South Korea – Record power demand brought on by severe cold

South Korea’s power demand soared to an all-time high on Tuesday as the country was hit by a severe cold wave, the government said Tuesday.

Electricity demand hit 82.12 million kilowatts as of 11 a.m., breaking the previous record of 80.15 million kilowatts set on Dec. 17, 2014.

The spike came as the average temperature for all of South Korea fell to minus 10C.

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1 thought on “South Korea – Record power demand brought on by severe cold”

  1. IA “METEO NOVOSTI” / 14:23 JANUARY 20, 2016
    The Siberian anticyclone is responsible for the cold, not only in Russia. He reached out to the Korean Peninsula. In Pyongyang, the average temperature on January 19 was -14 ° C, eight degrees below normal for the end of January. South Korea is cold. In Seoul on Tuesday night was -15 ° C , and with -9 ° C during the day, and the temperature average was 10 degrees below normal.
    The next days the Siberian anticyclone will continue to dictate the weather conditions on the Korean Peninsula, so it will remain cold.
    In addition, the cyclone will expand its influence in China. There will be increased frosts expected in northeastern provinces. At night, the thermometer can sometimes drop to -40 ° C, the day will be -25 ..- 30 ° C.

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