny Eruption which precipitated a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) through AD 1850/1890.

    Now entering a 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum similar to that of 1645 – 1715, after a 140-year LIA rebound through c. AD 2030, Earth faces a cyclically recurring 102-kiloyear Pleistocene Ice Age due to cover 80% of habitable landmasses with 2 1/2 mile deep glaciations for some 102,000 years.

    Deviant AGW Catastrophists have a lot to answer for.

  4. Oct 16 we broke a 65 year old record for low high by 8 degrees F! It was only 49F for the high here in Jacksonville, AR that day. The normal high for the date is 75F, so 26F below normal.

    I would love to hear some of the global warmists explain all these record low temps.

  5. New weather warning as east of Spain braces for worst “cold drop” in 10 years
    What’s “most important” about this cold drop is its persistence, with downpours expected to last for hours without ceasing, and the volume of rain forecast to fall. “More than 100 millimeters could fall in 12 hours in many areas in the Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands,” says Del Campo.

  6. Another blast of Arctic air this weekend focusing on the Midwest and Northeast. Some early lake effect snow expected.

  7. The Grand Solar Minimum is with us and those that still believe in global warming will not prepare and may freeze & starve to death. You cannot stock up on enough food to last for 40 years or lots more. Food will have to be grown indoors with grow lights & aquaponics. You may have to generate your own electricity for years.

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