Record snowfall in Spokane knocks out power, blocks streets

9 Oct 2019 – Surprise October snow storm cuts power to more than 36,000 and forces Spokane Public Schools to declare a snow day.

The National Weather Service reported that 3.3 inches of snow fell at the Spokane International Airport, breaking the daily snowfall record for Oct. 8. The previous record for the day was only a trace in 1981.

In addition to being the snowiest October 8 on record, Tuesday’s official snowfall likely will make it the second snowiest October day on record.

At the height of the storm, a steady crackle of snapping trees burdened with heavy snow echoed across neighborhoods, sometimes accompanied by a flash of light when a branch took out a power line.

At 2:45 a.m. Grand Boulevard appeared impassable with branches covering the street for many blocks.

Spokane police reported that numerous streets were blocked by branches and many traffic lights out.

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7 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Spokane knocks out power, blocks streets”

  1. According to an Aljazeera TV caption yesterday and today, “Cold plunge brings snow to parts of Western Canada and USA”.

    How does “plunge” rate relative to “snap” and ‘wave”?

  2. I live near Salt Lake City, Utah and just in the last day or two we are experiencing record lows. It’s 29F here as I write this at 5:26 AM in Lehi, Utah. A hard freeze about 3 weeks earlier than usual!

  3. No matter what you want to call it – cold snap, wave, polar plunge, arctic express etc…this is how ice ages begin!

  4. Time to start trimming those trees back from the power lines. It usually takes a good power outage to get them in gear, human nature being what it is.

    The trucks that turn the branches into wood chips will usually dump a load in your yard or garden if you ask them.

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