Record cold in Sakhalin Russia

Among the record holders is the settlement of Moskalvo, where the average daily temperature is 3.4 degrees below the climatic norm, and the new absolute maximum for October 5 is now -1.7, one degree lower than the previous record set in 1955.

In Nogliki, the thermometer dropped to -4.6 degrees, the previous record of -2.3 was observed recently, in 2017.

At the beginning of the new week in the valleys of the center and north, the air will catch frost to -5 degrees, and in the valleys of the south to -2. /  /

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  1. The heat is on , inside the houses and buidings . The cold is only outside and not protested . Who cares about cold when the choice between warm and cold is so obvious ?Ever carefully observed the climate-protesters of antifa and extinction rebellion ? Please look how well-dressed they are better adapted to cold than any animal.
    Overheated ? Yes , indeed , especially when they are hearing a reasonable argument splaining reality . Robert thank you for valuable insight,

  2. Snow forecast in NE oregon by Wed night. Temps to -2C
    the to -7 ffor lows highs not breaking +6C.
    until the weekend but stays 3-5c below normal.

    Theres more records to come and not just temperatures on earth but the forces from outerspace..our sun is alive and doesnt need oxygen to us.. it will do what it has done for billions of years ..spewing its waste in the form of radiation(atomic form)heat for us critters on earth..If they are right..then our /universe/gods sun ..will be hibernating for a wee bit…the rath of unexplained science will hit the warmists right in the face like a ton of frozen ice.The unexplained science will humble these fools.Iceagenow regulars know how to be open minded and not brainwashed like the poor puppet greta.

  4. Looks like it’s going to snow a lot in the Eastern Dakotas or thereabouts in the next three days, and get very cold in Montana.

  5. Large winter storm to take aim in early October! Oct 9th, 2019 –
    A strong storm system is digging across the West over the next few days, before reaching the Plains. This powerful system is expected to produce multiple hazards: Heavy snow from the North-Central Rockies into the Northern Plains/Upper Midwest and very cold temperatures across the West. Many states under winter storm watches and warnings.

  6. Robert-I hope you’re not down with that flu that’s going around.

    Suggest you lay in a supply of echinacea tea or echinacea leaf (NOT root- they are tring to pass that off now) to make tea or fill capsules.

    Echinacea boosts the immune system. You must take it as soon as you start to feel sick. I have not had the flu in 30 years, but I am fighting with a bug now that seems more pernicious than usual.

    My son in Alaska is also sick, and friends around here. Seems awfully widespread.

    I assume you have a garden. Be sure to plant purple coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea or Angustifolia) ASAP. When SHTF, echinacea leaf will prove to be an invaluable medecinal herb. Elderberries and garlic as well.

    The only contraindication I know of: Echinacea is a member of the daisy family. Some people are allergic to daisies.


    Hope you are not ill, but a word to the wise… of which you are one.

  7. It’s gonna get real cold tonight here. It won’t be a record-breaker, but it is abnormal.

    Brrr! I’m stocking up on that firewood and stuffing extra hay into my rabbit hutches!

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