Solar Roadways Busted! – Video

Another money pit.

After the solar roadways project made all these claims that they were basically ready to start manufacturing their solar roadway panels… turns out, that merely 4 years ago, the thought it would take ~50 million USD.

This is ignoring all the other issues they had:

-no functional road surface
-no plan for road manufacture
-no cost realistic plans for implementation of power transport systems.

Thanks to John the 1st for this video

4 thoughts on “Solar Roadways Busted! – Video”

  1. Boy’s! Boy’s! Boy’s! Yur just not gettin it! Once you accept the true reality-you will see the opportunity. Ifn I take my old Toyota, that is already up on blocks out in the back forty. Put a belt around one rear tire hooked to a generator, and fill that baby up with some sunshine regular gasoline a couple times a week. Why, at an idle that baby would run forever, Putin out every, every, every single day 100,000 times the amount of electricity that round the world Solar Roadway can put out every year.

    Why, I would only charge, only 2 1/2 million dollars per year to generate and sell this amount of electricity to the GoverMINT. That would be a HUGGGE savings for the MINT of 2 million per year x 100 ($200,000,000.00), cause I would have a 100 units up and running in no time. What an opportunity for us all!


    Its not about generating electricity for the benefit of everyone. Its about generating Money, for an undeserving lying corrupt, greedy few persons who are the lowest of the low, members of society.

    You can put lipstick on a pig-but, it is still a pig!!!!!


  2. so many things sound god and can be made to look good..on paper or in a tiny sample
    most of us have fallen for something like that.
    TV ads sell similar daily
    when its massive sums of taxdollars then..a huge dose of scepticism and accounting for spends id mandatory
    and it seems to “not happen” way too often
    Musk is a shining example
    cars cost more to make than they sell for..
    not a biz model i think worth investing in

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