Snow apocalypse in Moldova – Videos

21 Apr 2017 – Videos showing the damage caused by the unprecedented snowfall in Chisinau, Moldova.

“This kind of snowfall has never happened since they’ve been recording weather data for Moldova in 120 years,” says reader Victor. “It was a shock for local people who recorded this event in detail.”

(I think the first video is the most impressive, with the added advantage of not having to listen to the God-awful music. – Robert)

White Snow Apocalypse in Moldova

Thanks to Victor for these videos

3 thoughts on “Snow apocalypse in Moldova – Videos”

  1. The damage to the trees is tremendous; being in full leaf must have made matters worse. Poor people. Astonishing first video; I haven’t watched the others as I also dislike accompanying ghastly muzak.

  2. I love the music in the second video. Much better than that horrible noise they call rock, jazz, and popular music.

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