Snow in France forces cancellation of one of the biggest sport events in the world

“Violent Weather Forces Early Halt to Tour de France Stage 19,” reads the headline.  At the end of July!“Snow in France causes cancellation of a stage of Tour de France,” reads another.

Stage 19 of the Tour de France was halted on Friday when the roads became covered in snow and a hail storm near the finish line forced cancellation of the remainder of the stage. Crews quickly brought out snowplows to try to clear the slush on the roads, and some were buried under the remains of a large landslide.

Snowplows! At the end of July!

At about 13 minutes into the above video, the announcers become aware of snow on the roads. At about 14:15 minutes in you see the first snowplow.  And at about 14:50 minutes, you learn that the snow has forced cancellation of the race. At the end of July!

Snow, and a snow plow, show up at about 3:45 in the above video. At 4:08 you can actually see the falling snow.

“This has never happened in modern history,” says one of the officials.

Has the mainstream media bothered to tell you about this?

See several more videos:

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  1. Notice they say “Extreme Weather” as if this is from “Climate Change”, from “Global Warming”, from Man Made Global Warming…………..See the trick?

    They don’t say it is from a cooling planet, that the weather is getting colder, that something OTHER than “warming” is happening.

    “Non, on ne peut pas dire ça” (No, one can not say that)

  2. We had prior to that an extreme heat wave, which includes a big absorption of water, the conditions where perfect to earn some well deserves heavy storm after such a heat waves, it usually end up with snow when it’s on high altitude, nothing wrong (at least, not in our country, that is how climate works there, extreme hot one day, you deserve either before or after a good amount of rain, which obviously in altitude…)

  3. I just commented the following on a NOAA page regarding the possibility of an El Nino originally posted by NOAA on July 7, 2019…

    “After reading your (This) El Nino/La Nina/Neutral Climate/Meteorological/Weather synopsis for the 2019/2020 seasons I found a creditable forecast actually based on “Science” of all things ?

    From NOAA of all places ???

    I haven’t seen such from NOAA in decades, the Science based on Science !

    With no mention of propaganda ??? !

    Incredible !

    It feels like the good ole 1980’s and 90’s again…

    Now Science has become Science again !

    Good Work !!!

    Rick – SoCal

    • A few days ago I made a comment about NOAA. Here is my opinion about it:
      “Some smart a$$ NASA ‘s scientists believe that Earth’s rotation is slowing down and it COULD cause major earthquakes.
      Well…it COULD?????????????

      *last Thursday Peru’s Ubinas volcano began erupting .

      *Wednesday (July 24) Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano had a powerful explosion

      *Indonesia’s volcano erupted near third-biggest city of Bandung on Friday (July 26)

      *Volcano eruption in Japan on July 26

      *Ash eruption on Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy on Saturday morning (July 27)”

  4. I saw that a freak storm had dumped hail over the roads and that the race was cancelled due to slippery road surfaces.

    No mention of snow though or plows.

    • Has the mainstream media bothered to tell you about this?

      Yes, they did. The Weather Channel, the local CBS affiliate here in Phoenix, Fox News … all of them and more carried this story because it was hail, not snow, that fell. Snow doesn’t fall like that in the summer in France, even at elevation. Hail is white. Snow is white. But snow doesn’t float on water when it gets pushed by a plow, which is the only device that can move it off the roads. If you watch carefully, the video shows the hail floating downstream along with the pushed water.

      • Well, I don’t know. At 4:07 in the second video it looks to me like falling snow. And at 4:23 you see people bundled up as if it were quite chilly. Any comments from someone who was actually at the scene?

      • When you think of wintry precipitation, you probably think of snow, sleet or maybe freezing rain. But it’s likely that the word “graupel” doesn’t come to mind. Although it sounds more like a German dish than a weather event, graupel is a type of winter precipitation that’s a mix of snow and hail. Graupel is also known as snow pellets, soft hail, small hail, tapioca snow, rimed snow and ice balls. The World Meteorological Organization defines small hail as snow pellets encapsulated by ice, a precipitation halfway between graupel and hail.

        Graupel commonly forms in high-altitude climates and is both denser and more granular than ordinary snow, due to its rimed exterior. Macroscopically, graupel resembles small beads of polystyrene. The combination of density and low viscosity makes fresh layers of graupel unstable on slopes, and some layers result in a high risk of dangerous slab avalanches

        Graupel is still snow just has a riming of ice.

    • It was the landslide that finally ended it as there was no way of clearing that in a hurry. Couldn’t stop laughing when I found out given that they pump out the propaganda to cycle to stop it getting warmer – looks like it worked.

    • funny how certain items get blocked isnt it Rosco?
      not a word on it except prior to stress how hot it was and how the heroic riders were on double water rations etc etc
      hope they have some shops handy for thermal underclothes pdq;-) lol

  5. The “mainstream” media was sure to tell us about the heat wave in France a few weeks ago! But they will certainly practice fake news by omitting this summer snow story, also in France!

  6. Here in New Orleans we had a front come through in late July. A week later another front is on us again. Huh, ah, I have never seen this before in late summer. I was actually thinking where are my sweaters I put away months ago. It was chilly in freaking July !
    This winter I am afraid we will see cold and snow never seen before. The low sun spot count and the 5 volcanos shooting ash into our stratosphere has caught up with us. I believe we are in for a wild ride soon.

  7. I was watching it live on TV and it looked more like hail than snow. They had a shot from inside one of the race cars up ahead of the leaders and it was very heavy. Then as it melted it got washed into low lying areas of the road. They tried to clear it with the digger which sort of worked, but then there was the landslide which they couldn’t shift in time for the race to go through so the last climb was cancelled. So, freak hail storm no doubt about that. But then temps had been high earlier and in the mountains they do get these storms.

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